Friday, September 21, 2007


* I finished "The Kite Runner" yesterday. The last third of the book had me gripped. The author was good at stirring up my emotions and I loved the blunt prose.

* One of my favorite lines in the book was "Time is sometimes a greedy thing, hoarding all the details to itself."

* For example, what did you have for dinner last Friday? What were you wearing?

* Sometimes I think that our fear based society is born of modern evolution. Courage kills so cowardice endures.

* Mom sent me a couple pics from her visit. This one is great of Serge and his giganto plate of pigfoot.

* "Protecting the homeland" sounds more apt for an environmental organization rather than a battle cry by warmongers.

* There's a big brouhaha up here about the election commissioner's decision to permit fully veiled women to vote without having to have their face matched with their identification. Big. Brouhaha. Still, if you vote absentee, you don't have to show your face. So what's the big deal? I see many possible solutions to mollify everyone.

* Overheard on the subway, "All she does is whine about her ailments, if I want that I can go see my grandparents." (I had to stifle a laugh.)

* Does a hibernating animal defecate? I can't imagine not pooping for months.

* Spandex is jast a rearranging of the phonetic syllables in the word expand.

* I know I'm a judgemental person sometimes because if you approach me with a cocky swagger, I don't like you already.

* Me and Serge in wine country last Sunday.


em said...

Yeah, you and me both are judgmental that way. It's wrong too. I'm an arrogant jerk.

That time line was amazing. Thanks.

Plus, I love the pic of S and of both of you too.

Frank said...

I'm the same way about swagger. I react the same way with tailgators. It's like they lead with the finger.

Ed said...

Serge can't eat all that food. I'm sure he shared. Did you two go into the barn in the background and roll in the Hay?
The Islamic religion is sweeping control of the world. I would think women would rebel but so far they are hiding under their Burkas and allowing themselves to be pushed back into the dark ages.

Patricia said...

i'm pretty sure i couldn't pull off a cocky swagger if i tried so i guess if i ever approach you, you'll like me instantly :)

i often click on pictures to see them in their larger size but when it came to the pigfoot pic, i was frightened.

David said...

You can only send in an absentee ballot from the specific address you are registered with. I guess the fear with veiled individuals is that the same person could vote repeatedly using different ID, especially if the identities being used are for people that might be out of town, bed-ridden, or otherwise unavailable and so their identities can be used to vote. You'd have to break into a home to get access to someone's absentee ballot.

The thing that puzzles me is that I never have to show photo ID when I vote. They just match my signature on the rolls. Do they do that in Canada?

Cooper said...

That pig's foot dish looks scary. Hibernating bears remain in dormant state and do not take in food, water or defecate during this 6 months. I'm with you on the cocky swagger thing unless it an actual cock, this is... ;)

Polt said...

Yet another poop comment...butcha know, the not pooping for months wouldn't bother me so much as the first poop when you wake up.

Can't imagine trying to pass THAT log!


GayProf said...

I tend to be bemused by the cocky. They so often are compensating for something else...

vuboq said...

Cooper beat me to the hibernation information. DRAT.

I loved "The Kite Runner!" We read it for My Big Gay Book Club (now defunct). Do you plan to read his recent second novel, A Thousand Splendid Suns?

Mark in DE said...

LOVED the overheard subway comment! And, its so true.

Have a great weekend Torn,


Laverne said...

I had Tortilla chips with Melted cheese and two beers for dinner last Friday.

And I was wearing Navy blue capri pants, a short sleeve blue shirt with tiny white polka-dots, and navy leather slides.

You knew I'd remember that, didn't you?

Devo said...

That is one HELL of a plate of pig foot! Yikes. I used to feel the same about a cocky swagger, but now I see that the self esteem is deeply bruised in a person like that. I feel sad for them because they are so obviously overcompensating and I prejudge that they are lost. Funny isn't that, going from one form of judgment to another? Great pics.

Vila H. said...

Excellent point about absentee voting. I plan to use it the next time the brouhaha erupts, which should be in about ten minutes.

Dantallion said...

Holy crap..that's a lot of food. Was he able to clear through it all?

Scottsdale Girl said...

Have I told you lately how adorable the two of you are?

You are.

Also, now I am going to have to find out about the whole hibernate/poo thing. I mean they HAVE to right? Because don't they eat like a metric shitton of food before passing out? I bet they wake up though... OFF TO SEE THE GOOGLE WIZARD!

Jen said...

Last Friday I had roti (pumpkin, spinach & chickpea) from Ali's on Queen West in Toronto. I walked there in the pouring rain with my girlfriend. We were treated to a vibrant pink sunset while it was still raining--very cool.

I think we should just adopt the inking of the finger at the polls. Heaps of probs solved.

I don't understand the fear based society one... Courage sometimes saves e.g. getting out of a sinking car

Great subway quote

Daniel, the Guy in the Desert said...

I actually think self awareness, and with it, the drive to create meaning for one's life, has been a very mixed blessing.
Still, I can't imagine going back to what there was before.

dawn said...

We almost made it without mentioning poo.

so close.