Saturday, September 03, 2011

Cooking and stuff

Georgie found a ball he liked at the park so much (and that didn't belong to us) that he refused to leave at the decided on time. See the routine is I hold up the leash for him to see, he knows it's time to go and he runs over. Then he gets a cookie. Well the ball/toy thing was so good, he didn't even want a cookie. Then he wanted to play chase and I got majorly frustrated at him. Finally, I tackled him and gave the nice people their ball/toy back. Then they told me they don't know why but all the dogs go apeshit over the thing. Yeah, good idea to bring it to the doggie park, NOT. Idiots. We're not doing that "NOT" thing anymore are we? Going by the wayside like "hella" and "phat" I believe.

There was an abandoned beagle at the doggie park the other day. I really wanted to bring him home, but couldn't, as these things must be agreed upon by the other occupier of the home. I didn't even need to ask, I know what the answer would have been. He got picked up by the spca, the gang subsequently reported. Yeah, I go pretty much every day around the same time so there's a gang now that I'm part of and we tell all our dog stories to each other.

I can't believe it's been a week (well 6 days) since I've posted. It's not intentional, and maybe it has something to do with my aging, but I think the frequency will continue to dwindle. If I can figure out a way to save the whole thing on a disc, I might stop altogether and just consume instead of create. Speaking of creations. Above you see my first go at the dessert portion of the three course meal I'm practicing on in case I get on that TV show. You wouldn't believe how many contestants go on and admit, "This is the first time I've tried this recipe." That will not be me. So above is the banana parfait I did. It was banana bread (which is really cake y'all) in cubes with bananas that had been rolled in sugar and sauteed in butter. Then topped it with home made creme anglaise, which is basically pudding but less thick. Delicious. Still want to improve the presentation though.

The first course, which some of you may have seen on Facebook, came out great too. I'm going to practice that again this weekend . It's red pepper soup with manchego crouton and sauteed scallop with truffle oil. I like both the taste and the presentation. The main course is planned to be osso bucco, but I'm developing an alternate menu too in case other contestants decide to make that my week. Even if I don't get on, it's fun practicing and gives me an excuse to spend money on yumminess.

Oh yeah, in order to give Birdie some laughs, (she's going through some difficult health issues)  here are some of my funnier posts. She's already read them, but they still make me crack up. I'm sure they will you too, especially if you weren't around in the early years when I wrote EVERY day and actually had some talent at writing. Don't know where that went but I'm pretty sure it's gone, lol. So, my list:

Egg sandwich

The ball

Sara and the fish

And because I know she likes it:

I dance for you

Enjoy those!

I'll try to pop in this week, because after that, I start getting really busy. Have a great long weekend everyone.


Jim said...

Ever think about doing this for a living? Preparing meals for people at their place? With meals like this I believe you would have 'line-ups'!
That soup looks terrific! Good luck and I hope you get the call.

Maurice said...

I always laugh at the egg sandwich story, too.

Rox said...

So funny because I just used Hella in one of my recent posts! Maybe we should bring back some vintage sayings.

I feel like ending my blog too, sometimes. I often feel like I've said everything I need to say, told every story I have, that sort of thing. Maybe it will pass?

Going to click on your links now to have some laughs!

Rox said...

I just stumbled on the Tidal Bore video of, that still makes me laugh after all these years! I love you!

Blobby said...

At least you didn't use 'wazzzz-up'.

I cry a little inside for the abandoned beagle...or any dog. Sad you had to leave him behind, but I understand that.

A Lewis said...

Boo hoo for the Beagle. So nice to see BOTH OF US around the blogosphere again.

GayProf said...

The beagle will be snatched up from SPCA by a new loving human, I am sure.

Yay for practicing for the game show.

Birdie said...

They're fools if they don't pick you for the show—not just for the food but also for the personality. Honey, you ooze showmanship.

Thank you, sweetie, for those wonderful and awful links! My husband had to peek when he saw me grinning at your video. "I guess that appeals more to women," he says. Certainly this woman. :D

Mark My Words said...

Love the presentation on that scallop dish. I hope you get on the TV show.

I had a few good laughs reading those old posts.

John Gray said...

i am impressed... my chris is lucky if i OPEN A TIN OF CUSTARD IN OUR HOUSE!

Cubby said...

I refuse to submit to your peer pressure and bullying to stop using the 'NOT' thing ;-)

I love your competitive nature and hope you get selected so you can really kick some ass.

Patricia said...

Who would abandon a dog? I know there are a lot of people who do, but it's still hard for me to fathom. A beagle no less!

That dessert looks YUMmy!

Sean said...

Talent never leaves it just loses inspiration.