Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday morning blather

He played a lot with another beagle in the park yesterday. Here they are sharing a stick. There were sticks everywhere yesterday because the day started off with a thundersnow squall line that really kicked up some dust. The owner of the other beagle just had to tell me how cute mine was. I never really know what to say. Thank you isn't really right since I have nothing to do with his cuteness. Usually I say something like, yes people say that. It's better than, "I know," isn't it?

Went to see Harry Potter on Friday. My strategy worked too. See when a really big film comes out like HP, the French cineplex will show the original version in one of the theatres, basically for the francophones who are bilingual enough (and don't like the dubbing enough) to watch in English. I was probably in the only theatre in North America where it was showing and there were only about 40 people there. Honestly I had my whole row to myself. There was a line around the block for the French version which I'm sure was the same down at the English cineplex. As for the film, I loved it. Am I a dirty old man for liking the shirtless Harry?

In spite of the rash of disappointing news here and elsewhere, I'm in surprisingly good spirits. Here in Quebec, there has been a year long spate of corruption related stories coupled with the rise in taxes stories which tends to make me and my compatriots bitter. Although we are the most heavily taxed jurisdiction in North America, we get to look forward to a hike in the sales tax to 15.5 percent, a soon to be announced rise in property taxes plus a new tax on car registration and a new health tax to pay on our tax returns. All the while our politicians are in bed with the mafia and envelopes of cash are exchanging hands all over town. It makes me wonder where my envelope of cash is. Still, I've got enough food to eat and loads of free time at the moment so I'm enjoying it. I can't help feeling like the travel budget is getting pinched though. Look at me, privileged white guy moaning. Okay I'll shut up.

Georgie is beside me now reminding me of my morning duty. The long walk. It's a habit I've really grown to love, especially on Sunday morning. This town sleeps late on Sunday and it's always so quiet and surreal. The Monday walk is so jarringly noisy as everyone hustles off to their slave station job. I always think peaceful on Sunday and madhouse on Monday. Have a great Sunday y'all.


Mel said...

Of course you're a dirty old man. It's what we love about you.

CoffeeDog said...

Ditto to what Mel said

Blobby said...

I do love the pic of the two beagles. They are both cute.

Great strategy on HP, we don't have that luxury - almost every single seat was taken at our Friday showing.

Better you like Harry than the 3D poster of Justin Bieber (sp) that was in our cinema lobby. THAT would worry me.

Jabacue said...

You too!
Yes we pay a lot of taxes up front but I feel we get a lot in return. Nothing hidden in Canada.
What a cute couple they make! The dogs that is.

rox said...

Did you cry when Dobby died?! I sobbed like an idiot. I love HP but not in the dirty old man way you do, I want to be his mom. It's a sign that I'm officially old.

I feel bad complaining about taxes and government too, especially when I realize that I'm so super-lucky to have been able to stay at home with my kids all these years. Problems of the privileged eh?

LSL said...

A long walk on a Sunday morning sounds wonderful. Hope it was a nice one.

Anonymous said...

The guy said Georgie was cute because he wanted you to say that about his doggie. I would have said, "yes my dog is a cutie and your beagle...thinks mine is cute too,have a nice day". Ted

Jess said...

You can just tell the other guy how cute his dog is, too. And Harry (er, Daniel) isn't the only one who's looking good. Ron Weasley isn't too bad these days, either. So we may be dirty old men, but I suppose we're in good company. :)

Lemuel said...

15.5%!? Yikes! and a sales tax (very regressive) at that! Is it applies to everything (food, clothes, etc.)?

Rebekah said...

When people say how cute the wonderdog is, I usually reply with "and he knows it!"

Dobby dies?

Cubby said...

Did you return the compliment to the other guy's dog?

What's with the HP spoilers? C'mon people!

Birdie said...

Sunday's my madhouse. Monday's quieter, a kind of respite after the crazy of Sunday. I really want my Sundays back.

Patricia said...

When someone says that Indi is cute, I usually say, "And it gets her out of a lot of trouble." Which it does, because one look at that face and I'm a goner.

It's habit to read Rox's comments to the blog friends that we share and being one that has not read the last book, uhmmm, I shall refrain from doing more of that until I see the movie!

Hope it's not been too much of a madhouse Monday.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Am I a dirty old man for liking the shirtless Harry?

Uh, no more than those of us who want to ravage Hermione.

Sorry about all the taxes. If it makes you feel any better, we Americans are right behind you.