Sunday, May 01, 2011

Slow starting spring

Wow, almost a whole week since I've checked in. Looks like this is morphing into a once a week blog. There's the loverly Georgie, sitting lazily with his hind legs slipping out to the sides. A couple of times this week I came home while Serge was out with him on his afternoon walk. What's so cute is that Georgie knows that I'm home, from my particular human stink I guess, and goes wild in the entry way before Serge lets him in the house. Once inside, he tears around looking for me to give me kisses. It's so cute and makes me fall in love all over again with him.

I've been trying to plan a little getaway for a couple of days, possibly during the holiday weekend in May. I inquired at the place I went for the English immersion weekend about their relaxation and foodie package which includes gourmet dinner with wine and a one hour massage. And they responded with the price and their delight in my interest in staying there. Two nights for a mere seventeen hundred and eighty dollars. Um, that's the price of a balcony cabin on a week long cruise! Oh how I wish I was in the kind of life circumstance where I wouldn't bat an eye at such a figure. Of course then I'd be an asshole, since that's probably a requirement for getting there.

Another relatively drama-free week has passed. I'm starting to feel a bit more comfortable in my new job, even though I'm still not completely sure of my role. I start with a new group tomorrow which is always stressful. It doesn't matter how many classes I've given, the first class with a new group always makes me nervous. I really hope I sleep through the night tonight.

Spring is late this year. The magnolia across the street is finally threatening to bloom, if it's not this afternoon, it'll be tomorrow I'm guessing. This has to be at least a couple of weeks behind last year. There's not a single leaf on a tree yet either. Today they're calling for temps in the sixties, so that should jump start things. My goal is to check back in Thursday so until then, have a good one. Peace.


Rick said...

I think spring is frightened by the terror of the previous tenant. It's poking it's head in New England but with much trepidation.

Jim said...

I remember those 'first' days with a new group.....never much sleep the night before! But, it always works out.
Your weather sounds like here in Nova of our magnolias is ready to burst as well, we'll see when it happens.
Don't you love those dog greetings?!

A Lewis said...

Today...TODAY May 1. We may hit 70 for the first time. And, dare I say, it may repeat itself one day later this week!

Maurice said...

Yup! I remember that feeling when starting to teach a new group even though I'd taught a dozen groups before. I know you're ready, so get some sleep and you'll do fine, as usual.

I can't believe how late spring is here this year. It's much more like Nova Scotia, where this would be normal. Let's home we'll be rewarded with a great summer after waiting so long.

Roxrocks said...

Spring's slow here too, I still have snow in the yard. :(

I should not be online reading blogs, I should be working on my final Computer assignment. I'm a shitty student.

Almost 2G for two nights?! Holy shit, that's ridiculous!

GayProf said...

Like everybody else, Midwestern Funky Town has had a slow spring. My gas bill was around 20 percent higher for the past month than the same time last year.

Anonymous said...

Spring is long gone here ! Come visit :-) Xo. Coffeedog

Mark My Words said...

Wow, that sounds expensive for 2 nights. But then again, I'm so cheap. The cruise, on the other hand, sounds like fair value.

Spring is in the air, but not quite here yet, it seems.

Patricia said...

I laughed at Georgie knowing your particular human stink. But oh what greetings they deliver. I'm lucky if Chris actually takes his eyes off the tv long enough to say, "Hey."

A short getaway sounds like just the right thing. Something to look forward to, enjoy planning, and work toward. I'm wanting to do the same thing.

Just remember - no matter how nervous you are about the first day, your students are ten times more nervous.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Cute dog as always.

That price is outrageous.

God, you have to wait until May to hit the 60s? I don't think I could handle Canada.