Friday, March 13, 2009

12 of 12

The first thing in the morning means coffee and blog. It's hard to be creative when it's still dark outside.

On my way to the kitchen for my second cup of coffee and to prepare my toast, I saw this bug unlike any I've ever seen before. I wonder where he came from since it was 14F outside. He must have come from inside, but where? I thought he was cool looking but Serge came in then and squished it.

Breakfast of champions - cheez whiz on toast.

Off to work I went, crossing the train tracks as usual. I always think of Java when I cross now.

I just missed my train, hence the empty quai on my side of the station.

It was a bright, sunny day which, in March, means it's spankingly cold outside. This is downtown near my class.

Inside the building where I teach (the world trade center) they have this statue fountain that reminds me of Italy. OMG bare breasts. Would this fly in your office building/shopping center?

After teaching I came home and decided I had to do something with those bananas. There's all you need for some fine banana bread.

And here's all you need for tortilla espanol. This makes me think of Madrid, and hence Frank.

Serge got home very frustrated because it took him 45 minutes to get home. The distance is walkable in 20 but he had the car. There were some accidents clogging things up evidently. When he arrived, he jumped on the martini preparation.

Dinner. Tortilla espanol, caesar salad, sliced tomatoes and warm banana bread for dessert. A light beaujolais to drink with.

Finally, Survivor! I was sad to see Spencer go. Even though he stayed in the closet, the other boys smelled the gay on him and booted him out. Sorry Rox, I don't like JT anymore. Ooga booga you broke a tooth, hail to your manliness.


lattégirl said...

Nice 12.

I saw the refined white sugar and flour and shuddered. Oddly enough, that gives me the willies more than a picture of a pitcher of martinis does.

Mel said...

The bug is a sowbug. Not a bug, technically, since it's not even an insect - closer to a millipede. They like decaying vegetable matter.

Terry said...

Does that mean the bug was going after the bananas?

Patricia said...

That bug literally gave me a panic attack. I hate bugs. Oooph, I'm still shuddering.

How is it that you have tomatoes in winter that actually look like tomatoes? Ours are all hard and barely pink and yucky.

I don't remember what else I was going to comment on and I certainly can't scroll back up to the beginning of your post. That bug is up there! I cannot believe you slowed down enough to take a picture of it, ACK!

Birdie said...

I can't believe that you look that good eating. NO ONE looks good eating. Until now.

I haven't adjusted yet to the time change, although I love the extra daylight. It's still hard to get out of bed.

Roxanne said...

I don't like him anymore either. Those Jerky Jocky types piss me off and he was all that last night. I hope that skinny Sierra wins everything now. Or that creepy Tyson. Actually, I don't even care because I don't really like any of them.

How big was that damn bug? That's usually a Canadian perk, not many scary bugs! And BTW, where is your snow?

Anonymous said...

I think that Serge was delayed because of the fire in the old movie set warehouse on Notre-Dame.

Still love your blog. Don't ever stop!

Un montréalais

Summer said...

Serge my hero for squishing the bug. Don't like insects but an interesting book to read is called "Dust", a novel about the earth if all insect life vanished.

As far as Suvivor, I liked TJ but his antics were over the top last night and did I miss something, why did Taj get all mad? And yes, something is creepy about Tyson. Ever notice that Coach is a big talker but during challenges he does nothing? I hope Sierra or Debbie wins. I wonder why I like this show since it brings out the worst in them.

As far as the banana bread goes, yummy and good for you. I probably would have tossed the bananas rather than go through the work of making the bread.

My I'm chatty today, must be because I'm home sick in bed with nothing to do.

franck said...

That's funny, I think of you everytime I make Canadian omelette!
And here in Madrid, there are bare breasts everywhere, on billboards, in shop windows, on magazine stands and on statues, of course.

David said...

We got those bugs all the time in our backyard growing up. They look like little trilobites. Usually under dead tree logs lying on the ground.

dr. mo said...

I shuddered at the bug pic as well, one of my many phobias... I know them as wood lice, and they tend to turn up wherever there is slightly damp wood, which in Montreal means indoors during the winter.

Anonymous said...

It's always a delight to see images of Serge and yourself... gets we Americans all excited to see hot Canadian Men !!

Patrick said...

I agree with Mel, that's a sowbug. Did you happen to touch it? Did it roll up in a ball like an armadillo when you did? Definitely a sowbug then. They are central to a healthy compost pile, which is why I'm rather fond of them, even though I generally don't like things with more than six legs.

Snooze said...

I am completely craving banana bread now.

Birdie said...

That sowbug is a rolypoly?! I didn't recognize it so close up. I think they're cute when they roll up. Down south, they're black.

Mark in DE said...

Is that diced potatos in your tortilla espanol?

Where do you get such fresh-looking tomatos at this time of year?

Rick said...

Cheez wiz and toast. Good Lord how could you?

Blobby said...

My first thought was the sequence of pics.....and that maybe you were eating the bug.

Greg said...

Your Twelves are always great. Why do you think of Java when you cross the tracks?

Birdie's on the right track. Darn you for lookin' so good while eating. Have you tried the Cheez Whiz toast with PB yet? Mmm mmm, good.

No nutz in ur banana bread?

dykewife said...

if your toast is whole grain and you add a tomato to the toast (cheese and tomato rocks!), the citric acid in the tomato releases the iron in the grain and you get a fix of iron without having to nosh on some piece of liver or something.

tornwordo said...

So many people asked questions in the post that I get to make an additional comment out of answering them. This is the one thing I wish Blogger let you do - answer questions within a comment. I know it's possible on wordpress, but that's not enough for me to go through the rigamarole of switching, easy as you may purport it to be.

As for the picture of the bug, I thought it looked a little like a sowbug or pillbug or rolypoly (all the same in my mind) but it didn't have the right color and was about twice as large as any I've ever come across. I liked Dr Mo's answer about it being wood lice. I didn't like that it might indicate wet wood, because that would indicate a moisture problem somewhere.

Patricia and Mark both wondered how we have such good looking tomatoes here. Gee, I don't know. I'm pretty sure they are grown in hothouses up here and not imported. They are expensive, like two bucks apiece.

Rox wanted to know where all the snow has gone. I've still got several inches on the lawn and patio but downtown seems to melt it faster. Plus we had some rainy days earlier this week which melted much of it. It's minus 5C this morning.

Mark asked about diced potatoes in the tortilla espanol. That is pretty much the basic recipe: fried potatoes and eggs. We bastardize it by adding ham and cheese. Greg, I forgot to put nuts in the bread even though I've got a whole bag of walnuts sitting on the shelf. Doh!

Lots of feedback about the Cheez Whiz. I'm going to try it with peanut butter this morning.

Finally, I always think of Java at the train tracks because she is enchanted by pictures of those train tracks.

Laverne said...

What's the red thing in the Martinis?

The Persian said...

Cheese whiz on toast??? *gasp*

Serge may have been frustrated because of the long drive, but look at the smile that erupted when he got home to you!! :)

Scooter said...

I so love your 12 of 12s. You live in such a beautiful city and your pix are always so fun! Not just because they have yummy foods...but there always smiles!

Fun trivia...the little critter you saw is a Armadillidiidae, which isn't an insect but a crustacean. They are attracked to Cheez Whiz.

Java said...

I am enthralled by those train tracks. I, too, noticed a distinct dearth of snow, particularly on the tracks.

Your trains are blue. I don't know why that surprises me.

Here in The South we don't actually have any breasts. Breasts would imply some sense of sexuality. Here in The South there is no such thing as sexuality. All are chaste, and reproduction occurs mysteriously, with the product of conception appearing under cabbage leaves out in the garden.

Lyvvie said...

We have a garden full of those bugs, but here they're called Slaters or Wood louse. They eat dead woods and leaf matter.I've found a couple recently in our kitchen too. Interesting thing about them is they are closely related to shrimp and are completely edible. Starve them for a couple days, wash them and when flash fried or boiled (I've seen them cooked and added in sushi), and taste like woody shrimp. Or so says TV chef Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall.