Monday, June 06, 2005

Sunday sampler

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After my shower and while dressing in the bedroom, sleeping Serge said "but it's so little!" and burst out laughing. He continued to giggle in his sleep. This made me smile.

While attempting to write a blog post, the electricity went out. I felt this was apt, given the lameness of what I was writing.

Sweating profusely, I listen to customers sitting in the shade, drinking a cold beverage complaining about the heat. They are wearing tank tops and shorts. You can see what I was wearing above.

I delight in getting a candid shot while one of the servers crams eggs into her mouth from an omelet "mistake". It would be cruel to post that shot here.

Yesterday was the Tour de l'isle, a huge bike event where thousands of people tour the whole city on bike. This caused the ride home to last one hour. I got a ride from Judith and her boyfriend, and we talked about lots of things. He likes hunting for mushrooms in the forest. I am jealous.

Arriving home, I smell the sweet smell of mown grass. I love this smell. Then I remember the patch of little purple flowers and feel sad.

On the way to enjoy a refreshment on a rooftop patio in the Village, Serge stopped to get money out of the ATM. I stayed outside and watched the people go by. An armless transvestite passed and had the most pleasant grin on his/her face while sashaying down the street. I think: there but for the grace of God. Then Serge startled me out of my haze. "What are you doing?" I said, "I'm marveling at the armless transvestite." He nearly shouted "Armless what?!" And I was embarassed, and soon after, so was he. Thankfully he/she didn't hear us.

We waited a half an hour for a bus, it didn't come though, so we took a taxi. We felt steamed at the Public Transportation system.

Eating a salad for dinner in the back yard (Serge's famous bacon and egg salad) the neighborhood kids playing with squirt guns *accidentally* squirt us. I am forced to snarl, "Hey, we're eating here." I feel old.

Finally while watching a report about brand marketing to young people, I pondered why I never got hooked by brands. (Gap, Coke, Benneton, Nintendo etc) Rather depressing report especially the way Benneton "commoditizes" the ideals it uses in its commercials. Using the fight against racism for example, only to sell more clothes. I think I owe my parents a big thank you for this, as I was not allowed to watch TV when I was a kid, and at school, we wore uniforms. It wasn't until I was 13 that I was exposed to public school where I found that brand name stuff was really important. I didn't get it then. I still don't.

A few hours after bed, I am awoken by thunder. I want to stay in bed, but I get up and look out the window anyway. The clock says 2:40.

Even the most ordinary days can leave you with powerful impressions. Go out and embrace your ordinary day.

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Rebekah said...

I like the longer hair.

Did you put in your notice? Maybe that was why you were able to write so sweetly about yesterday?