Monday, September 03, 2007

Magical forest

It was a 25 minute drive to the nature reserve. But it was worlds away. I loved the admonition at the entrance - If you're silent, the mountain will sing. Sing she did. I kept looking everywhere for "something", anything different or special. Serge kept saying, "It's all the same. Trees, trees, trees." I said no, everything is different, there's not one tree or leaf or rotting log that's quite like the other. No, nothing is the same, in fact, everything is one-of-a-kind. And then "poof" Serge started seeing all kinds of things that I missed. He was particularly good at spotting mushrooms, of which there were some marvelous finds. (you can click the photos for screen filling versions)

There were lots of mushrooms like this, yellow, gold, white, brown and beige.

I have never seen such a bright orange mushroom. (It's about a foot across) It's probably a warning as to its poison level. It would not have been out of place on the sea floor.

It was a nice payoff at the top, an unfettered 360 degree view of the surrounding land. You can see the Montreal skyline in the background. While we were up there, we saw a peregrine falcon. (This is the fastest bird on earth, by the way) They like to nest on the steep cliffs on the west side of the mountain.

We both oohed and aahed over the sunlight playing with spider's web.

Finally, we stumbled upon this amazing work of fungal art. It reminded me of a limestone cave formation. I had to touch it. Spongy.

Today my legs are noodles. We did a little over 6 miles, and then ate lunch by the lake. Afterwards, we visited an apple farm and bought some cider.

I'm putting the video I took at the top here. My camera is fucked up, there's something inside on the lens or something that makes spots on the image. Still, you can get an idea of the lay of the land.


Ed said...

Torn it looks like you guys had a great time. Plenty of fresh air. Yes, many of the fungi are poisonous you should wash thoroughly after touching them. The Orange Jack-O-lantern mushrooms grow on Oak trees and are very poisonous. Serge looks sweet.

Rebekah said...

Serge looks better with hair.

There, I said it.

He looks, dare I say it? Handsome.

Now don't tell him or he'll get a big head.

That place looks lovely and magical.

GayProf said...

Mushrooms and other fungi creep me out.

Still, it looks like a lovely day.

David said...

Very windy up there! Must have been great. I love 360 views. A good investment for noodle legs.

Cooper said...

Magical, indeed! Everything in a forest has presence. Yes, if you listen closly there is a great singing in the earth and also in the air that shelters it. Even the tiniest forms seethe in their immensity. I envy you the peregrine falcon!

I always think noodle legs feel kind of good after a day's hiking.

Lewis said...

The most tempting part of this whole story was the pictures of the big huge penis heads. And the falcon. Saw a hawk yesterday diving into the Columbia River for a fish. you just can't beat nature for giving you/me/us a front row seat to the happenings of the earth. I love that stuff!

anabel said...

Those were great mushroom photos.

I've been craving a good hike. I'll have to make that happen for me soon.

Will said...

The white tree fungus is just gorgeous. Did you ever see the urinals made by the San Francisco ceramicist in seashell and flower shapes? That white fungus is similar but beter than any of them.

Glad you two had such a good day--and yes, Serge looks very good indeed with his hair grown out.

Adam said...

That white fungus is wild! It looks like something you'd find in Carmella Soprano's, or any other dago's, bathroom. I love it.

Jess said...

Thanks for taking us along!

BTW, we love Montreal. Next time we pop up there, we'll have to say hi!

Scottsdale Girl said...

Holy WIND Batman.

Serge DOES look more handsome with more hair.

Thanks for including us in your day Torn. :)

dawn said...

ooooo, preeeettty.

almost makes me want to go for a hike.

but i don't have to! cause I can just look at your pics!

masgblog said...

nice shot of Montreal (from an ex-Montrealer here)