Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What's going on?

New student with new curriculum.

Thunderstorms! (Half an inch of rain in 10 minutes)

Loving the newly painted house. Amazing the pleasure a change of color can bring.

Still waiting to hear about government job applied for. If I get it, blog goes bye-bye of course.

Sick of trying to come up with New! Interesting! blogposts.

Sara is having some good days. She will still croak soon.

Ten bug bites overnight in bed. As long as it's not bedbugs, it's cool.

Since asked, I lived in Kansas from the age of 6 months to 3 years. I have polaroid memories of that time. (ie static images)

No smoking, no smoking, no smoking.

The brakes on the car are making funny noises.

Weight gain.

Watching only 7 hours of tv per week. Feeling like ditching the tv, but wanting a flatscreen.

Avoiding knitting the never ending pair of socks.

Hoar Knee like an adolescent.

The video I'm forcing everyone to watch.


Paul said...

Wet, bald, sore ... that pussy is too much to think about this morning.

CoffeeDog said...

Govt job = giving up the blog? Why? Please don't go.

Birdie said...

LOVE the video by the Asylum Street Spankers.( That was shot in the Bob and Tom studio in Indianapolis.)

You can't go, government job or not! If the blog has become a burden, cut back to two or three posts a week. You've set a pretty high standard with daily personal posts that no one else I know can approach. Give yourself a break but please don't break free from us.

Patricia said...

I'd rather read you even once a week than to lose you altogether. I'm with Birdie, I dunno how you post every stinking day. Burnout is inevitable and it becomes a chore rather than a creative outlet for you.

One bug bite in bed is too many. Is there a hole in the screen or what the hell?

Many hugs to Sara.

Sunshine said...

This may sound horrible but deep down, I hope you don't get that government job... :S

vuboq said...

Good luck with the govt job. I would kill for a govt job (ok, maybe not "kill" but you know what i mean).


Laverne said...

You must be on pins and needles about that job! Good luck my friend.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Stick with "No Smoking!"

Please don't leave us. Maybe post less often.


latt├ęgirl said...

I don't want you to get the government job!

Lemuel said...

Bedbugs are making a comeback, so be alert.

Continued kudo's on the "kick the smoking".

Continued love to Sara.

I understand the ramifications of the govt job vis-a-vis blogging. I will miss you terribly if it has to happen.

I'm glad to hear about your "sustained adolescence". I can't help but think that the cessation of smoking has revitalized the oxygen flow in your blood with certain bonus benefits. ;)

Fatinah said...

is giving up the blog a work rule??? Of course, I wish you luck - but boy oh boy will you be missed!

David said...

I didn't get the "hoar knee" until I read the comments. I was thinking you'd scabbed your knees or something.

GayProf said...

Couldn't you just blog under an assumed identity?

Weight gain is a never ending battle.

Mark in DE said...

Here's wishing you NO luck with the gov't job. Seriously, I'm that selfish that I'd deny you a stable job in return for your continued blogging.

Mark :-)

La pequena patty hearst said...

Weight gain? Welcome to your Forties!

Kansas: Nothing before five years of age really counts.

I'd kill for your rain about now. It's like Death Valley here these days.

The bug bites: are you sure Sara doesn't have fleas? Even the cleanest of homes and pets will get them. We just got rid of the damn things and they do indeed get into your bed and bite you all night long. Roxita Bonita saw my legs, she knows I ain't kiddin'!

Craze said...

Yeah on no smoking!

Summer said...

What? The government won't let you work for them and blog too? I thought you lived in Canada not China! :)

Java said...

Yep. What Birdie said.
Can you work for the gov'mnt if you're not a citizen of that country? Kewl.

The video is disturbing. Should not be the last thing I listen to before going to pick the kids up from school. Bad earworm ju-ju.

Lewis said...

how in the hell am i supposed to comment on all of this? i'll be here all day! I'm still stuck back on Sarah croaking someday. Boo hoo.

(M)ary said...

i ping pong between wanting a cool new flat screen tv and never watching tv again as well!

how can you tell if it is a bedbug bite? i was bitten a few months ago and i think it was a spider. i mean, bedbugs are small but i would see them in the bed, right? yuck. i get chills thinking about it.

Butch said...

That video . . . Hoo boy . . . I hope I can get it out of my mind.

Yea, on not smoking.

Perhaps, as someone said previous to mine, you could blog under an assumed name but not as frequent as you do now. Good Luck which ever way it goes.

David said...

I'll have nightmares for sure about that....er...song.

Blog to go bye bye due to a government job?

Sucks big pussy cat video.

Despit trying to cut back, I know I watch more than 7 hours of TV a week. That's why the books are sitting unread next to me.

Also I download a lot of porn (hey, I'm single).

Rick said...

Ah, still no smoking. Good boy.

Roxrocks said...

I did see his legs and damn, they were knarly!

I'm going to go watch your video now. It looks "interesting" in a weird sort of way! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to cut down my TV watching to 30 or 40 hours a week but it has a strong hold on me. Unless you're going into the witness protection program there is no reason to quit blogging, ever! I read your blog every morning as I drink my coffee then I poop you don't want to mess up my routine now do you? ed

Greg said...

Oh, I would hate to not have Sticky Crows to visit! How would we survive with your wisdom and wit? So much change.

Is it a condition of working for Her Majesty's Secret Service? Maybe if you get the job you could start a new, secret blog from your double secret spy-phone-shoe about the new career.

Wordo. Torn wordo.

truthspew said...

Uggh! I've done two stints with government jobs and I'll never do it again. There's just no stability in state government.

That said I just started a new job. I'm wearing a database administrator hat but being paid VERY well doing it.