Friday, December 10, 2010

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Although he loves the snow, he's having a tough time acclimating to the frigid temps. Last year was like the winter that never was with little snowfall and balmy (for winter) temps all season. I kept saying that if every winter could be like this, I'd be very happy. Well, it's already colder than it was last winter and it's still Autumn! Anyway, his little feet hurt and then he limps so I bought him some booties.

It took him a while to get used to them, ie to stop trying to pull them off right away. They have little velcro straps to put them on and the tighter the better. The back booties stay on nicely but the front ones tend to come off after a while. He is so darn cute with them on though.

That was during last night's walk. Can you believe I got them at the dollar store? Well actually now it's the two-dollar store. They used to have a ceiling of one dollar pricing but now they've doubled that. It has increased the variety of offerings in the store and I've really liked the expanded pet supply section. The same thing at the pet shop is twenty bucks.

All this snow has been aggravating. I dug a space for the car in front of our garage door and I haven't been able to park there. Why? Because f$*%ing as$*%les feel that it's okay to park in front of someone's garage. Even when I went out and bought "No Parking" signs and posted them on the doors, someone parked there. Unbelievable. I've got the towtruck guys on speed dial now. What is wrong with people?

We were able to rent the apartment that is going to be vacated in February. Have I mentioned this? I think so. Well, there were a few calls, one of whom was the biggest pain in the butt and I knew after two minutes on the phone with him that there was no way I'd be renting to him. Basically, he was trying to negotiate a remodel and a lowering of the price without ever visiting the place. He eventually did visit and he was an old hippie queen who just loathed the carpet, paneling, paint etc. etc. etc. We didn't even give him an application. In the end, a nice ex pat American couple, both dancers, took the place. They work for an Indian casino down in New York every weekend but love living and teaching dance in Montreal. The girl's name is Chelsea, the first person with that name I've ever met.

I bought chicken milk. In case you don't know what that is, that's what they call egg nog up here. We have had a bottle of rum on the counter for over a year that someone brought over, and since Serge and I don't really like rum (except the super aged kind) we don't drink it. I figured if it's wrapped and camouflaged in egg noggy goodness, we'll hardly notice.

Have a great weekend y'all!


Mark My Words said...

Love the boots!

I shop much less often at the dollar store ever since they changed it to the dollar-plus store because the thrill of the hunt in finding the highest-value-item-but-still-pay-only-$1-for-it was gone.

Blobby said...

He's such a handsome dog. Cute w/teh booties too.

Chicken milk. THAT doesnt' sound appetizing. And how much nipple squeezing from how many chickens does it take to get a half gallon? :)

Anonymous said...

I would tow every S.O.B. that blocks the garage.

rox said...

It's -22C here this morning. Taz was in and out faster than you can imagine!

You've never met a Chelsea? I've never had rum in my Egg Nog. I KNOW! We are never too old to try new things or have new experiences!

CoffeeDog said...

Chicken milk - that made me chuckle out loud.

Rum is VERY good with chicken milk! Like a buttered rum lifesaver. We used to get that flavor of lifesaver in our stockings when we were kids.

Georgie is hilarious in those booties! He is such a delicate flower. I love him.

Bon weekend

don said...

I always thought lait de poulet was very funny. Glad that I was not the only one!

Cameron said...

Chicken milk will put those pounds right back on! ;)

Georgie is almost TOO cute, if that's even possible.

Patricia said...

Okay I gotta know how they came up with chicken milk. There's a local store here that makes the *best* eggnog and I dare not buy even a quart of the stuff because I have no self control with it. But I tend to go there 2 or 3 times a month and they always have tiny little 1 oz samples. I fill the little cup to the brim, savor the mouthful and actually feel like I've had a treat. Now why can't I just drink that little at home and feel satisfied?

Those booties are the best! I would love for our dollar store to carry them, what a find! I laughed to see that Georgie has the same "butt in the air" pose that Indi gets when there's a lot goin' on.

Have a lovely weekend.

GayProf said...

Yay for cheap dog booties!

Rum is good for baking.

sophie...^5 said...

WTG Georgie...your own booties....damn cute if I say so to get the guys to cough up some for me. I haven't had any snow this year yet to jump in, anything to a speak about that is.
BTW...glad you like my picture that Daddy Ron edited for me. He'll do anything I ask...I just stare and he succumbs to my wants and desires ;-)

Mel said...

I haven't been a big fan of rum ever since my 18th birthday. Last night, though, I had a piece of bananas foster cream pie that had enough rum to give it the right amount of kick.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, guy, with those booties for Georgie. I have those for our dogs, but they just can't seem to get used to them. They're fantastic for keeping the salt out of the toes, but we've found that you have to practically drag them to get them to walk in them.

Maybe you and Georgie can do an instructional tape on YouTube so we all can learn.

Jabacue said...

Now that's a 'fashion statement' Georgie!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting about the guy who you wouldn't rent to, I've seen similar with trying to sell things on Craigslist.

One time I listed an apartment for my landlord. You wouldn't believe the idiots that replied. It got to the point where I was openly antagonistic and derisive about some of them.

And Chicken Milk sounds funny as hell.

Birdie said...

I laughed out loud at the first bootie photo. Wait, that doesn't sound right.

"Chicken milk" just fortifies my resolve never to drink egg nog.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Holy cute! Booties for a dog.

I've been fixing to get some egg nog myself. Enjoy it.

Sucks about the parking situation. I guess people are jerks everywhere, not just America.

Enjoy the cold, TW!

Anonymous, too said...

Lookin' sharp, Georgie! Add a cool sweater and a jaunty scarf, and other dogs will be wolf-whistling at you!

Rum is also good in cola, and many people soak fruitcake in it (tho I prefer bourbon or Southern Comfort for that). White rum can be used instead of vodka in many mixed drinks.

Down here, we'd just "reserve" the parking spot with old junk furniture. Or post a serious No Parking sign saying the company immortalized in song as "The Lincoln Park Pirates" will come and tow, damage, and charge BIG $$ to get back the car. (Yes, the company is still in business!) Or maybe just stick an ice pick in their tires. . . all's fair in love, war, and winter parking.

CJ/Rick said...

That is too precious. Bless his heart. I don't know how mine would react in the snow and ice but I'd love to have a chance to see. Great pics!

Snooze said...

Georgie is so adorable. The rude parking people - not so much.

Anonymous said...

Wine is good for baking too...I know I always drink wine when I'm baking.
No...the booties don't make him look at all Gay:)Ted

Java said...

Chicken milk! That's funny. I love the stuff, but calling it chicken milk is ever so slightly gross.