Friday, October 24, 2008


* We had snow Wednesday morning. Instead of the usual leaping of my heart, I had a decided sadness. There really are more months of snow here than without.

* Why do we tolerate a taxation system that taxes money both when you earn it and when you spend it? Even if you acquire real property, you are taxed forever more just for being the "owner". Oh and if you save your money, inflation is a very effective tax as well.

* The new "Tivo" type box we have has changed my life. I watch nothing but pre-recorded programs and never have to suffer commercials. The Ellen Show is my new guilty pleasure. (My favorite part is when she dances with the audience near the beginning of every show.)

* Why does ABC call it "World News Tonight" when it's nearly completely news about the US.

* I'm wondering now if it's that the media shows little about news from abroad because US citizens don't care, or if they have created the not caring since it's far cheaper to do stories from home than abroad.

* I passed the St. James Hotel yesterday since I was teaching in the adjacent building. I had no idea I was less than 100 feet of concrete from Madge when I saw the crowd assembled to possibly catch a glimpse of her. She's here for two Hard Candy shows. I tried again to get tickets but failed. I guess I never will. I'm not paying a scalper for a ticket. Scalpers are scum and should be put out of business. (Why respect an occupation when there is no valuable measure of accomplishment or production.)

* I felt such love for everyone the other day when they commented on my big drama of the week. It's so amazing how a couple of sentences from a not-really-stranger-but-sort-of can really lift a person's spirits. I feel so grateful for it. Thank you.

* It's getting to the point where I don't want to watch the news anymore. It's either politicians or economic meltdown. Nothing else seems to be getting through.

* Every day central banks and economists are pontificating on the future growth of various economies. This is about as believable as a headline that starts with "Psychics predict..."


Lemuel said...

Do you mean to say US not= World? How un-American!
[Dripping with utter sarcasm, if you could not tell.]

David said...

It's a bit of both. News outlets have slashed their foreign staffs to save money and Americans are probably less interested in news outside the US unless it involves a celebrity.

"Just David!" said...

I can't get past the snow remark... ugh... if it gets too bad, you and Serge can come down here for a visit, I've got a guestroom and you could probably wear shorts and sandals in March.

Anonymous said...

We are supposed to have a strong freeze next wednesday that will end our growing season for the year. Like the song says I wish that summer could always be here.
Who's Madge? God I'm so out of touch here in the Midwest.
Have a great weekend guys. ed

Roxrocks said...

No snow yet here but we did have a few flakes fall amongst some raindrops the other day. Gave my stomach a little flip, it did. I'm not looking forward to this long winter. I'm just not.

Buy the concert on DVD. You'll get to see way more and you can watch it at your leisure AND avoid the high ticket prices!

Patricia said...

I do love me some Madge and I'm sorry her marriage is in the toilet. Who knows what's true or not from the magazines. The bottom line is that it's painful, no matter what your bank balance and the kids are the ones who didn't choose this.

Ugh, what a negativo I am today! I'll end with my default position... please go give Sara a kiss for me!!

Doug said...

The taxation issue is extremely frustrating. I'm mostly for the FairTax system that charges only sales tax and eliminates all other taxes. The problem is too many people feed off the current tax system for it to be replaced any time soon.

I share your love of Tivo. I haven't seen a commercial in quite a while. I like Ellen, too, but I stopped recording it a while back. I should start again.

I think sticking our collective heads in the sand isn't really a bad approach nowadays. Our lives are better, for the most part, than the headlines would indicate. We don't need them telling us to be afraid of phantoms. When I can't buy food at the grocery store, then I'll start being afraid.

GayProf said...

I think Americans are just not interested in news of any type. Everything is "infotainment."

Snow already? Ugh -- That means it can't be far behind here.

Greg said...

Torn, I'm must feel I'm responsible, since I mentioned snow to you recently. Cheer up, it'll be spring and tulips before you know it!

Isn't it funny how hearing from a "not-really-stranger-but-sort-of" can turn things around?

Polt said...

I saw Madge on two seperate tours in DC. The lady really knows how to put on a show!


Butch said...

I'm down with this tax system as well. Here in the states we pay the same taxes as straight people yet, do not enjoy the same basic freedoms and civil rights. "taxation without representation."

Word Verification: evitaria
( could this a song Evita sings?)

johnny368 said...

Hey! You're funny, intelligence, cool... and a brave soul......: )

truthspew said...

Uggh, I'm not really a Madge fan, I like her stuff from the 80's and 90's, but good lord, now my everlasting memory of Evita Peron will be her.

As to the taxation thing, good point. It's a penalty. I wouldn't have such a problem with it were the tax money used for other than tax breaks for corporations.

How about fixing our failing highways, or how about our public transit system. Get rid of the buses or use them more effectively. Drop light to medium grade rail between all the cities and have the buses traverse the cities. RI isn't that big.

How about spending it on social programs, medical, etc? That'd be nice.

But no, companies that least need the tax breaks like Bank of America and Fidelity get tax breaks out the wazoo.

anabel said...

Yeah, I find the first half of the Ellen show is the best. The dancing, the monologue and the funny things she does with the audience and callers and such. The celebrity interviews are not as good in my humble opinion.

I wrote the show suggesting she have me on to teach her how to break wood with a kick. So far, no response.

Lyvvie said...

We had two minutes of snow yesterday. Freaked me out. The robins were right - it's going to be a hard winter this year. But the ground isn't frozen yet so it's ok. For now.

Anonymous said...

So Madge is Madonna? Don't cry for Madge Argentina!

Anonymous said...

you know how much ilovemadonna!! and the comment about buying the dvd was very perfect! Nathan bought us tickets last year and it was visually beautiful but strangely unmoving...and very warm. We found out later that Madonna keeps her venues warmer then usual to preserve her voice. I really don't want to sweat unless I'm dancing! I am not just whining, the heat was unbearable for Nathan and threatened to ruin the evening for us. Also the venue (the forum)was very large and impersonal, shows are so much more involving when they are smaller. Still love the lady though and I never thought Guy Ritchie was that hot anyway! Seems a little too macho for someone so liberated.

kisses to sara!

afod said...

Indeed, the news is getting bad. I also am one who is avoiding it. VERY repititious with what they're reporting. NBC Nightly News spent almost two 3-minute segments interviewing Palin and McCain. Isn't that what shows like Dateline are for?

Mark in DE said...

American news channels are all about America because we're amazingly self-centered, not because we don't care about the rest of the world.

Mark :-)