Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Very little

Even though his little bed is right next to my chair in the office, he still demands to sit in my lap periodically. It's adorable but 35 pounds on my lap is only cute for a few minutes. After that it hurts. But oh how he makes my heart squeeze with love. Come to think of it, that borders on hurting too. Again I'm feeling, all the emotions seem to come from the same source, love and grief are simply different shades of the same thing.

Surely there must be other things to chat about. There's the little french hottie who lives downstairs now. When I say french I mean from France. He is the first tenant in all these years to take advantage of my gym equipment in the basement. This pleases me. The fact that he changes all the settings and weights doesn't. At least our workout times don't conflict, then I'd have to play the landlord card.

I fell off the diet wagon over the weekend since we had friends visiting. It really only takes one big fatty, salty meal to cause my body to blimp up. I'm still on target to reach the goal weight before the holidays though. 172, four pounds over what I weighed when I quit smoking.

I thought this was funny:

Thanks to Phronk for that. Have a great humpday peeps, I'm out of topics!


Snooze said...

That facebook exchange is awesome. so is your dedication to your diet. Very impressive!

Anonymous said...

I feel like frying up some bluegill. I guess I'll get my Poland go fishing. There is no Russian it though, I put my line India lake and hope I don't end up eating Chile.

St. Dickeybird said...

Think perhaps you should .... monitor... this new hot tenant while he works out? Just to ensure he doesn't change your settings?
And it's good to hear "when I quit smoking."

Birdie said...

You think this is "very little," but just hearing your day to day goings on is like having a chat with you. I really enjoy it. And, of course, the Georgie pics.

rox said...

Are you still hungry all the time though? I don't like the hunger feeling.

When you said your heart is aching with love my first thought was "They need a baby!"

Patricia said...

I get the "aching with love" thing too and it isn't just about Rox's last comment above either, although that's still always there.

Indi lays across my lap every single day and it hurts every time! But she insists on walking on my legs and then flopping down so that the front half of her is on my lap and the bottom half is falling off and laying on the couch. It looks completely uncomfortable every time and yet she does it constantly. I can come up with nothing other than the fact that she loves me. And that is enough :D

Jabacue said...

Definitely a fine line between the two!
Doesn't hurt to go off the diet once and a while....but as long as you get right back on!
Any major snow yet?

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

That dialogue is pretty cute. So is teh dog!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

the -- just in case you were stumped.

GayProf said...

Loved the IGB video(I'm a little slow in catching up).

And, if you get to watch hot French guy working out, why worry if your times overlap? I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Georgie is cute as ever.

Well, we finally moved to NYC, but Hubz and I are STILL unpacking. Moving from house in Atlanta to an apartment in NYC is a task I don't think I'd wish on an enemy.

My delicate office worker hands now look like carpenter's hands from all the dry weather, paper cuts and chapping. Not that that's a bad's just not attractive on dainty moi.

And you have a French hottie downstairs now! Sizzle, sizzle. I met my downstairs neighbor this past Monday...because my kitchen sink linked into his apartment. He's not exactly a hottie (not that I'm looking), but he's in his mid-20's. And when you're in your mid-20's, you don't even have to necessarily be cute to be attractive.

Sometimes I swear either the world is getting younger, or I'm getting older. I hope not the latter.

Rick said...

No pics of the french hottie? Disappointed.

The Facebook chain is funny.

Blobby said...

Cool on the weight thing. That's great. I cannot keep my diet under control. If I didn't work out a lot, I'd be Fatty McFatterson.

As for Georgie and your heart - I hear ya. I love Sophie (and Tovah) so much, I swear the love just makes my heart break a little.

I am somewhat ok traveling when D is home, but this week we're both gone. Yes, we'll have a cat sitter, but she is SO needy, I hate hate hate leaving her alone.

Frank B Smith said...

A lap pillow/cushion might help make the lap dog more comfortable for you.