Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rambling nothingness

My intensives are over so you would think I'd be an eager blogger. Instead, all I want to do is blob around. Four whole days without a post. That's some kind of record around here, vacations notwithstanding. Truth is, there's really nothing of note going on. Here's what I wrote yesterday to suggest what to write about this morning.

Butt kicked
intensives over
pay fuckers
nasal drip forever
Snow finally
income tax
tenant bathroom

And yet, when I look at that list this morning, I think, "Meh, so boring." Oh well, I guiss there's nothing to do here but let the boringness begin. So yeah, my butt is pretty kicked, but in a good way, all three of my intensive groups went quite well and though we have a few follow up half-day courses to do, I can go back to a more regular routine. One lovely thing that happened was that the college "forgot" to pay me for some of my work and when I asked about it, I was paid for it, plus the current work, plus the future work. About 6 weeks went on one paycheck. I should be happy right? Well, guess what happens when they put 6 weeks pay on a two-week pay period. You get taxed as though you made all that money in two weeks. (The program assumes you make that every two weeks.) So they took out 42 percent of my pay. About ten percent of my annual salary, in fact. Oh sure, it's possible I'll get some April 2011. Then again, I may not. I've worked up the preliminary calcs for filing this year, and I can't believe we owe many thousands again. I figured that since much of my income was made with withholding done, I'd be good this year. Nope. At this point, for every dollar more I make, I get to keep 60 cents. I told Serge yesterday that my goal is to make less this year. It really is demotivating.

What else is on that list up there? Oh the nose thing. Yeah, I got over my cold weeks ago but I've had a little drip going on since then. It's like a leaky faucet that never closes completely. Is this normal? I hope not, because it's getting pretty old making sure I have kleenex on my person at all times.

We got a few inches of snow this week. Just enough to make it pretty again. The snow had gotten awfully dirty lately and this new layer makes everything seem so pristine and clean. Georgie really digs the snow and now the ice. There have been some freeze/thaw cycles lately which makes chunks of ice in the snowpack. He loves to dislodge chunks, carry them around, throw them in the air and finally gnaw on them.

On the way home Friday, I was listening to talk radio and they brought up Elton John's musing that he thought Jesus was an intelligent, compassionate gay man and he asked the audience if that was offensive. I suppose there's nowhere one can hide from sanctimony. So many people claim to know the will of God. Man alive, there's nothing meek about a fired up Christian. One of the callers basically said that homosexuals spread disease, so we should eradicate them. Here! In Quebec! Sure he was a cranky old guy, but still.

Okay the tenant bathroom is falling apart at the other place. Seems when the shower was put in, they didn't use the proper hardibacker and grout so water infiltration happened for years. We have to strip the enclosure of tiles and redo it. Luckily, Serge found someone to do it and it's going to be finished today. The money, she is a flowing.

T-minus 19 days until Spain. Peace.


Anonymous said...

Dont get too out of the blogging habit please!!
We too have more snow in the UK, about 5inches but have had so much this winter (for us) that the children have got blase and cant be bothered to even build a snowman!!!
Re Elton and christianity there is nothing like knowing you have God on your side, but then I'm an atheist.
Nick UK

Rick said...

Offensive? God could be a fat black woman like in The Shack. Have you read?

Spain!?! You're going to Spain now! God you get around! I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

OH NO I'm sure God is not female!!!!
Nick UK

Blobby said...

Spain! So jealous.

I'd love to be able to travel like you do. It's a shame Georgie can't see Spain too.

Rox said...

Is there any way you can have the college re-issue the cheques separately? Damn Gubmint. It's why I don't work. Seriously. It already puts us in a higher tax bracket that the kids work, who needs me adding to that burden?! Oh, and I'm kind of lazy too...LOL

Anonymous said...

Not to defend the Christians or anything but the Our Father prayer even says "...they will be done..." so it probably accounts for their alleged knowing of the mind of their god.

But yes, even in places where full equality reigns the bigots will always be out there.

Java said...

Is it the late winter blahs? I'm suffering something of the sort. Late winter (at least here in The South (TM)) and mid-semester.

The tenant bathroom problem - that sucks. Glad Serge found someone to fix it. Hope it gets done properly this time.

Lemuel said...

Do you ever watch the show on HGTV called "Income Property"? I like the host - ;) - but your saga about the bath is frequently repeated in episodes of this show.

GayProf said...

I am very jealous of the Spain thing.

So many people claim to know the will of God.

If they simply asked me, I would tell them.

Birdie said...

We replaced our old tile and dry wall with a shower insert. Much easier and cheaper. Looks good too.

Your wet nose may be the result of weepy eyes. Is there an allergen lurking? Cold weather does it to me.

that's J-O-S-H said...

My shower isn't working either. Apparently for the past six months, whenever I would shower, water would seep through unsealed tiles in the wall and rot away at the wood in the wall. WHOOPZ!

Tatiana said...

Duuuude - you need a better accountant, seriously. A good accountant is worth their weight in gold (or tax money).

Hm, What? said...

I didn't know you were going to Spain! How exciting!

Mark in DE said...

So true. Often "Christians" are the least Christ-like in their behavior.

What? Another vacation??? It must be nice.