Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Broken record blog

One day off out of 18 is not enough dangit. It sure did feel good though to do nothing on Monday. Even a nothing day is filled with activities though, like working out (it had been almost three weeks and I can sure feel it now!) and taking Georgie out on walks and to the doggie park. His behavior at the doggie park has changed and instead of boycotting me and pretending my existence is invisible once inside, he now keeps tabs on me and counts on playing a few rounds of fetch. If I walk around looking for an old tennis ball to throw him (there's always one around somewhere, or at the very least a stick) he will walk alongside me "looking" for one too, tail wagging all the while. It makes me smile. This blog certainly has turned into a dog journal of late but I suppose you all prefer that to my poop journal phases I occasionally subject you to.

Here's our clusterfuck of the week. The government sent back the check for the penalties and interest we had been assessed (we mailed a check, they didn't receive it, we didn't notice, they didn't tell us until four months later, and hence the penalties and interest) because I had dated it for 2009 instead of 2010. They requested a new check with the correct date. And here we thought they hadn't cashed that check and were going to let us off on the penalty part. (When we submitted the original check we had requested clemency for the penalties and interest since it was a first time offense and the fact that we always pay on time so we were hoping that they'd just let it go. Apparently not.) Anyway, I sent the check and then  Monday we received a letter saying our penalties had been expunged and that our $300 bill had been reduced to $11. Yippee right? Well, no. I went down there today to pay the $11 in person and they told me that the $300 check would be cashed anyway and we'd then have a credit with them. "Or you could stop payment on the check. We don't charge anything for the returned check, though your bank will," said the nice agent to me. So that's what I did. Watch, the bank will clear the check before the stop payment goes through (it takes 24hrs and $12.50 to do it at my bank). That was an eye-glazing-over inducing paragraph, wasn't it?

We're having a humdinger of a heat wave up here. Surely it must be the last at this stage. Our average high for this week is 72 degrees (22C) and it's been close to 90 (32) all week. They're saying it won't break until the weekend. Our A/C is working wonderfully and keeping the house at a nice steady 74. It is my favorite appliance today.

Not much else going on and general contentedness reigns. For that, I am deeply grateful. Have a lovely day.


Mark in DE said...

Nice to know that leaving the US doesn't mean you leave beaurocratic stupidness.

I never tire of the Georgie photos!

Jabacue said...

Warm here too! Too warm here! Don't you just love the 'red tape' courtesy of our governments.
Endure the heat because you know what's right around the corner!

anne marie in philly said...

and warm here too outside; 74F inside with the a/c running after a week in the OFF position.

I would rather hear about georgie than dumb guvmint drones or bank stupidity...nice to see the USA doesn't have a monopoly on ignorance!

Mel said...

For us it's a hurricane right around the corner. I believe that by the time it reaches Jabacue, though, it will have been downgraded to tropical storm.

Anonymous said...

Hey, ignore my did you have a day off ping. I just saw this. What? You don't want to leave $300 just sitting with the govt?


Anonymous, too said...

Regarding the weather, I think one of my local radio DJ's put it best, saying something like: "Yes, we know its unbearably hot, the humidity levels are over 100%, and your air conditioner is about to go on strike for better working hours. But be careful what you wish for. This is Chicago. Five months from now, we'll be up to our butts in snow with double-digit wind chills and icicles growing out of our noses. So enjoy this while it lasts."

Rick said...

Yes, dog is much more preferred than poop.

Hope all works out with your penalty.

We too have been experiencing the heat wave, now just waiting to see Earl's track.

Mark My Words said...

I can handle the heat but the poor air quality has me sniffling, literally. The string of heat waves this summer has me wondering what's in store for fall.

CoffeeDog said...

It;s finally getting cooler here, we can actually go outside w/o peril to our health! lol

Kisses to the Montreal boys!

Blobby said...

I'll take the GeoJournal to the PooNews anyday. At least you don't take picture of your poo - that we know of.

rox said...

It's colder than a whore's heart here. Especially in the mornings. Send some heat here, please. Maybe if I request it now, it will be here in time for the wedding?

Oh hon, when you owe the government money, or even when they THINK you do, they want it yesterday! But oh man, they take their sweet time if they owe you!

And OMG we're old...I just complained about the weather AND the government in one comment. Oy.

Anonymous said...

What if you combine the two and talk about dog poop? Why do you have to pay 12.50 for the governments mistake? Your bill is 11 dollars and the bank charges 12.50, I'd find a new bank or at least threaten too. Ted

Patricia said...

I never get tired of Georgie :)

It's in the 90s here too. Hottest summer I can remember in years but of course my cold-bloodedness is loving it and you'll never hear me saying it's too hot.

You are beyond a trooper for working so much lately. Here's hoping you get some lazy days coming soon.

dirkmancuso said...

Georgie is soooooooooo cute.