Thursday, May 13, 2010

12 of 12

Aha, I caught you sleeping with Georgie. They stayed like that until I left the house. So cute.

My injury caused by Georgie's teeth. It doesn't look all that bad, but a rotting flesh odor was coming from under the nail which Georgie's tooth had wedged under while we were playing last Thursday. The night before he kept trying to eat my finger because it smelled like "food". When I googled around for smelly wounds, I found some terrible gangrenous images. This scared me so I called Infosanté, and the lady almost made me go to the hospital. I convinced her it wasn't that bad but I promised to go to the clinic first thing in the morning to have it looked at and to get a tetanus shot.

The clinic was in the big complex near my workplace. I read the paper and watched the giant fountain while I waited. I got there at 7:30 and was out at 8:45. There were 9 people who had gotten there ahead of me. The doctor said that I should keep monitoring and soaking it in salt water and that it would probably be fine since it was a dog. Only 5% of such wounds from dogs get infected while 85% of such wounds from cats do. Dirty cats.

Then I went to work and taught a class. I didn't have time to make a sandwich before I left the house so I bought one (a rare lunchtime occurrence) and it was FABULOUS. I want this tuna salad recipe, but I doubt they'll part with it. It's from a little mom and pop counter set up at the YMCA.

After my sannywich, I took a walk around old Montreal and noted the rather quiet streets. It's a tourist madhouse around there in the summer. All the caleches had nothing to do. What do we call those in English? Carriages?

I know, I cut off the top of my head. It's hard to aim when you take the picture yourself this way.

I was a bit surprised by the giant naked bodies poster (peen included!) And this at the science museum where thousands of children go every day. I see no problem with it, but it's times like these I know I'm not in America.

Speaking of which, how much is that penis in the window? This always catches my eye (of course) when I pass the Bali art shop.

Do you think it was coincidence that the World Day Against Homophobia sign was directly in front of the famous Catholic cathedral? I bet the Pope would not be amused.

I finally finished my classes but THEN I had to get in the car and cross the bridge to go to a meeting at another school where I work. Ugh. Took me 45 minutes to get there in the terrible traffic. Then the meeting went long and it was a bunch of teachers bickering over their methods. I fully admit I have a ginormous ego, but I was no match for some in that room. Sheesh! At least I got dinner out of it.

Finally get to go home. Took me 9 minutes going back. That's because the roads were practically deserted. Everyone was home watching the hockey game.

Even I had to turn it on. And guess what, we won! The subsequent car honking lasted for hours all over the city.

To see other versions of this day in other cities, check out Chad's blog.


Rox said...

I would LOVE to take a carriage ride through old Montreal! Amazing!

Your finger looks painful!

GayProf said...

Why the swipe at cats?

In the U.S., we prefer to imagine that nobody knows what we look like naked.

Mel said...

The reason that cat bites tend to be worse isn't necessarily how dirty their mouths are but because cats have relatively long, narrow teeth and can deposit bacteria more deeply in wounds that close over more quickly. Salt soaks are good, though.

The Bali art shop was a fun one to wander around in, and that display is certainly good at drawing people in. David didn't really like the idea of me bringing home one of those carvings, though, so we left empty-handed.

Patricia said...

Chris kept saying, "No way is Montreal gonna be able to crawl back into this series."

It's not nice and I'm sure it's immature but I sorta love it when he's wrong about stuff like this. Not the big stuff, just the little stuff.

I'm already yearning for the blissfully peaceful 3-week vacation from hockey season. At least it always seems that short.

truthspew said...

Wow, this point really emphasizes the differences between the U.S. and Canada.

You have a real health care system, the U.S. has a joke.

You have a no-nonsense attitude about sex and nakedness. In the U.S. the prevailing attitude is one of "If God had meant you to be naked you would have been born that way!"

But the saving grace is the picture of Georgie and Serge. That is adorable.

anne marie in philly said...

man, I second all the comments from my fellow americans!

montreal MAY have beaten pittsburgh, but maybe (just maybe) montreal and philly will square off. and I am mos def NOT a hockey nut; baseball, oh hell to the yeah!

thanks for sharing!

Jabacue said...

Great I have to go cuddle with my dog, Sophie.

Matt said...

Ouch! I hope your finger heals soon. True dat, dogs' mouths are cleaner than anything ...

Nice pics. And thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. :')

Anonymous, too said...

If the salt-water soaks don't seem to help, try soaking the finger in peroxide.

Yes, those are still called carriages down here.

And I love the look in Georgie's eye. It's almost like he's telling you: "Don't you DARE wake him up! It took me hours to get him to go to sleep, and I've just gotten comfortable myself!"

madtexter ☺☺☺☺☺☺ (corey james) said...

That homophobie sign in front of the church is apropo! If any institution ever needed a sign, it's the Church.

wcs said...

Hansom cabs.

Lemuel said...

The other day I was watching a celebrity interview on German TV (via the 'Net) and they showed some clips from the actress's movies. One clip showed her stark naked in a tub. Nothing was blurred. Nothing. It would have been on TV about 8 pm German time. Time enough for children/youth to watch and they did not seem a bit concerned. Trying catching that on American TV. The rest of the world has an entirely different (and better, in my mind) comfort level with the naked human body.

On another note: the Habs used to dominate the league, but have not had a cup for years. So we'll wish them the best - even if they did beat my guys! ;)

lovesmukiwa said...

I just LOVE the poster hanging in front of the church. That made me smile!

Birdie said...

Wow, the twelves are rolling this month! Now three of my regular blogs are posting twelves. I love it. I never remember until it's too late.

Your gratuitous Georgie shot is the best. So the Balinese call that art? Does their art come with batteries?

franck said...

You may have cut off the top of your head, but enjoyed the extra bit of pavement we got to see that way

Dogeared said...

"How much is that penis in the window" made me laugh... love it!

And pfft on the self portrait - I remember reading somewhere that good portraits do that, they don't want empty space above the person's head. And it's kind of true!

Dogeared said...

In reply to the "if we were meant to be naked, we'd be born that way"... but we are born naked! ;-)

S said...

I'm drooling after looking at that yummy pic (the sammy, not the nail).