Thursday, November 04, 2010


I've been lax in my duties. There have been several things that I wanted to mention but since I didn't write them down, I don't remember them. Let's see if I can trace back my thinking steps to find them. There was the election, maybe I wanted to mention something about that. I voted a couple weeks ago when the Democrats Abroad group sent me a way to vote for the candidates. I didn't vote for the referendums in California, only the House, Senate and Gubernatorial races. (How do we get from governor to gubernatorial? It's not president to prodernatinial now is it?) All the candidates I voted for won. (gloat) The official absentee ballot arrived, just like it does every year, on the final day that it has to be received in California. In other words, I would never get my vote counted if I left it up to the electoral commission. I don't know if this is intentional or not. Probably just lameness.

Serge is doing fine. He spoke with the hospital staff and was assured that everything came up normal with his bloodwork. He went to the eye doctor and now needs bifocals at the ripe old age of 44. Also, pre-glaucoma is happening. Still, the optometrist said that this wouldn't accout for his dizzy spells. Thankfully, it hasn't happened since last Saturday. I suspect, like most ailments, this one will clear itself up on its own.

I'm writing this on my hand-me-down computer. Serge upgraded so I'm inheriting his and mine will go to mother-in-law. I love the speed. Mine had gotten so full and unwieldy that I often had to wait long to do anything. Once the drive is formatted, it will be speedy again. On the new one, it's so fast that many times I don't know what I did or clicked as windows are opening and taking me places. Feeling like an old dog here.

Speaking of dogs, Georgie poo is doing well. He's on his diet now and has one reduced meal a day and only half cookies for treats. This makes him even more of a food whore. When we eat dinner, he sits and gazes longingly at us, sometimes letting a little whimper out and two lines of drool form and dangle from his maw. I love him so much I even find that cute.

I'm sure none of this is what I had intended to write about but there you have it.  A non drama update on the goings on. Friends are visiting town this weekend and we get to go back to my favorite restaurant tomorrow night. I'm going to have the duck in a can this time. I'll film it so you can see this cool presentation. Until then.


Snooze said...

Glad both your guys are doing well.

Aren't computer upgrades the best? I just had one at work and it has made so much of a difference

Anonymous said...

Serge should spend the extra money to get lineless bifocals. They are worth the money but it takes a few days to get used to them.

Cubby said...

I'm glad Serge hasn't had any more problems, but I do hope the testing continues until a cause is found.

I'm also 44 and need bifocals, but my doctor told me to wait a while longer so I could go directly to TRIFOCALS. Christ!

Anonymous, too said...

Glad to hear things are doing well for you and your boys.

Rick said...

Glad Serge is better. Georgie drooling...too cute.

CoffeeDog said...

Friends visiting...I want to visit the Boys in Montreal :-)

Jabacue said...

No news is GOOD NEWS!
Glad all is going well in Montreal.
Bifocals for Serge.....progressives are the lines.
Memory problems! Try Ginko Biloba...a great supplement that really works! What's your name again? lol

Mel said...

I'm hoping that by the time I really need bifocals I'll be able to afford LASIK surgery, so's I can do okay with just reading glasses. I do notice that I'm having a little trouble focusing on very fine print, but that's the extent of it these days.

Tuck's been more food-oriented since I switched him to a raw diet. Even though he gets a half pound of food per day and is maintaining his weight, I think he doesn't feel as full as he did on kibble. He also doesn't graze like he used to. He's very funny when feeding time comes around, though - very bouncy and will attack his toys to look all cute.

GayProf said...

Election day was a sad one for me in Decaying Industrial State. Even New Mexico disappointed me.

Patricia said...

Wiki has this to say (enter a grain of salt):

The adjective pertaining to a governor is gubernatorial, from the Latin root gubernare.

I need bifocals, too. I remember I used to mock things like this. Funny how life comes full circle to bite us in the (sagging) butt.

D. Duck, Esq. said...

LET ME OUTTA THIS $%*&^$%( CAN!!!!!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I've always wondered about "Gubernatorial." That IS weird.

Blobby said...

eh - I've had bifocals since 40! It's not so bad. Glad he's feeling better.

Also most males, our healthcare plan: "maybe it will go away".

It only works about 35% of the time.

rox said...

I lift my glasses up for close-up work. My optometrist said "Do you want to try progressives?" I'm all "NO!" LOL! Vanity.

When I hear the word Gubernatorial, I always think GOOBER.

Anyone else notice Lightning Bug's Butt is back?