Tuesday, June 28, 2011


* We'll start with Georgie bathed in light. I've been calling him George a lot more lately and it sounds so sophisticated when you say it the French way Jorje.

* The mortgage lady from ING just called and said we were approved for refinancing. I still have my doubts once we submit all the paperwork. We look poor on paper.

*Patricia asked about how the screen snap-on pet door was working out. Well, it came apart on poor Georgie who understandably freaked out. Once we got it off we realized that just cutting the hole in the screen (which you have to do to install the door) works just as well and costs NOTHING. So, lesson learned. And no flies in the house either.

* The school is hinting about how I should get my master's degree in education. I was relieved that I can't start until January due to how the program is cycled. The program if for teachers who are working. I never thought I'd consider going back to school and yet here I am doing just that.

* Who was that guy recently, some sports knucklehead, who said, "I don't want my kids growing up thinking it's okay to be gay." I thought that was about as ridiculous a statement as, "I don't want my kids growing up thinking it's okay that the sky is cloudy." Absurd.

* At my last dental visit, it was the most effortless experience ever. See, I religiously flossed for the past year. Before, I was a spotty flosser and only got serious a couple of weeks before my appointment. Then lots of blood, tartar and pain. This time, nothing! I mentioned my dedication to flossing as she remarked how little tartar I had and she said, "It's not magic." Indeed.

* You know what's irritating. When your cartridge works for a few days after you put it in and then your printer decides it doesn't like it anymore. I'm so over the proprietary BS of printers. Can we get an open source generic printer? Such a scam. Dell, you disappoint me.

* Picked up some maps for France and Spain at the CAA (auto club) Did I mention the parental units are treating us again in October? Beyond excited we are.

* On my way over there from the voice over gig (I got a second one when another guy cancelled at the last minute yippee) I passed by the replica of St Peter's in Rome. For some reason, I always thought this building was some government building. So I went inside and sure enough, it was just like what we saw in Vatican city. Albeit smaller.

* Outside, there was a plaque explaining the guy whose idea it was. Apparently in a very protestant time and place, he wanted CATHOLICISM to be visible. Here's a link to the wikipedia article, if you care.


Maurice said...

Wow, the idea of going back to school for your master's is wonderful! Good for you! I'm sure that could lead to some kind of tenure at the college. That might put a wrench in your travel schedule, but the trade-off would be worth it, I'm sure.

John said...

Wiki has the name of the church wrong.
It's "Cathedral-Basilica Mary Queen of the World, and St James the Greater"

For some nice photos of it:


Mark My Words said...

What? It's ok for the sky to be cloudy? Just kidding. Well, I guess we should be glad he didnt say something like what some comedian knucklehead said recently.

My printer is in storage. I hardly ever need to print anything anymore. Those ink cartridges are just too expensive.

Birdie said...

For some reason I always thought St. Peter's was gothic, with pointed arches. I would love to see the real thing some day.

I can only imagine poor Georgie's response to getting tangled up in the door. I would love to have a doggie door, but we have glass and steel to deal with.

Another travelogue! I love to read about your travels. Looking forward to it.

CoffeeDog said...

Georgie - hugs!!

Jealous about your trip, I wanna go

GayProf said...

If I had more time, I would actually take some classes. Learning is actually fun, especially if it is on things that interest you.

Dr. Mo said...

I had to laugh about your "doggie door". We tried the same thing with our cats last summer and ended up with the exact same arrangement :D

Rox said...

Flies are one thing, here it would be the damn mosquitoes that would be the end of me!

So are you GOING to go to school in January or are you CONSIDERING it? =)

Sports guys are knuckleheads.

Emory Lanzi said...

I think you're having a great time there. And I'm impressed that you learned your lesson after the last dental encounter. Now even your dentist is proud of you. Congratulations.