Monday, June 13, 2011

12 of 12

Woke up early since I had to work. Yes, I worked on a Sunday. It was my last day with the truck drivers which we'll get to later. Serge has been sleeping on the sofa a lot this week which is fine by me. The farther away the snoring is, the better yours truly gets his beauty sleep.

After years of hemming and hawing and window shopping, we finally got some nice chairs for our dining room table. Goodbye cheap plastic Ikea chairs, hello tasteful seating. We were taking my cousin on a walking tour of the Plateau where Mont Royal street was closed and we passed by a second hand furniture shop where they had dragged out some of their wares to the street. These six chairs caught our eye. I asked about the price and when they said $350 for the six, I said, "Including tax and delivery?" The answer was affirmative so we bought them on the spot and they were delivered a couple hours later. Sweet.

When I have to work on the weekend, I soften the blow with a little breakfast sandwich at Mickey Dees. You can see how the Canadian logo includes the maple leaf. It was a rainy day which makes going to work less heinous.

As I said, it was the last day with the truckers. They all did so well and improved enormously over the last 9 weeks. I never did out myself with them though I'm sure there wouldn't have been a problem. One of them invited me to go along for a day to see what the life of a trucker is like. I think I will take him up on that if I give another course. Sounds like fun.

For our last day in class, we ordered pizza and watched this movie. One of the guys brought beers too, so for the first time, I drank during class. They loved the movie even though it's old.

When I got home, Serge showed me the letter the lawyer neighbor brought us. It seems he wants to do some more work to stabilize his foundation and some of the work includes the common wall we share. The problem I have with this is he wants to do it in three weeks. I plan much farther in advance for $6000 jobs (our half if we agree) and since the problem is basically on his side, I'm not very excited about doing it. My question is is it really necessary. After all, he will have driven piles down on three sides of his building as well as the support columns on the interior. Won't that prevent more movement? I think I'm going to play around with some dirt and toothpicks to see.

Of course I had to give Georgie boy some love when I got home after I got over the shock of that letter.

Okay so I'm cheating a bit. After I got home, I went to pick up my cousin who had been visiting since Thursday night. This picture is actually from Friday, the only nice day during his visit. I took him up to the top of Mont Royal to get the bird's eye view of the city.

He had a few hours to kill before going to the airport so I popped in a couple of movies. We didn't quite get to finish Paper Moon, but I filled him in on the ending while we were in the car driving to the airport.

It was a pretty wild ride to the airport. We made a pretty big detour to avoid a notorious bottleneck by crossing the St Lawrence river twice. This shot was taken by my cousin on the Champlain Bridge. There were heavy showers and thunderstorms yesterday afternoon and it was fun when Stormy Weather came on the jazz radio channel we were listening to.

When I got back, Serge was making din din. Spaghetti with tomato sauce and snails. It was yummy, especially since I was starvating.

Finished off the evening hanging out with Georgie and Serge and watching the boob tube. Pretty uneventful all in all. If you'd like to see what others have snapped on this twelfth of the month, you can click here.


Blobby said...

No offense to your shots, but I love the one your cousin took.

And Georgie is all cute in that first one, tucked in at the corner of the sofa.

CoffeeDog said...

Nice 12 of 12 :-)

DeepBlue said...

Methink Georgie knows very well he's the star of this blawg! :)
The pic on Pont Champlain looks like "Doomsday"!

Rox said...

The truckers in your group looked different in my mind. :)

Yeah, why does it have to cost you money for lawyer man to stabilize his house?! I don't get that. Talk to an engineer or an architecture. Or get a female friend to do it, she can play dumb and get advice for free. Not that I know anything about that.

Mark My Words said...

Almost all the movies Im watching these days are retro, theyre sooo much better than the new ones theyre making.

Thats an awesome shot of Mtl.

Maybe some of that money will come back in the resale value of the house, but still, ouch.

I was at that fab sidewalk sale too. Bought a spiffy pair of grey converses with a white star on the side for 65 percent off, and love them!

Jay Simser said...

Great pictures as always. I never realized how much you look like George Clooney as you do in the picture of you and Georgie on the sofa.

Mel said...

Maybe y'all should get Serge a big boy bed of his own. David and I have slept in separate rooms for a few years now, since our respective sleep issues make it hard to get restful sleep in the same bed. I've been thinking about going the Ozzie and Harriet route, though, and getting us a pair of twin captain's beds so we'd have extra storage and be able to share the bedroom again.

frl. wunderschoenbunt said...

paper moon, i can't remeber when i have seen this great movie. note:watch it again.
pasta ist great, but with snails...i dont know :)
thanks for sharing your day with us...

greetings from munich

TJ said...

I love those chairs and would consider stealing them whilst you were away. Of course I have to work on the logistics of me getting from here to there. I also love your dog but I promise I won't try to steal her/him. Anyway, thanks for sharing your day...

Anonymous said...

Not snails!!! Escargot in a can...much yummier.

anne marie in philly said...

the opening credits to "foul play" - great scenery and song!

spouse and I also sleep in separate beds in separate rooms; his snoring drives me up the wall! I need my beauty sleep also!

GayProf said...

I love the chairs. That was a great find!

I always thought it was hilarious that McDonald's, Pizza Hut, etc put the maple leaf into their logos north of the border. Do they really imagine that is fooling anybody into thinking that they are a Canadian company?

Anonymous, too said...

The cuz is cute -- so are some of the truckers. Are they taken?

If he hasn't already, Serge should see his doctor about the snoring. He may have sleep apnea or some other atrocity that is readily treated. And why should an attractive married couple -- and their cuddly, adorable dog -- sleep in separate rooms if they don't have to??? Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

The chairs are fantastic. Snails with spaghetti, far from it, having once had living, breathing, slimy garden snails crawl across my bare foot. Yech.

Fresco said...

Montreal looks nice, rain or shine :-)

Mark in DE said...

Has Serge been tested for sleep apnea? Spouse used to snore horribly which meant me sleeping in the guest room more often than not. He also felt tired all the time, regardless of how many hours sleep he got. Since he got his CPAP he's never tired anymore and I can sleep with him every night. Seriously, Serge should get checked out.

Patricia said...

What Rox said about the truckers. They were all scowling and very Teamsterish (forgive my AmericanArrogance) in my mind.

I love the chairs, they look very comfy. I searched for years for a table and chairs that I love and while mine are heavy and hard to scoot on the carpeting, they are so comfy I can sit and work at the table for hours. (Yeah, 'cause I never sit and eat at the table for hours, right?) Right.