Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Skip me

Because I really don't have much to say. Normally I post Wednesday morning but I had tossed and turned (it's really hot here) and then fell back asleep only to wake up 45 minutes before I had to leave. The suckiest way to start the morning wouldn't you say? I think it's the hottest day here that we've had in several YEARS. And this is only May. This could end up being a summer to remember up here. I got home a few minutes ago to a hot house because the elecricity had gone out this afternoon and even though it came back on, the A/C has to be manually restarted.

At least the apartments have been rented. One little fly in the ointment though, the girl who signed a lease for the one bedroom couldn't put 50% of the first month's rent down for a deposit (because I don't get paid until next week, she opined) so she showed up with a measly hundred bucks. Quebec is like noplace else though. Here we are only allowed to ask for the first month's rent up front, and we're nice so we only ask for 50%. Back in California if you want to rent a place, you've got to come up with first month, last month PLUS a security/cleaning deposit that you may or may not get back at the end of the tenancy. None of that is allowed here. Serge seems to think it will be okay, "Not everyone has $300 in their account you know."

All the people I know do, but then again, most of the renters are younguns in their 20s. I may not have always had $300 in my account at that age, but I could always get my hands on it one way or another. Anyway, I think it's a bit risky to sign a year long lease with only a hundred buck "guarantee" but we're tired of the calls and the visits so we're risking it. The girl has stellar credit, so at least there's that.

Sweat is dripping onto my tanktop from my face so I'm going to go stand under the now fired-up A/C. Supposed to be cooler tomorrow. Yayz. (Oh my God, I just typed the thing I hate. Putting a "z" instead of the "s" for the plural. It's infected me!)


A Lewis said...

Serge sounds like my Loverboy..always thinking the best of others and giving them a second chance.

As for the dripping sweat....ummmmm

vuboq said...

YAYz! seems like some of your blogger buddies may be rubbing off on you.


Lemuel said...

It's still supposed to be hot here today with some relief tomorrow, so relief must be coming to us from your way. God bless those Canadians! :)

My son, now in ON for 5 months, is still waiting for the return of his deposit from his rental in MD. He was assured that he would get it. He left his apt in pristine condition. But they've been screwing him around since December.

Rick said...

50%! Wow that's a deal.

Been hot here too...and my a/c broke! But this morning it's a lot cooler.

Nick UK said...

You must have our heat as well, last week in was 28c and now it's 12c.
I'm tempted to put the heating back on.

Renting seems all in favour of the tenant over there.

franck said...

Consider yourself skipped (although the tank top bit definitely caught my eye)

Birdie said...

We're all entitled to go cutezy every once in a while. Just don't make a habit of it.

You seem to have pretty good luck finding tenants. That speaks well of your business practices. No surprise to me though.

Mark My Words said...

I'm glad that you cut her some slack, although I tend to agree with the widely-held impression that tenants have it particularly good here in Quebec.

H is all cranky too, but I'm lovin' the heat, at least for now.

Rox said...

Not to sound like an arse but perhaps she could be Nude Dancer 2.0 The Remix! LOL!

Nice seasonal temps here. I'm going camping this weekend as long as there is no repeat of last weekends' snow.

GayProf said...

Those are generous rental terms. I have never lived anywhere that didn't require the mystery security/"cleaning" fee.

Anonymous said...

I think everywhere has had a rather unseasonably warm spring... Not that I'm complaining after the winter we had here. And I like a hot man all sweaty and glistening!