Friday, May 04, 2007


* The astrologist predicts the future from the movements of the planets. The scientist predicts the future movement of the planets. Scientists are far more successful in their endeavor.

* Once, I thought, go into a gaybar and see a room full of broken people. (me included) But then I realized, go into ANY bar.....

* Did you see the Diamond-tini offered by the Ritz Carlton Tokyo? The martini (prepared tableside of course) is garnished with a 1.06 carat diamond. 15 thousand bucks. I can't decide if I'm more intrigued or disgusted.

* The subway system inaugurated three new stations last week. I've had a chance to see only one so far. Here's a collage of the De la Concorde station:

* Money only brings happiness if you're already happy.

* I used to have trouble getting up in the morning. Now I have trouble staying up at night.

* The pope continues to maintain that evolution is bunk. Once again, (and I know I'm inviting chastising) it looks like faith is stupidity chosen.

* Sitting on a park bench in Square Victoria yesterday, I looked down and noticed a message scrawled on the bench. It made me laugh. (There's a barely legible retort beneath: and proud of it you homeless piece of shit.) Prejudice is simply everywhere it seems.

* There was a Lamborghini convertible (with hideous neon orange seats I might add) parked in front of the W hotel yesterday. A crowd of men assembled, oohing and aahing over the overpriced heap. One of them said, "Man, this is the ultimate chick magnet." I laughed and thought, "No, it's clearly a dude magnet."


Lemuel said...

That's an awesome new subway station! the area in which I presently live should have started constructing underground mass transit long ago. I fear they never will.

I loved your comment on the Lamborghini. You are right on!

Anonymous said...

Money can't buy happiness but it can make being sad a hell of a lot easier. LOL. The pope refuses to allow the catholics of the world to use birth control. He must take the blame for over population. Ed

St. Dickeybird said...

Money can't buy happiness, but with it, i can afford to do what makes me happy.
The pope's a knob.

David said...

* I like the way you put that.

* So true.

* Disgusted.

* ~sigh~ NYC has a long way to go.

* Money can get you a lot of Paxil.

* Actually it's the reverse for me. I used to be a morning person but it's been getting increasingly more difficult over the years.

* I would replace the word "faith" with "blind observance."

* It almost feels like people have an innate need to judge others.

* Bingo!

madamerouge said...

Expansion of the subway system: another tick in the "Montreal" column.

Dantallion said...

Those subway pics are great - I hadn't seen any of the new stations yet.

As for the pope, why does it seem that faith has to come at the expense of that which God, Buddah, Allah or whoever has made blatantly clear for us to see?


Polt said...

Someone once said, "Money can't buy you happiness, but it can make your sadness a LOT more bearable." And "There's only two things you need to be really happy. 1. Ten million dollars and 2. Anything else."

I have trouble getting up in the morning AND staying up at night....


Chunks said...

I love your snippets.

The pope is a dork.

I love that you took a picture of the park bench saying. Funny.

Rebekah said...

the pope is stupid; faith isn't.

I have faith in my friends, beauty, the good in the world, myself, and that there's more out there than our little human existence.

So, So SO agree about the car thing. All I care about is that a man's car runs, and it doesn't smell bad.

Debra said...

You are my (infinitely more eloquent) male counterpart. Love your "snippets", your mindset, and the way you express yourself.

GayProf said...

To quote Pearl Bailey, "I've been poor, and now that I know which is which, I'd rather be rich."

I love your take on the Lamborghini.

Jason said...

Where is Montreal getting all that money for subway stations! We're jealous.

Love the graffiti.

em said...

Just yesterday I looked into a bar and thought, "broken people".

Devo said...

Interesting snippets and comments today. I think we are all broken in some way, whether we choose to go to bars or not. And I'm sure there are plenty of people who go once in a while who are fairly normal. The car thing is hilarious, and so bloody true. The pope truly is living in the dark ages. Happy Friday Torn.

Patricia said...

such true snippeting once again!

'specially the happiness part.

anabel said...

Loved the Dude Magnet take.

Thanks for filling us un on the barely legible part of the park bench.

Hey, could you tell me the name of the anxiety book you wrote about a while back?

Daniel, the Guy in the Desert said...

I'm the same about being a morning vs. evening person.
And the pope is an out and out fascist.

dbv said...

i'm disgusted by the diamond-tini... everybody knows a 1.06 flawless diamond shouldn't cost over $12K... damn ritz markup!!!

Enemy of the Republic said...

You are right and I really like this post. However, I would like to see if more money would make me happier. Just a thought.

dirk.mancuso said...

Your insight on the Lamborghini could not be more accurate.

And maybe I'm a dork, but that subway station looks beautiful.

Doug said...

Fantastic snippets!

Re: diamondtini: I attended a tennis court maintenance seminar last week. Among the casual topics of discussion was the price of membership at some of the clubs. $150,000 was the most expensive (and that's just to get in the door). Truly wasteful.

Re: money & happiness: right on!

Re: faith: I have never heard a more accurate definition of faith.

Gay Canuck in the Capital said...

I remember those 70s stations. Vendome, Villa Maria (where I lived). Totally fucking orange and curvaceous. Hopefully the new ones will age better.

Anonymous said...

Now now there is nothing wrong with being a car fanatic, since my partner and I own a series of sportscars and we love the engineering aspect.

they all do attract boys and very damn attarctive boys