Saturday, November 06, 2010

Dinner, dudes and locks

That was my main course last night at dinner. I know we just went here a month ago for our anniversary but since friends were visiting, what better reason to go back to my favorite place in town. The evening did not disappoint. Inside the can was duck, foie gras and other deliciousness. For thirty seven dollors, I was sure going to take a video of the server opening it. His can opener didn't work the first time, but the second time worked fine.

Obviously the diet was out the window. Serge and M split the eighty dollar veal special (I made a note to myself to ask prices on the specials next time) which was an enormous slab of meat, we all laughed at the ridiculous size of it, but the boys were still able to polish off the bulk of it. Georgie got a bone from that and when we gave it to him we ceased to exist. He actually growled at me when I tried to get him to come back inside. (He likes to eat his treats on the patio for some reason.)

Afterward, we went down for a drink at the strip club. I haven't been there in ages, but it hasn't changed much. Beautiful friendly men selling lap dances. Many of them were swarming the rich American waving hundred dollar bills around. Although Serge was prodding me to go ahead, I had spent all my cash at the restaurant. We have spent far too much money lately. Did I tell you about the front door lock to our building?

It's one of those mechanical push-button code kinds like you see at a public school. Did you know those things cost five hundred dollars? Serge got all manly and tried to fix it but that made it worse. At one point we couldn't open the door at all, not from the inside or out which meant the tenants had to traipse through the fire exit to leave the building. The locksmith was able to fix it for a mere one hundred fifty.

Haven't had a Georgie pic in a week! That's got to be a first. Here let's remedy that right now. Have a lovely weekend peeps!


Java said...

Georgie eating his treats on the patio makes for easier clean up, I imagine.

The duck a la can looks good. Was it heated?

Anonymous, too said...

Alas, poor Daffy. I knew him, Elmer. . . .:-)

You and Serge look like you're doing publicity for a small production of "Sweeney Todd."

Again, Georgie's no dummy. It's less mess on the patio, plus he can better guard against someone stealing the bone!

Word verification is "speduo" -- Lycra trunks for two?

Birdie said...

A false report in a can. Huh. Talk about eating your own words. :)

Never enough Georgieness. But isn't it a bad thing to have your dog growl at you? He needs a lesson in who's the boss.

Jabacue said...

Same here. Sophie eats all her 'special' meals in the yard. More room to maneuver.

CoffeeDog said...

I dont get the attraction of that food in a can, but if you say it's delightful I'll take your word. :-)

Jess said...

I'm with CoffeeDog... food in a can doesn't sound fabulous, but I accept your assessment. Overall, that looks like it was a fun evening!

Anonymous said...

It's the can opener I wish to speak of. Aren't there better ones available? Also, it seems like a very noisy place. I would prefer violins or Jazz piano in the background.
Georgie has had a hard life and had to fight for his food. He feels threatened when someone is near his food. You may think it is fun to take his bone away from him but he sees it as losing a meal to another.
I don't see a need to open the can at the table. Most restaurants would prefer the customer thought his meal made from scratch and not out of a can.
Have a nice weekend and we are sending warmer weather your way. Ted

Anonymous said...

Which strip club did you end up going to? Same one as us? GRIN. the canned food looks yummy, er, I think.
thanks again for the recs while we visited,

that's J-O-S-H said...

Wait...I'm confuzzled...why was your din-din in a can?!?

CJ/Rick said...

You guys have such great smiles. But to be honest Georgie is the cute one.

Snooze said...

I'm sure Serge and M would have growled too if someone tried to take away their veal!

rox said...

If we even step in the same room as Tazzy when he has something delicious, he becomes Tazmanian. It's bizarre.

We have spent so much money too lately. It's heartbreaking.

Patricia said...

Ok please don't hate me but when the can opened and spilled out onto the plate, it looked more like it should be for Georgie than a special dinner out for you!

I'm such a hick ;)