Sunday, March 01, 2009

Anything goes around here

This week is finally over. I have been so busy the last four weeks, teaching all week and prepping all day Saturday, doing the chores on Sunday that I am really looking forward to this week's hush. See, I just finished up an intensive monthlong series of classes and have a light schedule this week before another intensive starts. I don't think I'm going to take on quite so much the following intensive as this month kicked my butt. I'm behind on everything and returning emails and phone calls has been very difficult to accomplish, let alone being able to read everyone's blog updates. I feel like the train plugging along but carrying twice the normal load. (I took the picture because I liked how the colors cheered up the dreary winter scene.)

(I would like to invite family to skip this paragraph.)
Friday night we had a friend stay the night. She was involved in some marital discord and thus we ended up spending the evening showing her our self intoxication methods. Turned out she was far more skillful with the joint rolling. I felt like SUCH an amateur. Hate that. We even convinced Serge to take a puff which he almost never does. Laughs ensued. I just don't understand why weed is demonized. You could use a little! We took a bunch of pictures like this one and Serge called out a word each time. This one was "la peur".

On Facebook, I keep getting shown this creepy baby ad. How can a third of people get the question wrong? I see two eyes with two sets of eye tattoos above. I've never clicked on the ad though. I refuse to click on ads.

What else? I finished the thirty dollar chunk o cheese yesterday. God that shit is good. It's called Monnoir which I remember by translating to "my black person." I'm sure this is wrong in about 2 thousand ways, but last time they were in town I asked for monmoine thinking it was my monk and I got all these quizzical looks. I'm sure Monnoir doesn't mean my black person though it does mean best cheese in the world. Too bad you can't have any.

Okay one last thing. Someone sent me a link to this blogpost. It really is good for a laugh. I picked up a new euphemism which I'll be using now. Time to go, I've gotta go make some butt coffee.


Birdie said...

You guys have to be a hoot to party with. Does everyone resort to French when stoned? Not that it would make much of a difference, come to think of it. I'm sure you would be just as hilarious, understood or not.

That Nature Calls product is pretty appealing, although I don't have the issues that some appear to have. I do have issues with his terminology, however. Ick.

Mel said...

The big question, of course, is whether you've ordered you some Nature Calls so your butt coffee doesn't smell so much like butt.

I have gotten lit in over 10 years now. An ill-advised visit to the Mall of America while stoned was quite enough, thanks. And if I should happen to get a gummint job in this country, then it'll be right out of the question. In fact, in the event I get a call about a job I've applied for, I'm even going to have to watch out that nobody slips me any bhang chutney while I'm in India. *sigh*

Nico said...

Here's another one for your poo collection. Not exactly funny, more like - WTF!?

Roxrocks said...

I have yet to "punch a grumpy" this morning, but I'm looking forward to it.

I also avoid those weird Facebook ads, expecially the ones directed at 40 year olds who can't win the battle of the bulge. I mean, how rude!

I haven't had electric lettuce in years and years. The rapid heart beat would kill me now!

Jeff said...

if you're using firefox you should get adblock plus and adblock filterset.g - that way you dont see the creepy baby anymore!

Java said...

Oh, thank you for the train track picture! I haven't seen your train tracks yet this winter. I, too, like the way those containers color up the winter landscape.

Laverne said...

has it been a month already? Weren't you going to give up the weed for that long? I can't remember now.

Pot smells bad. Poo smells bad.

Chocolate cookies smell good.

evilganome said...

I'm happy you made it through the intensive class ordeal. Though I'm with Serge on the pot. Which is strange really. I smoked like a chimney all through high school. Once I got off to college I developed an aversion to the stuff and haven't smoked in... a long time.

Facebook is always trying to trick me into doing things that are in fact adds.

The monnoir sounds delicious! I remember when they stopped selling non-pasturized cheese in the states. One of my best friends and I went out and bought some Liederkrantz before they pulled it off the shelves and had a delightful afternoon eating stinky cheese and drinking beer. Which probably made us candidates for the toilet detoxifying chemical, but by the time we were through with the cheese and the beer we probably didn't care.

Single Guy said...

I've never gotten that ad before on facebook.


Anonymous said...

welcome to the club, serge