Thursday, June 02, 2011


We saw this in the SkyMall magazine on the airplane when we went to NYC.  Turns out, the pet supply shop which is directly across the street from our house had it in stock for the same price. Last year the house was always full of flies because we left the screen door open for Georgie to go in and out. Not this year though. It's not as sturdy as Serge would like so he may add some screws into the corners. It's just a snap-together contraption.

The coffee maker died. This is the new one. I loved the old one, it was a thermos so the coffee stayed hot and never burned. The on/off switch finally bit the dust. It lasted a long time though. I'm pretty sure it predates the blog....OMG I missed my six year bloggiversary! That was May 19th. Crap, oh well happy belated bloggiversary to me. Anyway, we won that last coffee maker on a scratch off lottery ticket. That was another reason I loved it. So the other evening I said to Serge, "I'll walk the dog for you if you run over and get a new coffee maker. Try to get an insulated carafe kind again. " Then I handed him $40 thinking that would cover it and if he wanted to get fancy, he could chip in. Well what he came home with was what you see above. I can't get him to reveal how much it cost though I did drag out of him that it was over $200. The only thing you have to do is put water in, and empty the grounds basket. It's got a coffee bean grinder inside and the insulated carafe. Ooh and you can pour while it's brewing and it won't dribble out while you do that. We almost had an altercation over the price but Serge insisted it was the ONLY one available that had the thermos type carafe. The only bad thing is that it sure is dang loud when it grinds up those beans. I don't even need my alarm clock now.

We booked our hot air balloon ride. Remember a few months ago when there was a groupon type offer for half price? Well we reserved for the 24th. Of course it all depends on the weather. They had morning and evening option. I asked what time the morning option was and they said 5:30am. It is to laugh. The place is 45 minutes from here. So of course we took the evening option.

Ooh ooh ooh, another cool thing happened this week. I actually made money from the blog! It only took six years. (I'm banned from Google for life because of a mistake Serge made when he put google ads on his site and started clicking the ads. Apparently, this is like murder and you can never be forgiven for not reading the fine print/understanding the concept) Yeah, I got a few bucks for putting a link on this post. Cool huh?

We can't let the post close without our favorite pooch now, can we? He was all skiddish with the doggie door at first, but then a few cookies on one side while he was on the other fixed that right up. While I was walking him the other day, a lady drove up to me and rolled down her window. I figured she was going to ask me for directions or something but instead she handed me her card. Turns out she runs a little kennel just a few blocks from here. It's a little pricier than the other place but FAR more convenient, so we'll probably try her unless the new tenant upstairs really meant it when she offered to watch Georgie. She moved in yesterday so we'll give her a break before asking.

There's probably more, but it can wait until next time. Ciao!


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

That's a cool screen doggie door!

Enjoy your 200-dollar coffee!

And happy 6th. You have a lot to be proud of.

Rox said...

The stupid single cup Keurig that I got for my birthday was a couple hundie too, but the little cups? You'd puke if you knew how much I spend on coffee! It's sickening but the coffee is so damn good I justify it.

The doggie screen door is pretty spiffy! I wonder if you could teach a cat to use it? Mine just makes his own entry holes, little maniac.

Blobby said...

I love me my Georgie pics.

Happy Bloggesverary to you - or however you spell it.

Anonymous said...

We may swing by your pet store and get one of those doors. We had the same problem last summer. Also let me know about that kennel. We love the other place (she was also there over the holiday), but it is pretty far away.

And happy blog anniversary. We just passed 8 years since moving to La Belle Provence.

Mark My Words said...

I used to have elaborate coffee-making rituals that involved buying freshly roasted beans, grinding them at home, etc... I now just drink instant in the morning.

At least you were with Georgie, so it kind of makes sense. The other day when H and I were accosted while taking a walk by a salesman asking us if we needed our house painted it kind of spooked me out a bit... I don't even like telemarketing calls.

Happy 6th bloggiversary!

Patricia said...

It would be great to have someone in the building who's able to take care of Georgie for you. I think we should all be able to interview her though, see if she's good enough for our boy ;)

I have a Cuisinart thermal, too, although it is not the one that grinds the beans. I will never have the heating element kind again, no more burnt coffee! I have purposely avoided ever having a cup of Keurig coffee because I can't let myself get sucked in, although I really, really want to try it.

Have a lovely weekend, friend.

Anonymous said...

I saw a Mr. Coffee maker with thermal carafe for $70 at Target but it didn't have the cool built-in grinder. I drink the crude oil that Mickey D sells for a dollar. With a half-cup of cream it isn't too bad. Ted

Rick said...

I need to get one of those screen doors.

. said...

Georgie looks so cute!!! I'm glad you got a pet door...I did for my two pets and they absolutely the freedom and the cool air indoors doesn't escape nearly as much now!!

Colleen said...

It's been 5 days since I clicked the link. I'm still not ready to forgive you.