Thursday, August 12, 2010

12 of 12

My morning view, as usual. I have made a lot of money raiding the couch cushions. Serge says his back feels better when he sleeps there. He comes to bed once or twice a week these days.

Dudes, this is pre-coffee. What do you think about the hair sitch. Keep letting it grow or chop it off? I haven't gotten it cut since February.

It was Thursday so why not trip down memory lane for a little HNT. I know it's blurry (thank goodness) but the flash has to be off. I moan and groan a lot about my weight gain, but I don't think it's all that bad for my age.

Shortly after the shower, Georgie stuck to me like glue whimpering since that's his walky-poo time. This is near the spot where he got stung (presumably) by a big ole bee. He does look kinda trepidatious, no?

Hey look it's me again. Narcissistic much? Well, it is 12 of 12 and this IS what I did, so there. Worked out in my little dungeon. Plus side of working out at home? Singing, dancing and taking pictures of myself. I would never do any of those things at a public gym.

Next on the list was a little trip to the Dollarama. They've changed and now offer items up to $2. This has vastly increased the number of desirable goods. All that for $35! I pay almost double for all of those things at the regular market/pharmacy.

One of the things I got was a little treat for Georgie. He made quick work of destuffing the thing and rooting out the noisemaker. I gotta take a video of him when he gets a special treat like that. He cries like, "I can't believe I have something so goooooood."

I had a little time so I had a chicken sandwich and played my little addiction, yahoo's Literati. I did a little laundry too. I tried not to think about how stressed I'm going to be when I do the 14 consecutive days. Of course trying not to think about it only causes me to think of it more thereby increasing the stressful feelings.

Meanwhile I waited for the prop 8 decision on the motion to stay story.  It was good news that the stay would be lifted, but it made me suspicious that it was only lifted in another week. Lots of things can go down in a week. I'm hoping though!

Then it was time for Georgie's afternoon trip to the doggy park. He ran and ran and then when the other dogs went and plopped back down in the shade I threw the ball I had found for him and then when he was done he dropped the ball and panted. So cute.

Serge was there all day juggling his clients and projects. Just a regular work day for him.

Paella and Shiraz for supper. There may (sometimes may means surely) have been martinis prior. To see other peoples recount of the day from all over the world, go here.


CoffeeDog said...

Nice update on the three Canadian boys! :-p)

TJ said...

Hello to the local Americadian. I enjoyed your 12 of 12 photos but then again I've always enjoyed your photos. You've taken some great pictures even when it wasn't 12 of 12. Now one you look great for your age more than I can say for oneself and two Georgie is just so darn cute! Anyway thanks for sharing your day and I look forward to next month's entry.

Birdie said...

I swear you two just get cuter and cuter. (Which two? Well, actually all of you, but I was referring to the human two-thirds.)

Anonymous, too said...

1. Awwww...they're so cute I could just pinch them! But I won't, due to the combination of good manners and distance.

2. Is the wolfsbane in bloom?

3. I think I need to go fan myself....

4. Wouldn't you be, no?

5. Nice legs. Where'd I put that fan?

6. Not a bad deal at all, esp. if those are decent CDs hiding behind the mayo.

7. Somebody's been a good boy!

8. Was there bourbon in that paper cup?

9. Like you, cautiously optimistic.

10. More awwwwwwww...

11. Still more awwwwwwww...

12. Your mom will be proud to know you had your green leafies.

Anonymous said...

This is great! I too did the 12 for 12 thing today for the first time since last November. I enjoyed your journey, especially the HNT. Bold, man, bold!

And it looks like Georgie makes a short order of new toys just like my dogs do. I don't think I could ever have a toy box full of toys for them, because they shred them within hours of getting them.

Thanks for sharing your day with us!

don said...

I like your hair. It is very gaetan Montreal Mec. Which is a good thing!

franck said...

Dude, it's not bad for any age!

Nik_TheGreek said...

Nice pictures, very sincere. Thanks a lot for that.

Blobby said...

....the paella that wouldn't die!

Nice pics. Georgie should have his own 12 of 12. :)

The hair is fine. Maybe not so much in THAT pic, but it's fine overall.

Lemuel said...

We were in a Dollarama (my wife likes to refer to them as "Looneyland") in ON back in May. Neat store! I picked up very nice cases for my glasses for CA$1.25! I paid over US$10 for my last one down here which were of much poorer quality.

My new "grandpup" in ON looks much like Georgie - but with darker coloring. We can't wait until he comes for a visit over Labor Day.

Nick UK said...

Time to get a new mattress for the marital bed, unless you like having it all to yourself.
The hair I like shorter but what do I know, I only have x chromosomes. HNT is great as usual and your boys are cute.

mistress maddie said...

Love your blog, I was reading about your trip to San Fran,(we have been there several times) and your pic for your 12 of 12! And you dog Georgie is just adorable! Talk about a boy magnet! I 'm stopping over from the Madtexters. I'll be back soon! Take care!

anne marie in philly said...

pix #2 - I love hair cut needed!

pix #3 - OMG (fans herself vigorously)

thanks for sharing your day with us!

Matt said...

J'aime bien les belles photos! Thanks for sharing!

Rick said...

12 of 12, what a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

Jill said...

Georgie... too cute!

I know that "I got the squeaker!" face... my girl makes that top priority when she get a new toy.

rox said...

I'm giggling inside my head because I know what Rebekah will be thinking about the HNT picture!

I say cut the hair, it will keep you young.

No matter what, I can't seem to bring myself to buy food at any place that has "Rama" or "Bargain" or "Walmart" on the sign outside.

Anonymous said...

You haven't had your hair cut since February? Dude, if I did that it's probably be down to my ass.


fun pics!!
luv' GEORGIE!!
you boys are fine too!!

Fresco said...

I love the 12 of 12 though picture no. 3 is a bit risque. :-)

Rebekah said...

Okay, Rox's comment made me laugh out loud. Nope, I won't comment on that photo. You already know what I'm thinking anyway.

However, I am loving the plaid shorts in pic #5.

I was right. Vegas was not the same without you.

Snooze said...

I love the long hair. Agree with Don's comment.

that's J-O-S-H said...

I <3 Literati, Shiraz, Georgie, couches wiff hidden money depositz, paella, your living room and Chunky soups!

So...can I rent a room (for free?!) in your house/apartment?!

lovesmukiwa said...

Score on the shopping trip! I am a fan of short hair, but that's just me :)

Dogeared said...

The long hair looks good, I think :-) As does Georgie. Used to walk a Yorkie Terrier who loved to shred the squeaker (tennis balls also didn't stand a chance). Bless 'em!

(Sorry I'm late commenting - I was visiting friends and only got my own 12 up Tuesday! I'm catching up on commenting now).

Anonymous said...

I like the long hair (but then let's be honest -- it'd be hard to make you look bad).

I had forgotten about HNT -- thanks for the reminder.

The more I see Georgie, the more I want a puppy. *sigh*