Friday, June 25, 2010


* It's been a while since I've done a snippety post. There's lots of little things to mention, but nothing earthshattering. Being on vacation, I've been walking around town a lot and have been pleased to notice more and more of the trash cans like the one above. On the other side is a slot for trash and on this side there's a slot for anything recyclable. I was pretty shocked that we couldn't find ANY recycle receptacles in New York City.

* I was also shocked on our last flight on US Airways. When we held our cans until they came by for recycling, we were told with that "how could you be so stupid" way that "We don't recycle, it would just be impossible to implement." Really? You're collecting the trash anyway, why can't you collect it in a more intelligent way? I know I've got at least one flight attendant reader - why don't airlines recycle?

* We have Fridge again! We lived for a week out of an ice chest and then the guy came and fixed our appliance and it is so nice to have it back. It was cute at first with the ice chest, but the novelty wore off quickly. (And they don't really keep things that cold either.)

* On the walk to the doggie park, I pass by this new condo development where all the units have fake balconies. I don't get it, why didn't they just make a real balcony? Or just leave it off altogether.

* Serge chickened out the other day and didn't get his teeth pulled. They don't hurt so I keep saying to keep them until there's pain or they fall out. The dentist seemed to think they needed to be out. As far as I know he hasn't rescheduled.

* It was the Quebec holiday celebrating all things Quebec yesterday. The parade went in front of our place. We hung out around the house and did little. The pictures came out crappy.

* Here's something I picked up for mommy. A couple bags of rice. Ever since I've been back from Spain, I've been eating olives and Serrano ham pretty much every day. Not a lot mind you, just a couple nibblets at cocktail hour.

* Wow, this is really boring isn't it? Hang in there, you're almost through.

* We watched Ché this week. I enjoyed it, but it's always hard to "watch" when you're stuck reading the subtitles the whole time. Oh and the last season of Nip Tuck is available across the street. Usually I wait until the DVDs are not at the "premiere" price but I crumbled and got the first disc. Now if we can just hold off on the other 5 discs. At $5.75 apiece, it makes for pricey TV.

* The village is looking festive this year. This part of Ste Catherine street is closed for the summer again and I rather like how they've decorated it. It'll be closed and for pedestrians only until September.

* Have I mentioned how much I love being on vacation? Totally undercapitalized but walks are free. Every day I wake up and do that quick run down in my head, what day is it, where do I have to go, what do I have to do, and then I realize the answer to that is, it doesn't matter, nowhere, nothing. Bliss.

* I've been spending a lot of time here playing Pai Gow and Caribbean Stud. Not for money of course, but the practice mode is free. My luck is up and down so it doesn't make me want to open an account. Great time waster though.

* Another stick he brought home from one of our walks. He is so cute strutting down the street with his treasures found in the park. It's kind of a pain when he shreds the stick up all over the floor, but it's all part of having a dog.

* Oh and he did not do anything out of the ordinary before the earthquake. You heard about that didn't you? I was sitting at the puter and my chair started rocking and I shouted "Earthquake" over and over. Serge was pacing on the phone in the other room and didn't notice it until it was over and he saw the lamp swinging. I thought I had left those behind in California. It was only a five and fives are just a fun ride. It's the 7 and over that I never want to see again. There was a funny bit on the CBC website. Someone commented that there was a tsunami alert on the fake lake in Toronto. That's way over the heads of my American friends, but all the Canerdians will get it.

* Sorry about the length and uninterestingness of it all. Hope you have a lovely Friday. I'm off to walk the dog and putter about. Oh and the jazz festival starts today, so maybe I'll take in some free concert action. Ciao!


CoffeeDog said...

C'est le weekend! :-)

Nick UK said...

Sounds like a lovely way to spend your time, and just think of the good all that walking will do your waistline.
Did the dentist ever give serge a good reason to take the teeth out? could he not have them crowned?

Mel said...

Oh, I've heard about the fake lake. That one made me laugh.

We need to plan another visit to Montréal. Instead, we're off tomorrow to South Dakota for some camping with friends and then hanging with the fundie (and some just fun) in-laws.

Anonymous said...

I saw those fake balconies on House Hunters. The couple wee so excited about getting a balcony only to realize it was more like bars on the windows.
My mom is caring for my niece's dog. It is an Alaskan Eskimo Dog. It is a white ball of energy. Her little pug cross is befuddled. He likes to nap 12 hours a day and he never ran.
I didn't see any uninterestingness in your snippets but the spell check doesn't like that word,
Have a nice vacation it will end far too soon. Ted

Jabacue said...

You ARE on vacation! Nice feeling,eh? Don't HAVE to do anything if you don't want to.Georgie remains the cutest! Sounds like you guys will have a great summer.

GayProf said...

I found Ché kinda boring. It was just hours of the titular character walking, pausing, wheezing, and walking some more. Who knew socialist revolutions could be so dull?

The fake balconies are weird.

A Lewis said...

We rolled out an inflight recycling plan a year or more ago -- but I have to say, it doesn't work well. It sounds simple but does not function like it would on the ground in a residential sort of situation. Each airport has completely different requirements as for how it has to be bagged and what they will accept and if items can be in the same bag or not. It is quite a mess. Plus, then the swine flu (and any other illness for that matter) came along and nobody was touching anything from anybody for any reason. It's ongoing, to say the least. What it involves for me as a flight attendant is taking 2 or 3 different bags down the aisle and sorting it out in the aisle. It's not pleasant.

Mark My Words said...

Maybe they're "aspirational balconies".

Darn, I missed the earthquake, possibly because I was outside when it happened.

don said...

faux balcones are easier to shovel in winter.

Rox said...

PEI was the most recycle-friendly place I've ever been to! I loved their receptacles.

Snooze said...

Fridges - glad yours is back. My freezer at my last apartment needed fixed. It was such a pain not having one, even though I keep very little frozen food. May the repair job on your fridge live well and prosper!

Lemuel said...

Ah,yes, I totally forgot about 24. June! Belated happy feast of John the Baptist and all things Quebec. (I'd write it in French if I had a clue.)

My son's place of business (5 hours away from the epicenter) evacuated for a bit at the quake. He said he did not sense anything, but coworkers said they did. I am happy to hear that all was well there. Even at a 5 it must have been a bit unsettling for someone who has lived through much worse and who is in a place in which they are generally unexpected.

As always, love the Georgie porn. They are just like kids. Give them a toy and they play with the box. Nothing better to a dog than a nice stick! :)

Cubby said...

I like your snippets format.

Anonymous, too said...

Walk softly, with a dog who carries a big stick. . .

Rebekah said...

It's nice to get up on a Saturday and read something from a friend.

Enjoy your summer off (she says through envious clenched teeth).

that's J-O-S-H said...

Maybe those are timeout ledges for when peepz' chillunz (or dogz?!) misbehave and need to be disciplined. Out the window to the ledge for ten minutes! That'll teach 'em!

Birdie said...

One of my (many, so many) pet peeves is building parts that have no function. Those fake balconies are an eyesore that cost money to erect and maintain. I'm guessing this architect graduated in the lower third of his class.

You could sell T-shirts with Georgie pics on them. Hey! Summer income!

David said...

I'm jealous about your 5 richter scale quake.

dirkmancuso said...

Those faux balconies are...pointless.