Wednesday, September 08, 2010

This and that

Georgie only likes to play with the pear, not eat it. The neighbor's tree is full of them this year. I guess there wasn't any wind when it blossomed because they are so numerous and small.  Maybe that's why he didn't like them either. I haven't tried one, they might be sour for all I know.

I'm all prepped for my upcoming intensive classes - I spend a full work week with one group and then do it again and again, then a one week break, then again and again. Five groups. It starts on the 20th and all I've got left to do is the copying. The most odious task of my profession is dealing with that machine. They have a service at the college and I could drop them off to be done for me but I worry about things getting lost and feel better doing and organizing it all myself. What's a photocopier's version of flowers and candy because that machine always breaks down on me and I need to bring presents. I already flatter and coo but that doesn't consistently work. I'll go in this weekend when nobody's there to do it all. 200 teachers share two machines so it's impossible to do it during school.

Now I don't know what to do about the unemployment. I got fifty bucks for last week because I didn't work enough. Even though the previous week I made a ton of money. So I guess I'll get some compensation during my slow weeks (like this one right here) regardless of how much I work on my busy weeks. I don't really need the money now since I worked so much in August but there it is lying on the ground, I might as well pick it up. Still feel a little guilty though sucking that government teat.

At the doggie park today, I hurt myself and have no idea how I did it. Another person in the park pointed out that I was bleeding. Indeed. I had bled all down my shirt and pants from a wound somewhere on my pinky but had no idea where as there was a ton of blood and I had no pain. It wasn't until I got back to the car and kleenexed it, went home and washed it before I saw that there was a little chunk missing from my finger. Must have been a piece of broken glass in the grass where I wiped my hand of great dane drool. It's so strange the lack of pain though. Actually, there was pain, it just didn't come until I cleaned it out.

Two more days to the weekend but mine starts NOW, youpi! Later kids.


A Lewis said...

You bled THAT much from your pinkie? How in the hell big is your pinkie, anyway? Wow.
I like that pear...and the blue chair. Mason eats pears, apples, carrots....the whole gig.

Mel said...

Tuck would gnaw on the pear, but it would have to be cut up for him to be able to eat it. We give him his meds in dried apple, though. He likes it better than any kind of dog treat.

Finger cuts are often weird like that. Over the summer, I cut the grass on our front slope with a sickle (too treacherous for a lawn mower) and got a ton of grass cuts on my hands. Didn't feel them at all until I was nearly done and saw blood all over my hands. Hurt like hell afterward, though.

rox said...

Suck that teat! You gotta get what you can WHILE you can, dude!

I used to threaten the photocopiers at the school, it usually worked. Say things like "You fuck this up and I won't hesitate pushing you out into the street..." It works!

CoffeeDog said...

Georgie is looking extra cute in that photo.

Anonymous, too said...

Rox is right -- threaten the damn copiers. I usually threaten to turn them back into toasters or to put coarse sandpaper in the paper tray. Babbling Klingon at them also seems to work.

The blue cushions really compliment Georgie's fur colors. Suggest new sofa in a similar shade.

Growing up, my mom's dog ate all sorts of things, but with some quirks. Celery had to be in small bits as the strings got caught between the dog's teeth. Rice Krispies always had to have just one spoonful of sugar, not two. Green beans had to be cooked, etc. Still, the only foods that dog ever flat-out refused to even try were canned tuna and the "pizza" from my college dorm's cafeteria!

Get well soon!

Lemuel said...

Forget the presents and flattery. Those copiers are cold and hard. I offered the blossom of my youth to one and it just laughed at me.

Blobby said...

So, you've become so numb to life you no longer feel pain? :)

Sorry about the cut. But yeah, take the $$$. Save it for when you DO need it. You don't need to spend it just yet.

Another great pic of Geo. I really do like his markings, colouring - and the blue of the cushion and the green of the pear really make the pic. ...and hiw big doggie nose.

Snooze said...

It's nice to see that the government is paying out EI. Half the time they withhold it for no apparent reason. But good too that you appreciate it and even take the time to think of need. Most people wouldn't. That said, you've earned your EI. Enjoy.

Rick said...

Bandit loves to play with stuff like that too.

Too bad about your finger.

truthspew said...

Speaking of copiers/printers. I had to evaluate Xerox and Savin units at one job.

Hands down the Xerox machines rocked. Worth the price.

But then at another Savin one upped Xerox with a 90PPM copier/printer. So we went with that.

I have to say the speed was nice but when that baby jammed it REALLY jammed.

Anonymous said...

Pears are hard and a bit sour when first picked but after a few days they turn soft and sweet. Sounds like a few guys I've known :)Ted