Sunday, June 12, 2005

10 things I love about Serge

10. If I need to perform a complicated task around the house, like loading the dishwasher or doing anything involving a hammer, he will quickly come over and disapprove of my way of doing it and then take over the project.

9. He resents having to do things, like loading the dishwasher, since I can never "learn" to do it his way. This amuses me. I giggle as I write it is so true.

8. He moans and groans when affection is given, but secretly he likes it.

7. He can fall asleep anytime, anywhere. I want to learn how to do that.

6. He will cut you no slack. One of his favorite phrases is "Get over it". Hard to hear sometimes, but sound advice nonetheless.

5. He loves to fix things. And figure them out. Instruction sheets are never read by Serge.

4. When he assembles something badly, he valiantly defends his effort while admitting to not having read the instructions.

3. He has a neat Buddha belly which he hates, but I enjoy rubbing and patting it.

2. He is rigidly honest and has no desire to hurt others.

1. He teases me for my flaws, which is really his way of forgiving me them.

* Honorable mention would be Sergewiches, which are assembled according to the items available. Usually involves bacon. It's never the same twice.

1 comment:

Rebekah said...

Rick, this is grand. Funny, loving, charming, sweet.

I hope he sees this.