Friday, November 12, 2010

12 of 12

Brrr it was a chilly minus 4C this morning so I put on Georgie's new shirt for our long morning walk. You can't see it, but it says "i pood", and now that I'm looking at it, it might not be a bad xmas card - the colors are right. Oy. The Christmas word, it's become unavoidable now, people are already decorating houses up here.

Breakfast time. He always gets the last bite. I know the dog whisperer would disapprove, but it's only a little piece. Sometimes he'll "sing" just as I'm finishing whatever it is I'm eating.

I had a lunch date with Frank down in the old city and decided to take advantage of the glorious sunny day and walk there. It was a little over three miles each way. Also, it was a good way to burn those extra restaurant calories coming up. In the picture is an old church near our place. The city is riddled with such buildings.

Of course it's modern too. This is down by where I used to work until the recession and I started doing the nurses instead of the bankers.

You know you live in an old city when you see sewers made from brick! And this wasn't even in the old Montreal. I wonder if some of our water is still delivered in such constructions.

The Jacques Cartier bridge crossing the great St Lawrence river. No tolls anymore.

I happened upon an outdoor exhibit of photography outside the Berri-UQAM subway station. I liked this one.

The Place des Arts. The new theatre for the Montreal Symphony Orchestra is rising up in the back. And now you know what The Nutcracker is in French. Though if we translated word by word, it would be break hazelnut.

The (I think) St James church on Ste Catherine reflected in the storefront opposite. Like I said, riddled. In fact, this entire 12 of 12 could have been the many churches I passed on the walk.

I met Frank and the place was a beehive, much more crowded than the last time we came. After a short wait, we ordered our sandwiches (the same exact thing we had last year I believe) and OMG it was delicious. I had a panini of goat cheese and carmelized onions and it was like explosions of wonderfulness in my mouth with each bite. I would have eaten three of those easily but you know, the diet. Okay so the picture. It's the sign for the bathroom that was funny. The last thing on the bathroom synonym list was "le throne". Also odd was the little note in the corner. "Wooden door". There is only one door so there really is no cause for possible confusion. Odd.

When I left the house I thought that I might run across someone I know on the long walk. Perhaps a former student or other acquaintance. Well I ran into two. The first was the guy who built the laundry room downstairs for us. And the second was my French teacher, Madame Mila! We chatted while her husband waited patiently (Mila wears the pants) and it was just so great to see her. She told me my French was impeccable. She was exaggerating of course. We verified that all our contact information is the same and vowed to share a meal together soon. What a treat it was.

Got home, took Georgie out again and blobbed on the computer. When it was time for dinner, I decided to make fabulous fried egg sammiches. That way, I will have had a meat free day. There have been very few of those in my life. He knows we're going to bring the plates into the living room to eat so he waits there with his ears perked like that. So cute.

Pics are embiggenable. To see what others have posted as today's pictography, you can go here.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it was great to see you again and discuss/commiserate about life in Montréal. BTW, you really should branch out and try the Cubain next time. Though I suppose I need to do the same. I need to sneak over to that photo exhibit at UQAM.

Polt said...

Oh these are great! Is it even possible for Georgie to take a bad photo??? The first one is hilarious...he looks embarrassed to be wearing the shirt. :)

Looks a like a fun, if chilly, day!


Birdie said...

Just about every dog I see in a shirt is embarrassed. How do they know how they look? Our pup is mortified to wear anything but a collar.

I would LOVE to see a video of Georgie singing for breakfast.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Great photo tour, TW. I envy you your lifestyle sometimes.

Anonymous, too said...

Georgie just becomes more of a hunk of burnin' love every day, doesn't he?

Your command of French may or may not be perfect, but I think you're losing your colloquial English. Either that, or Serge is remarkably open minded about you doing the nurses after doing the bankers!

that's J-O-S-H said...

So much Georgie...LOVEZ IT. Oh, and your French teacher looks adorable & potentially sassy!

Mel said...

Tuck loves his sweaters when the weather gets chilly like this - nubbin wiggles and shoving his head in and everything. Of course, being right on the coast also means we don't get as cold as fast as you do.

CoffeeDog said...

With his ears perked up, you can really see how HUGE they are. Melts my heart.

Stay warm - brrr

Cubby said...

Georgie looks like an old soul in a young dog's body.

Nick UK said...

Beautiful day for your walk, I dont mind the cold when you get a sky like that with it.
LOL at you swapping doing the bankers for the nurses, I'd say that was a step in the right direction.

Lemuel said...

O I LOVED the iPood shirt on Georgie!!!
For some reason the sewer picture made me think of Les Mis. I know its a continent away

Matt said...

Georgie is, as always, quite the handsome devil. I've seen that doggie t-shirt before and love it - Georgie, not so much I guess?

Beautiful pics of your city. I've always wanted to visit.

dr. mo said...

Hi Torn, couple of things all in one post for economy: I just saw your "it gets better" video, it's beautiful, really. And on a separate topic altogether, I know it's cold, and I know the t-shirt is cute, but poor Georgie! his doogy friends are bound to make fun of him :) just kidding you, he's adorable and this from someone who is not a big fan of dogs). Hugs!

Phronk said...

Hehe what a great shirt. I've seen it on babies before, but it suits Georgie much better.

Alan Bennett Ilagan said...

This is an absolutely brilliant post. Thanks for sharing the journey of your day.

Rick said...

Nice to see Georgie make an appearance on Jeep Guy's blog. I recognized him right away.

12 of 12. I have to remember this...great post idea.

Jill said...

Loving the iPood idea... might need to find some in XXL for my "kids".

My favorite shot was the church reflecting in the store windows. Funny, I happened to notice a number of people with reflective shots this month. :)

rox said...

The pig in me loves that you could have eaten three sandwiches!

I always give Tazzy the last bite of my morning toast too. He waits for it like a kid on Christmas!

The iPood thing is also available on baby jammies I've been noticing, I'm thinking of getting some.

Dogeared said...

I honestly laughed out loud at the iPood shirt. Not just a chuckle or mental smile, but a full cackle - love it! Though Georgie does look embarrassed, I agree!

Love the little tour of Montreal, I really need to visit it one day - it looks fantastic.

Sorry I'm late commenting - I wanted to wait until I'd got my own 12 of 12 up.