Sunday, December 05, 2010


* Let me in, let me in, let me in. Then three minutes later it's let me out, let me out, let me out. I don't think his short term memory is all that great.

* Our good tenants have decided to buy a house (good for them!) and so are leaving at the end of January. It's a great apartment at a good price but February 1st is not the ideal time to rent a place here. Not only is it in the midst of winter, but up here, most people move in July. I put an ad out on the internet yesterday and we got two calls. Here are the details.

* I got this graphic via We Move To Canada and I thought it charming that the majority of Americans do not consider Serge and I (and Georgie!) a family. And when I say charming, I mean insulting. I guess if we adopt a kid, we become a family. Serge and I discuss adoption at least once a year and we always come to the same conclusion. It's too much work and we're too old now. Anyhow, once again, happy to have become Canadian.

* On the positive side, did you see that "what would you do" segment on ABC Friday night? They had actors play out a teenager coming out to one of the parents. The actor parent doesn't take the news well and lambasts the teenager. It was interesting to see how bystanders reacted. Personally, I found it very difficult to watch. Even thought they were actors, it hit too close to home. If you haven't seen it, here it is.

* Georgie decided to jump into bed at two am last night and vomit. Why???????? I let Serge stay there and went off to finish sleeping on the couch. Gross.

* Gas is at $4.74 a gallon up here. Insane. We are an oil exporter and just across the border, it's 2.75 a gallon. What gives?

* I still haven't had poutine yet since finishing the diet. The line, "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" keeps haunting me.

* On our upcoming holiday travel extravaganza, we are planning to go to California Adventure, the sister park to Disneyland. I'll be fine if I never go to Dland again, but I'd like to at least see the other park once. Tickets are $76 apiece! Geez. Ten years ago, it was $24 for residents and now it's triple that. And you still have to pay for parking and eating.

* Our friend Daniel bought a business. It's a small artisinal pasta manufacturer/distributer with a gourmet grocery storefront. He has had it for 25 days and has worked as many. Welcome to being your own boss. We visited yesterday while they were making lasagne. Very cute place and we are wishing him all the best success.

* These xmas decorations cracked me up. All down the boulevard, these "candles" lit the way. Am I the only one who sees peen?


Rick said...

$4.74 a gallon! Ouch! Ours just crested the $3.00 mark but you can still find it just under if you shop around.

Nope, saw the peen right away!

anne marie in philly said...


peen candles...such a festive way to say "happy holidays"! give the gift of peen to someone you love today!

and screw ANYBODY who thinks you 3 are not a family (narrow minded bints)!

CoffeeDog said...

I spy a peen!

Maurice said...

So THAT's where they put those "candles" this year! There used to be some on my street but not this year. I'm with you: I totally see peen on this one.

Anonymous, too said...

I didn't even see candles -- thought it was either peen or the very phallic cowboy hat from Arby's.

Jumping on the bed may have caused enough additional upset to make Georgie throw up. Hope you cleaned up the mess before you moved to the sofa. You did, didn't you????

Anonymous said...

I would trade your gas price for free healthcare any day. Twenty-seven countries have better healthcare than us but we are the most expensive.
The peen candle wouldn't look so phallic if the holder wasn't so scrotum shaped.
I saw the what would you do? show. It was very real and those who stepped in to help were angels. Ted

Blobby said...

I don't complain too too much about the price of petrol. A gallon at that price is still just a little more than 10oz of Starfucks (which I don't drink), and yet it runs a car.

Geo's memory is fine. He just wants what he wants, when he wants it. He should be accommodated for all that cuteness.

Poutine. I still do NOT understand the appeal.

Mel said...

Do you remember the Indian restaurant peen sign I blogged over the summer? Of course I saw candle peen! In fact, it took me a second to realize it was supposed to be a candle.

Our friend Mendy is up from TN, so we introduced her to poutine. Half the fun is watching her try to remember how to say it.

that's J-O-S-H said...

That video killed me. I am in tears in the middle of the coffee shop.

sophie...^5 said...

Oh's a peen and it's PINK!

Snooze said...

I dread to think what Canadians would answer if asked the 'family' question. Thankfully the rights are law.

Jabacue said...

A peen it is! I always knew the French were open to things the rest of Canada wouldn't be......but lol
Great deal on the apartment.

Birdie said...

Maybe it's because I'm on your site, but yeah, I didn't see a candle when I first saw your picture.

If you like coasters, see if you can do California Screamin' with no hands. My then 9-yr-old son did it seven times in one night, once in the front seat. Not me, thanks.

Mark in DE said...

No, you're not the only one!

wcs said...

About the gas prices, it's probably taxes. In France, our gas is closer to $6/gallon (US dollars). Most of it is taxes. To pay for things like roads, paving, repair, bridges, lighting, maintenance, landscaping, and (I think) public transportation. Most of our roads are beautiful and well maintained.

Lemuel said...

I missed getting my poutine fix when were with our younger son over American TG. He's talking about coming back here in the summer. It is his life and he needs to decide what is best for him, but I personally think he is crazy.
Don't worry gas here is already over $3 and heading up fast. They can't even wait for the New Owners officially to be in charge on 1 Jan.

Nik_TheGreek said...

I find the coming out video quite interesting. I think I would be troubled / stressed / shocked but I don't think I'd easily interfere (and I'd regret it afterwards).

GayProf said...

Something about the candles really appeal to me.

Anonymous said...

My goodness. A lot going on for you right now. And that picture of the candle - before I even read the comment I immediately thought penis. People just don't know, do they?

And yes, you, Serge and Georgie ARE a family, just as much as me, Hubz, our dogs, Augustus, Maximus and Minnie, AND our two cats Thelma and Luis are a family. How could we not be?

Personally, I think just having two people in a relationship qualifies as a family, and not just a 'couple'.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

This sentence made me laugh: "And when I say charming, I mean insulting."

The gas price reflects excessive taxation.

Yeah, the first thing I thought when I saw the candle was "pecker."

Patricia said...

I love the pic of Georgie on the patio. Indi pukes in my bed, too. There's nothing like waking to the sound of a dog wretching. Good times.

Not a family... what a crock.

S said...

Before I scrolled down to read your comment, I thought you took that 'candle' pic in gaytown, or something (which would've made sense with the illuminated penis, and all).