Saturday, March 13, 2010

How about 13 of 13

Blasphemous I know, but we've arrived in Spain in a place called Alcalà de Henares for a jet lag stay of one night. Instead of sleeping (like everyone else right now - fools) I thought I'd take advantage of the free internet and post. Who knows when the next free internet will be. This is in our hotel which is very modern inside but built in a 17th century convent. We almost didn't make it to Spain because our first flight to Philly was canceled and it was only because an earlier flight was delayed that we were able to make it to the airport and onto that plane. We would not be here if we'd missed it. You can imagine the panicked start to the trip. In the rush I forgot my ipod touch. No music, no checking email on it (or Grinder ahem) no books to read and perhaps most upsetting of all, no solitaire (for pooptime don't you know.) Let's forget that for now though.

This is looking up from the same spot in the previous picture. We didn't sleep much on the overnight flight to Madrid, but I'm planning to make up for that tonight.

We had a drink when we got here and then went for a walk around the hotel which is the old part of this city founded by the Romans. Cobblestone streets everywhere.

I thought this thing was so cool. If you required service, push the service button. If you'd like the check, push the check button. No craning one's neck looking for a waiter.

Oh did I mention this is the birthplace of Cervantes of Don Quixote fame. We toured his house located behind the smoking security guard.

All the raingutters here look like this. It reminds me of the detailed lamppost bases we saw in Florence.

There are all kinds of buildings like this around.

And there are storks nesting on all of them. I don't know the story behind it but I'll go check Wikipedia after I finish to see if there is one. There is!

Serge with the little brother. They are sleeping as I type. We were so gassy when we got off that plane but I'd have to say that Serge won this round of the festival of flatulence. You are so lucky you are not sharing a room with us. We are laughing plenty though.

I love shots like this. I don't know why.

This is the entrance to our hotel. Old and new blended.

The elevator is weird and infinitizes your image. Sorry for the dearth of pics of yours truly, but I was taking pictures of everything but me.

What a funny surprise to find this place. Quebec is simply everywhere.


franck said...

I can't believe I lived in Madrid for a whole year and never made it to that beautiful little town!

Vichy Catalan, as I'm sure you are aware, is pronounced Bitchy Catalan... which perfectly describes a friend of mine!

Rox said...

Why is the Q backwards? LOL

I can't believe your blogging from Spain! I love the pictures...keep them coming and travel safe.

P.S. Now it's your turn. LOL

anne marie in philly said...

so, you were in philly yesterday...I THOUGHT I smelled something! LOL

srsly, lerve the pix, esp. the narrow street one. and yes, I am happy NOT to be sharing a room with the fart twins.

"well I've never been to spain, but I kinda like the music, see the ladies are insane there, and they sure know how to use it, they don't abuse it, never gonna lose it, I can't refuse it" (could.not.resist)

Java said...

It looks beautiful! Have fun

CoffeeDog said...

They need those restaurant buttons in paris - I've heard that the waitrons there can get kinda snobby, so best to just push a button to let them know what you want

Jabacue said...

Like your pics. What kind of camera do you use?

Devo said...

Gorgeous pics, love it!!

Georgie said...

(Translation via Alta Vista) It's bad enough when you two fart. Uncle is farting too?!?! Phew! Open the window!!

I am being a very good boy so you will take me on the next trip.

Please come home soon. I miss you and my window and my treats and everything!

Anonymous said...

Why does your staying in a former convent scare me?

Hope you guys have a blast!


vuboq said...

OMG. so jealous! i love that street pic too. gorgeous. have a superfun holiday (even though you are missing my birthday party)! *smooches*

A Lewis said...

It's already been well established that the rest of your world is jealous. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a very interesting place. I love the little device for signaling what you need.

Mel said...

*sigh* I miss Spain. I'm so very long overdue for a visit.

Rick said...

Wonderful pictures and so many so soon! Have a great time and take more so you can share with us later.

Of course you had to talk about flatulence.

Lemuel said...

I really enjoy the pictures (and narrative), but I must admit that when you told about the flight to Phila. all I could think of was W.C. Field's comment proposed for on his tombstone - something like "all in all, I'd rather be in Philadelphia." and I chuckled.

Blobby said...

I love the pic that you also love. It's a great composition.

As for solitaire? I also play it during that 'special time'.

Polt said...

I love that street shot too, and I don't know why either. :)

Have a blast!


Birdie said...

I too love the empty street shot, and maybe this is why: we are drawn to the curve. Note that in many landscape shots we see an "S" implied in the arrangement or angle. I don't know why, but the "S" makes a good shot.

Word ver: wingpit. You know what it is.