Friday, August 01, 2008


* This is the lotus. It grows out of rot and muck. In fact, I don't think the beautiful lotus is possible without rot and muck. From death springs forth beauty.

* Is this making news in the states? The most disturbing murder (decapitation!) I've read about in a long time.

* The sell-by date on eggs is 42 days after the eggs have been laid by the hens.

* I read recently (over here) that a potato, apple and onion all have the same taste. We perceive the taste differently due to the smells.

* I was playing boggle the other day and the winner of the round had this screen name: Jesus Twatbomb

* This website is great. I may make it my homepage.

* In every addict's brain lives a junkie. Mine comes out at the usual times and also I've noticed some more creative seductions. You forgot to buy milk when you were at the store, perfect time for a cigarette. I can't find that shirt I like in the closet, oh dear this calls for a cigarette. And the funniest is, ooh ooh, I've got poop at the door, where are the cigs. (I used to smoke on the pot.)

* Today is my spa day. I have never done a spa day before. I've heard facials hurt and I know that massages do. Em told me to practice in the mirror, "That is causing me pain and I want you to stop now." I don't know how this gets ingrained into a person, but I'm never going to say that because it'll make me look like a pussy.


"Just David!" said...

You just need to say to the masseur, "If I wanted to get beat up, I could have gone to (insert bad neighborhood). Ease up!" or at the very beginning, tell him you're like a tomato and not a grapefruit and if you feel like he's bruising you, it will directly affect his tip! Or just say what I say, "I'm not that well, be gentle".

Petie said...

I have read abotu the decapitation news on

It was really grusome... I wondered what brought it on.

Lemuel said...

I heard about the murder in Mantioba this morning on our local radio station

Anonymous said...

Bring an adjustable wrench with you and tell the guy that if he hurts you you'll hurt him. With his balls riding on the outcome he'll be very gentle indeed!
Lotus can grow in any water but to bloom they need fertilizer in the form of rotting vegetation and/or Fish poop. ed

David said...

I read about the murder on Towleroad.

The lotus is used as a symbol for yoga and meditation because the flower has to rise up through levels of darkness and obscurity to reach the sun and bloom.

I remember we did "experiments" back in high school regarding onions and apples and how smell is the deciding factor.

For massages and facials, I go passive/aggressive. I don't "say" anything, I just make obvious I'm-in-pain noises until the practitioner stops and asks if I'm OK. And since when have you ever cared about other people's opinions? I thought your guiding principle was to not let outsider's opinions change how you behave.

Greg said...

Wow...I only check in on the news sites from time to time in summer and otherwise hear stuff on NPR. This story had completely missed me so far--how horrible! (One more reason not to take the bus, I suppose...)

Good luck with the massage--I hope you're able to indicate to them in advance what sort of experience you'll actually enjoy!

I've had my first real cravings in the past week...but succumbed to none of them. That little Nicodemon bastard waits for the first whiff of a bad mood and leaps in to try to "comfort" me. I'm not having any of it, thanks!! : )

Keep the Quit!!

em said...

Dammit, I'm in the industry, and it won't make you look like a pussy, it will make you like 80% of the massage population.

You never listen to me. (Insert tragic voice here.) Well, you listen to my *shit*. Nevermind.

That lotus pic is wonderful. Do you miss being 42? I do.

em said...

Plus, pussies are delightful.

Mark in DE said...

I saw the gruesome story on AOL's homepage this morning. So sad. I hope they publish a follow-up that tells us WHY the attacker did this.

I don't believe that about the potato, apple, and onion tasting the same.

Congrats on your continued non-smoking success, and enjoy your birthday spa treatment!

Mark :-)

GayProf said...

I saw the news story on the decapitation as well. What is up with Canada these days?

If they say that reading on the toilet is bad for you, I imagine that smoking on the toilet must be really, really bad.

Java said...

Another Canadian blogger alerted me to the gruesome news. I don't read or hear a lot of news regularly, so I'm not sure if it's on TV or radio around here. I saw nothing obvious about it in today's newspaper, but I didn't read much of that.

I don't believe it about the apple, potato, and onion either. They have a very similar texture and tooth, but they do not taste the same. I watched a movie in which the characters were eating onions like apples. According to the commentary they really were apples, but with the outside layer of onions over them so they looked like onions.

Butch said...

The bus story was absolutely horrible.

The Lotus is beautiful.

Snooze said...

That is a very cool website.

Birdie said...

I like that website too.

Thankfully, I was totally unaware of the murder news, and will remain so because of your warning. News like that has nothing to offer me.

You know, you can always use my magic word to make the masseuse stop: "Ow!" Works every time.

Frank B said...

I read about the bus story on an Irish blog:
so I guess it's international.

Good work on the non-smoking.

dykewife said...

i've been told that massages only hurt if you don't go often or if you've been injured. if you go regularly then it's more relaxing

TJ said...

All I can say about the onion, potato, apple thing is I got the fact from one of those strange and wonderful fact pages. I don't have the time, strength, energy or intelligence to make stuff like that up. I knew I should have sourced that post. I find it hard to believe myself but I have seen a few science shows about the human body, the nose and the bodies need for the noses olafactory abilities. If I'm not correct most things we perceive as taste are actually smells. So back to the three things tasting the same, I've been googling and many of the things I've read talk about taking a simple test and that is to hold your nose closed and then eat a piece of onion and you won't be able to taste it. Rather that holds true about the others two I don't know but I do know if I have a cold things don't have the same smells or I can't smell at all and so when I eat soup etc. it all loses it's tatse. Once again I'll source my information next time before putting down on paper or in a post.