Sunday, May 07, 2006

Being good little capitalist consumers

When shopping goes right, a splendid experience it is. Saturday will probably go down as one of the most successful excursions to date. There was practically no squabbling AND no crowds due to the inclement weather. It's like everyone said, "Eh, we can go tomorrow or next weekend, there's no rush." So every place we went was empty, the cashiers calling out "Hey, I'm open over here" when we went with our intended purchases to look for the shortest checkout line. On a Saturday in spring, this is unusual. But pouring down rain it was, ha ha. We got wet shopping in the nursery, selecting the tree and bushes for the back yard. We decided on a Hydrangea for the "tree" selection, I don't know why, I've always known somehow that I would own one. And though there were many other trees at half the price, when spouse declared his desire for it, I quickly agreed.

A hydrangea, (what a chewy word, I like saying it over and over - high-drain-jah.) I'm going to try to make mine make blue flowers. Maybe not right away, but one day.

Then the patio set we got at Home Depot. We both saw and wanted it because it came with six chairs, two of which were swivel chairs, mmmmmm, swivel chairs, next stop convalescent home.

And I got my air conditioner. I saw a portable 12000 btu for $750 and jumped on it. I will not suffer this summer like I did last.

We stuffed the SUV full twice and dumped nearly two grand for the day. It's looking more and more like we're setting this place up to stay. Maybe we should skip the whole moving out idea and just enjoy a small place decked out in everything our hearts desire. Today, we're off to brunch with the mother in law and hopefully we can get things planted later this afternoon.

Here's a little video of the dog. Why? Because the new patio set video is lame.


Anonymous said...

Glad your shopping was successful and stress-free.

I'm anxious to see the final set up. Perhaps once you've planted the tree?


Snooze said...

Hi Sara! [oh, she's so cute]

Congrats on the successful shopping expedition.

Knottyboy said...

Ok you are now offically lesbians setting up your home with the command barking dog LOL No on second thought you're still missing a few cats to make your ark complete. But an air conditioned ark with swiveling captains chairs sounds heavenly.

CoffeeDog said...

Cute doggy.

Home Depot - didja get one year same as cash? We got a Home Depot card just to get the same as cash deals and when we buy stuff, we pay it off with taxes.

Hydrangea - I have two in my yard, but I woudn't necessarily call them trees?

Sister Staceypatrick said...

Yeah, we tried to get our patio set to do some tricks when we first got it too but the chairs just seemed to sit there ...

GayProf said...

Cute dog.

Congrats on the A/C -- the most important of all your purchases, IMHO.

Chunks said...

Sounds like a great shopping day! New stuff for outside is always a treat after a long Canadian winter.

Sara is adorable! "Tell Me" what a neat command. I would say that to my dumbdumbs but all I would get is a couple of blank stares.

anabel said...

Well, we say the word "hydranga" the same way. em called it hi-dran-jah.

Don't know which one is correct or maybe it depends on what part of the country your from.

Beautiful flowers. The one I got from em was blue, a really beautiful blue.

Freak Magnet said...

I love hygrangeas. I didn't know you could make it bloom in colors of your choice, though. You must enlighten me.

Daniel, the Guy in the Desert said...

Sara is a sweetheart. I think nothing makes it home like wildlife running around.

Sunshine said...

Hydrandreas are pretty tricky to keep alive. Then again, I have trouble keeping cacti alive, so don't listen to me. :P

D e s i g n Girl said...

We just planted hydrangeas in our yard yesterday. I hope they turn out well. I guess depending on the acidity of your soil they can be either pink or blue. Blue is supposed to be our color. We shall see..

btw...Your dog is adorable! Loved the video. :)

Kalvin said...

It's nice to know that the home depot isn't the source of oppression for at least some gay men (I always get dragged there). Swivel chairs are delightful, and I'm very partial to hydrangeas. Hopefully it will go well and bloom beautifully.

Holly said...

we broke down and got the patio set this weekend as well. i'm happy with it. No umbrella but we'll live.

I also rescued a hydrangea my neighbor was trying to kill with neglect. I took it a few weeks ago for some rehab and gave it back. This time it stays. She'll get her pot back though, maybe, if she's good.

Oh, and when I say it it sounds like:

hii DRAN juh

They were the flowers in my wedding and my absolute favorite in shades of green and purple and blue and white...

farmboyz said...

Concerning your high-drain-jah, they are not exactly low -maintenance in your part of the world. Plant it near a foundation where it will get some winter protection. Like you, I always coveted them and was delirious with joy when I finally acquired two of them. It's that special color blue that some of them produce. Best bet is the variety called "Nikko Blue". Some folks say that the acidity of the soil will impact the color of the flower. Others say not. The canes produced last year will produce flowers this year. After that, the old canes die, but stay on the plant. In spring, you prune away the canes that bloomed last year. They are the bone white ones. The darker ones are the ones to keep. Also, to fend off winter damage, I used to wrap them and stuff the wrap with the leaves I was raking up. Sometimes, in spring, overly eager to see them again, I would take off their wrapping too early, and a late cold spell would damage them anyway. Be patient. In my Provincetown garden, I grew Lace Cap hydrangea which was interesting, but not quite as decadent as the regular ones. Also, it demanded more water than anything else in the garden, so I moved it to a shadier spot where the noon sun wouldn't wilt it.
We are not called the farmboyz for nothin.

Perplexio said...

And I got my air conditioner. I saw a portable 12000 btu for $750 and jumped on it. I will not suffer this summer like I did last.

Won't that put the meter reader into an epileptic fit?

Donna said...

glad to see Sara looking so good, we just got cha cha shaved for the first time and now my beautiful chow girl looks like a tough pit bull boy!
12 days till Madonna!