Friday, May 13, 2011

12 of 12

This is late due to the recent blogger site outage.

 Georgie slept alone. I'd say he sleeps with us about half the time. Usually he wanders in at some point in the middle of the night.

My puffy morning face, ugh. I took Georgie on the long walk through Park Baldwin. The trees are just starting to leaf out. Most of the green is some kind of blossom though a few species have leafed out finally. Today we are in the mid 70's and everyone is outside "taking some sun".

This lot has been empty for years and finally a for sale sign went up. Just the land is $850,000. It's at the intersection of two major arteries. It was once a garage/gas station. Every time I walk past, I think of how it's a perfect spot for a Tim Horton's. Franchisees make around $300,000 profit per year on average so I'm just dying to put it together. I figure if I could find 9 investors at 200k, I'd finally have my license to print money. Oh sure it'd be a lot of work, especially at first, but for that kind of money, I'd definitely be up to the task. Who's in?

Breakfast as usual, a slice of toast with a little cheez whiz and a microwave-poached egg. 

For the next several hours I worked on lesson planning and preparation. I was a bad boy at lunch time but it was a beautiful day outside. Serge and I walked over for poutine and sat outside and ate it. Yum.

Georgie likes soaking up the sun too out on the patio. Our jasmine in the background there lost a lot of its leaves over the winter inside and I hope she comes back to life. 

 The magnolia across the street finally bloomed a whole week after I thought it would. I think it's four weeks later than it bloomed last year. I wonder if I took a shot of it then. (I didn't.)

Took Georgie over to the doggie park so he could run his little guts out. 

Dinner was filet mignon on the bbq plus this. It's called corn casserole and I got the recipe from Mark. There are 5 ingredients. Jiffy corn muffin mix, butter, corn (kernel and cream), sour cream and cheddar cheese. I'm thinking it can't be classified as lowcal. But dudes, yumbatron.

During dinner, we watched our show, Un Souper Presque Parfait. It's also my french practice of the day. I don't know why America doesn't have a show like this because I'm sure it would be a hit. It was originally developed in France. Basically, they choose five strangers (often with very different personalities) to make dinner for the others one night of the week. The show is filmed at the contestants homes. They each rate the evenings on a scale of 1-10 and after Fridays dinner, the person with the highest score wins a few thousand dollars. They post all the recipes on the website after it airs. The narrator is very snarky which makes it funny. I submitted my candidacy but haven't heard from them. Pooh.

After dinner, we went on an evening walk. It's staying light much later right now. The tulips are finally up and I didn't even need a sweater or coat. Yay!

Spent the rest of the evening watching the last Big Love disc that we had. At the end of season four, they finally come out! (of the polygamy closet.)

There you have it. A rather uneventful 12of12 I'll admit, but that's just how the day was. If you'd like to see what others have recorded for the 12th of the month. Just click on over to Chad's blog.


Jim said...

I should have waited till after supper to read your post! Poutine....where can I get me some?!

Roxrocks said...

I would totally invest in a Tim Horton's! It would have to be somewhere near me though so I could watch the money roll into my hands. :)

You're so hard on yourself, everyone knows your totally hot! Right, Rebekah? :) (I'm an ass.)

Anonymous said...

That cooking show was (British version) was on BBC America not to long ago but only lasted for like 6 shows. This is one show that really depends on the people for success.

lattégirl said...

I'm hooked on Un souper presque parfait, too! And I adore the narrator. He's hilarious.

I agree with the Tim's idea... would that I had $200K in spare cash lying about.

I plan to keep that corn casserole recipe. Will be moving back in with the son again, and so will be cooking more.

Kelly said...

email me the recipe!!! that sounds delicious...

Sunny Archibald said...

George is adorable, the corn casserole looks really good, and the poutine sounds like a very interesting combination. Yum. I agree the cooking show sounds interesting and we should have one in the US.

anne marie in philly said...

your flora are about one month behind ours here in philly. our magnolias and tulips are aready dead and gone. right now it's azaleas and rhododendrons and dogwoods and honey locusts and lilacs and wisteria.

say NO to poutine!

Anonymous, too said...

Once again, Georgie steals the show (with a little help from Serge).

Maplelime said...

Gah... making me crave poutine! Looks like it wasn't just ON getting nice weather the past week

Re the Dinner party show, the concept began with 'Come Dine With Me' in the UK in 2005, and has been running pretty much continuously since. Was a favorite 'not at university should be working on essay' guilty pleasure of mine for many a rainy lunchtime.

Mark My Words said...

Dinnerparties are one of my favourite things to do - sitting around a table enjoying good food and wine and laughing with friends. I should check that show out. And do more dinnerparties, lol.

A wonderful series of pics. A little slice of life.

Rick said...

Looks like spring is in full bloom in Canada.

I too suffer from morning puffy face. Yours ain't bad at all.

Birdie said...

That last pic is one for the memory book.

I don't dare take Sophie to the bark park; in any unpleasant encounter, she would lose. I don't trust other dog owners to control their animals, and I have too many experiences to back it up.

Word ver: "conesia:" a lack of memory due to watching Conan O'Brian.

Snooze said...

Great pics as usual. I just love that first one of Georgie. He looks so peaceful.

Anonymous said...

i'm sure donna would be interested!(i am donna:))

Polt said...

Every photo of Georgie is just insanely adorable! :)


Laverne said...

Yes Rox. Rick is hot. We all know it. I melt at pictures of Georgie though.

I watched "Come Dine With Me" every week when I was in England and it was on. All the people in the show seemed to be rather snarky too (and they'd always snoop aroun the host's bedroom drawers and stuff).

Vegas wasn't the same without you!

Patricia said...

We have a local coffee franchise place that I've always wanted a piece of, too. I've had the location picked out for years. Posts like yours fuel that fire again. And make me want a cup of coffee.

How do you poach the egg in the microwave? Do you have a special gadget for it? I love me a poached egg and make them often, but the old fashioned way in boiling water that I have to (gasp) wait for.

I love the color of your chaise cushions, very pretty.

I made this very corn casserole last night but I up the artery clogging potential by adding in crumbled breakfast sausage. I justify it by having only this for dinner. Half the pan, of course, but it's "all" I have, haha.

CJ/Rick said...

Georgie is a sunbather huh? I'm sure he's glad winter is over.
I've made the corn casserole before sans the ched cheese. I like it.

S said...

I thought there was a Canadian version of "Come Dine With Me" on W Network, or something.