Monday, May 03, 2010

Arizenophobia and stuff

I popped over to the botanical gardens yesterday to see how spring is progressing. There were gobs of tulips and flowering trees such as magnolias and crabapples. A couple lilacs had even bloomed but the majority of them will bloom in a couple more weeks from now. Also, we had our second 80 degree day of the year. Unheard of! I truly heart global warming.

Another tulip, top view.
I suppose most of you feel like I do on Arizona's new immigration law. I was talking to a beloved family member who said they didn't see anything wrong with it and I asked, "Would you be able to prove that you are in the country legally if asked?" The response was, "Why would I get stopped?" See for me that's not the point - except that it is. In other words, white non-accented people have nothing to worry about. But all those not fitting that description would be stopped frequently and asked to prove their immigration status. That's not a free society. That's an extra burden for anyone having brown skin. Anyway we all know it's hatred of the brown people that is at the root of all this. I didn't plan on visiting Arizona in the near future anyway, but doubly so now.
I'm sure I had other things to mention, but once again the thought evaporating machine has been hard at work. It's gotten so bad that I have to ask every time at the video store if I've already rented the movie that I plan on renting. About half the time the response is affirmative.
We took Georgie over to meet his new uncles yesterday. They live on the plateau (trendy neighborhood) and they are gonna watch him next weekend while we're in New York. They have a cat but there was no altercation of any kind. I bet they might even play together when all is said and done. Oh and we met the new uncles through blogging! One more plus to this whole (coming up on 5 years) exercise. I'd say happy Monday but that's pure oxymorony, so how about here's to a speedy Monday peeps!


Rick said...

Our flowers are blooming about a month ahead of schedule.

Rox said...

Still no tulips here. Hm. My "whatever I planted two years ago and can never remember the name ofs" are starting to pop out of the dirt now though! :)

I'm so glad Georgie has new uncles to stay with while you're jet-setting! Yay for the blog!

anne marie in philly said...

tulips are done down here...lilac and wisteria are in bloom, along with azaleas and fleur de lis.

roses and peonies next.


truthspew said...

Everything here is in full out bloom. Has been since early to mid April.

Spring bloom came very early this year.

christopherc said...

We're moving from bulbs to trees and shrubs here and the hosta are fully leaved out. I love spring, but it's come quick and is finishing a bit early... premature pollination if you ask me. Next year the flowers will have flaccid stamens I fear.

Have fun in NY!

LSL said...

Lovely pics, especially the one of you and Georgie!

Oh, Arizona. It's hard to believe. It's definitely off the list until something changes.

Tatiana said...

I'm all over the global warming too! And I'm not only putting Arizona on notice, but Oklahoma as well for their ass-backwards abortion law issues. Amazing the cesspit of ignorance that is that area. As far as the oil spill goes, I'd really love to know why and how five blow-out-preventors failed to go off, and HOW that created an explosion ten thousand feet above?

GayProf said...

Arizona is the same state the opposed making a holiday for Martin Luther King, Jr. They have a long history of crazy. It's hard to get a sense, but I hope the Arizona thing will push people to reject the demonizing of migrants that only serves to maintain the status quo.

What is going on in this nation?

Birdie said...

Is there much more factioning of our public, or is just that I am aware of it now? All this "us vs. them" is making me want to stay inside my cave.

I'm jealous that y'all are going to NYC. Will you be visiting other bloggers? Maybe go to Bear Hill? We want pictures, of course.

Anonymous, too said...

Speaking of world craziness, be wary of smoking SUV's while you're in the Big Apple. And, to quote Mick, "Don't mind the maggots!"

I think I'm getting a handle on the ever-increasing adorableness factor in the pictures. Serge or a friend obviously took the pic of you and Georgie, because Georgie's being bashful. Yet...increased adorableness. Therefore, it is the camera at work! Where'd you get it -- your fairy godfather? Caracatus Potts? Mary Poppins?

And a tip for Georgie: The secret to getting along with cats is to ignore them until they come to you for attention. Then, be respectful and don't be a bully. And DON'T give them sloppy dog kisses!

Lemuel said...

I agree with you on your analysis of the AZ law vis-a-vis the comment made to you ("why would I get stopped?"). But I would suggest that it is a slippery slope and in addition to "brown people" being stopped others might be stopped, too because the criteria is very subjective. What's to stop less than ethical law enforcement from stopping a car that had a Obama sticker or a marriage equality sticker or a pro-choice sticker, etc.?

that's J-O-S-H said...

I usually don't give a shhh... about flowerz, but those are BEAUTIFUL! Good jerb getting me to care about schtuff I usually am ambivalent to!

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