Thursday, February 19, 2009

Trying no to be disappointed

Am I the only one...Who sits there saying "Shutup Paula, shutup Paula " over and over while watching American Idol? How can every single thing out of her mouth be such drivel?

Then again maybe I'm being too harsh. See I got some bad news yesterday (which could actually be good news, we never know until later) regarding the government job I've been eying for the last two years. It looks like the blog shall live. I got my test results yesterday and failed. Actually I did just fine on the "Ability to Communicate Orally", which incidentally was the only thing they told me I was going to be evaluated on. But apparently there was a second purpose to the test that they did not specify and that was "Evaluation of Personal Suitability". I thought I was being scored on how I communicated, not the specific answers to the hypothetical questions posed. It all makes sense though now. I scored lowest on "Solid team player" which I take to mean "pompous asshole". It's probably true, I mean I haven't had a boss in 10 years so I don't have to have team playing (cough* bullshit *cough) skills. I'm kind of bummed not to have the opportunity to triple my salary, but at least I've still got the 4 months off a year. That's worth quite a bit I figure. I'm trying not to beat myself up over it, but I'm human so I'll be down on myself for a few days at least. It's funny too because yesterday before I got home and received the failure letter I actually said to myself, "The more I teach, the better I get at it and the more I enjoy it." It was a totally true sentiment, so I suppose it's just as well.

A student asked me a question I didn't know the answer to yesterday. What is the plural of computer mouse? Computer mice doesn't sound right, but I have no idea if it is or not. Any idea anyone?

This is posted at the unisex bathroom. I found it amusing. I still pee standing up, but I'm sure to wipe any splashed drops from the seat.


Rick said...

Sorry to hear about the position. That's too bad.

Four months off! You academics have it made. My friend Phyllis is the same way...gets all upset if she has to work past three in the afternoon.

Oh, and funny poster.

Mel said...

American what? There's a reason I don't watch "reality" TV, and you just nailed it.

I would refer to computer mice as mice. It's the natural plural of the word.

I just looked back and I never blogged about a handwritten sign I saw on a toilet stall at a factory in Peru. It said, in Spanish, "Be civilised! Don't climb up on the toilet to do your business, and close the stall door!"

Anonymous said...

What's that one guy fishing for? So amusing. Most people have only one computer mouse but at school there are several computer mice. When a door closes another opens or when handed a lemon make lemonade. Feel Better? I thought not, sorry. There is a lot to be said for being your own boss. ed

CoffeeDog said...

Oh see I love Paula, for the same reasons I got a rise out of listening to Shrub.

My fave pose in the pee pic is the last one, the dog pose.

SOrry about the job, I didn't see you as a 9-5 guy anyhow.

Birdie said...

Golden handcuffs: good salary for a job you'd hate. I wish I had the sort of skills that translated into being my own boss. I am apolitical and unable to participate in office politics; it keeps me out of the loop. But I still love what I do.

David said...

Love the sign.

I find it easy to tolerate Paula because I don't ever ever ever watch American Idol. Ever.

She, Jermaine and Simon become much more palatable that way.

"Just David!" said...

there's a lot to be said for having 4 months off a year and no boss. I saw that sign on an amtrak train last year, they don't mention about women splashing the underneath of the seat, what's up with that?

latt├ęgirl said...

What, people aren't allowed to barf?

Or maybe the dude dropped his wedding ring in the crapper?

Roxrocks said...

It's not "pompous asshole" it's that you're not a "mindless drone" (not that people who work for the government are mindless, heh) but when they look for GI, they mean dull, boring, not a renegade. That's not you. Sorry!

I know a lady who applied to be a mail carrier and the test she had to take showed that she was "too creative" to do that job. See? It doesn't mean that you weren't right for the job, it means that the job wasn't right for you.

Pep talk over, nothing to see here folks!

Patricia said...

It's funny that it often takes hindsight to realize why something happened the way it did and yet it does nothing to assuage the disappointment you feel now. We can realize that something will be better in the long run but it doesn't help a whole lot right now. I'm sorry you're bummed about it, I would be bummed, too.

Patrick said...

Of course you're disappointed, if you've been considering this for two years. I think it's good you're letting yourself feel those things, even while recognizing that you're getting better at teaching, and enjoying it more. And maybe just knowing you're ready for something new is useful information right now.

Anonymous said...

Kumbayah,etc. Most everyone feels pain when rejected. Hope you recover quickly.
Someone threw a brick through my front window on Monday and my husband quit our relationship after two years on Tuesday.
Maybe this will help you with perspective -
Look at it this way, we all have it a lot easier than Elizabeth McClung of Screw Bronze; Bless her! - Kevin in Atl

Polt said...

I'd go with computer mice. And sorry to hear about the job.

Plus, I think I'd try each of the positions shown on the unisex bathroom poster. just to see why they shouldn't be done. :)


A Lewis said...

Bummer on the job test deal....but, I'm with you...I'd score very low as a team player (unless shouting "do whatever you want" and leaving in a huff counts).

As for the pee, leave it there...someone else will either clean it up or like it.

And computer mice? Meece? Mouses? WWWMouses???? Who the F knows.

Anonymous said...

When I take that type of test I score as a team builder. They run screaming from the hills when they see that.

That said, I'm starting to see the silver lining to having my own I.T. consulting biz. I've got it setup so all the money goes into a real corporation and that corporation pays me dividends for the shares I own. Pays quite nicely too. No more self-employment tax!

I'm just about to start a serious advertising program. Things are about to get fun.

I've already got a half dozen clients just through word of mouth.

franck said...

I'm sticking with the theory that the plural of mouse is mice, regardless what kind they are.
Apparently, when you don't get what you want, it's because the universe has something better in store for you. They just never tell you how long you have to wait for it

carlnepa said...

Sorry about the job. It's a disappointment, but it wasn't for you. You are living a life most drones can't even dream of...they lack the imagination and courage.
It's disappointing, but you'll make do and do just fine at it.

About the toilet son pees under the seat while he's standing. Well, I assume he's standing. I have never been able to figure it out.
My partner...sorry for this being graphic...well, he splatters all way under the rim. I mean under the G D rim!!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus...can either of them just shoot straight????

GayProf said...

American Idol ended up being too mean spirited for my tastes.

I find it unlikely that many men are going to consent to sitting down to pee in a public restroom.

Sorry to hear about the job and the exam. I only wish that an exam could really determine who is and isn't a team player. All of our work environments would look radically different -- and everybody would sit down to pee.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the job. The loss of the big pay boost probably sucks more than not actually being able to do the work.

The toilet squatter seems awfully dangerous! If it's the rim, I'd be afraid of sliding off. If it's the seat, I'd be afraid of it cracking (which I've seen happen but not to me personally!)

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your loss. Sounds harsh to be judged like that.

It is, indeed, computer mice. Here's a link to a website that reviews them; note the site refers to them as "mice":,2806,15141,00.asp

Laverne said...

I'm sorry about the job. Even if it wasn't going to be a great fit, it still stings not to get something.

Have an extra martini tonight.

dykewife said...

if the mouse is a living rodent, the plural is mice. if the mouse is a computer peripheral, it's mouses.

there, now you know. sorry the job thing didn't work out, but having time off to do what you need to personally is a good thing too. besides, you don't have to put up with government employee politics...that in itself is a stressful job.

Luuworld said...

sorry about your job!

ps,haha, the picture in the lower right corner is funny. seriously, who pisses like that?!

evilganome said...

Not getting the job may turn out for the best. I have friends with govt. jobs and to a man they hate their jobs.

I would call them mouses just to get on people's nerves.

And I love the sign. It's hard to choose a favorite image, but I am leaning towards the figure turning a leg up at the urinal.

Steven said...

Sorr to hear about the job prospect. But I think there's a lot of positive energy out of your statement, "The more I teach, the better I get at it and the more I enjoy it." Here's to more enjoyment in the future! That sign you posted has me doing a lot of thinking. What the heck are people doing in the bathrooms these days?

Blobby said...

I don't understand how a talentless Paula Abdul can actually tell someone how to, or not to sing.

it's a fuckin joke.

Anonymous said...

you can play on my team any time! Or lead it for that matter, you were the perfect co-worker and you were a superior boss both times I had the pleasure of working with you.
And being a great friend counts as a team player too!

p.s. I am the leader of my team and I am in the office instead writing this!

S said...

What? No fishing? Now, that's just silly.