Sunday, April 28, 2013

For you, Rox

Okay, so I admit it, I actually enjoyed posting all the trip posts. And I can't believe I didn't blog the road trip I took in February. Well, I can actually as it kinda ended on a sour note, and now so much time has passed, it doesn't seem worth it. Sean blogged a bit of my visit with him and Jeffrey and the pups. That night was big fun.

This weekend has been so nice weather-wise. Serge and I walked 9 kilometers yesterday. Serge likes to go onto Google maps and see how far we walk. As you may know, I love me an hours long walk. It's so great in a city like Montreal where at this first sign of beautiful weather, simply everyone is outside, on the balcony, in the yard or out and about. You would too if you were shut in for the last seven months.

It was so nice, we spent half the afternoon sipping wheat beer on our patio with our shirts off. Yes we got sunburned, but it is a small price to pay for WARMTH from the glorious sun, our friend.

Yesterday wasn't quite as warm as today is but still the sunshine beckoned. We walked over to the Montreal Pool Room to get our fix of the best dogs in town. Incidentally, they also have the best poutine in town but after the weight gain from the cruise, I gotta hunker down on that. We each had one hot dog and split an order of fries. Perfect!

There are two of these restaurants and we are so lucky to have one just a couple blocks away.

Spring is late this year. Nothing has popped yet. No green. The magnolias will pop this week though and the tulips next. Then we will have a couple weeks of that intense florescent green that makes me go wild. Probably gonna get that annual spring horniness too. Hey Serge, come over here for a sec will ya? ; )

The terraces were open too! Serge proclaimed at the start of our walk that they would not be. Ha! We got a prime people watching spot on St. Denis street and enjoyed insanely overpriced pints. We were out the door for $25. Money well spent.

I wish every day could be like this. Well maybe it can one day. We are in the middle of selling one of our buildings for a decent gain and are planning to purchase rental property in the states. The returns in some places are at 15%. I keep fantasizing about liquidating our assets and buying those kinds of deals. Then we could run away to Mexico and lie on a beach and while away the days in paradise.

On our way back home, we passed through the famous Park Lafontaine and were surprised to see that the lakes had been drained. It was weird looking. I wonder if they do this every year and we have never gone to the park at this time of year before.

I had been hankering for Japanese food, so we went to our fave Montreal Japanese joint, Kazu, where we arrived twenty minutes before they opened to a huge line. We were one of the last tables in for the first seating. They don't take reservations so the people behind us waited over an hour to get in. It is so worth it though. We had okonomiyaki, gyoza, carpaccio, tuna and salmon tartare bowl and pork neck paté.

The Japanese know how to do sauce man. So interesting and bursting with flavor. Makes ketchup and mayonnaise seem boring.

That is one happy camper. We had sake too. Yum. I bought a T-shirt on the way out. Their t-shirt had a Japanese flag on it. I looked for a t-shirt with the Japanese flag on it the whole time I was in Japan and never found one. Problem solved now.

After dinner, we walked from Guy-Concordia metro to Papineau metro. Serge says 3 kilometers. The setting sun made some nice picture taking ops.

This is our place des arts, and also place des festivals. All the big public events take place here over the summer. After this we stopped at Sky in the village for a drink and then took the metro home. A nice relaxing weekend. Looking forward to the next. They are calling for these wonderful temperatures (around 70F) all week so that should really jump start the foliage. Until then my friends. Mwah!


lattégirl said...

Trees are budding in Laval; some leaves (on a big shrubby thing I can't identify) are already bursting open. I saw tulips and daffodils in some front yards. Maybe because we're a bit higher than Montreal, we get more sun? Grass is greening everywhere, too.
Love strolling through downtown Montreal on a warm day. Your pics are great and make me feel homesick, but at least the trip is more do-able than it was when I was living in Lachute and reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

Thanks baby!
I have spring horniness too!
The sun is finally shining here this afternoon and guess what? I have throat razors! Spring cold. Crazy.
Do you guys take Georgie on these long walks?

Maurice said...

It looks like we may have narrowly crossed paths. My sister and brother-in-law were in town yesterday and we had supper at some pho joint my nephew likes on ste-cat around that time. Thank heaven spring is filling arriving!

anne marie in philly said...

the magnolias have come and gone down here, as have the daffodils and hyacinths.

trouble is, everything (trees/grass/flowers) burst open all at the same time, so my allergies are off the wall! our spring has been a cool one so far.

I like your leisure ideas - rental properties and mexican haciendas.

next post - GEORGIE PRoN!

Birdie said...

Nest time we go to Montreal I will have to remember these restaurants. We went to a place that was supposed to have the best poutine in the world and though it was good, it was not orgasmic good. If I am going to eat 25, 000 calories in one sitting it better be worth it. They had something like 30 types of poutine and were open 24 hours a day.

Birdie said...

*Next time... not nest