Friday, September 15, 2006


* Life is an adventure. Adventure carries risks. Embrace it.

* I just realized we're a half million dollars in debt.

* Apparently, the shooting here was carried out by a man whose fave games were "Postal" and "Columbine Massacre", role playing games where you can "be" the killer in the tragic news events as they really happened. My question is what kind of a person develops and markets such a game? What next? Fly planes into buildings with the new game, 9-11 Hijacker. With the slogan: "Only the devoted reach their targets. Can you?"

* There has been a dearth of photos of late. So I took this one yesterday during my break downtown. God I'm looking old.

* If human beings are borne of nature, then these shooting events are, like it or not, as "natural" as earthquakes and tsunamis. (And killing stingrays.)

* It always feels better to be grateful for what you have than to covet what you don't. Always.

* Every vegan I've ever met strikes me as sickly.

* The first concert I ever attended was "The Little River Band".

* Ever wonder where the expression "the spitting image" came from? Could be nasty don't you think?

* The shooter had a blog. In it, he detailed his desire for mayhem and his love of assault weapons. This begs the question, "Where do the limits of freedom of expression end and the security of the population begin?" Since 9-11, the U.S has been soul searching the same question.

* Oh yeah, Pink Martini is a band and China Forbes is the singer. You can see a nice vid here. Here's a guy (not me!) who lipsyncs one of their songs. The title of yesterday's post comes from that. (Which was like winking at myself since I knew no one would get the reference.)


Lemuel said...

No, Torn, you do not look old. You look alive and as such you (and Spouse and others) are among those things that I am grateful for having.

CLL Canuck said...

Pink Martini, kind of like a French Holly Cole meets Natalie Merchant?

Je ne veux pas travailler aussi.

St. Dickeybird said...

You're not really 500K in debt. If need be, you can sell to pay it off. So it's a no-risk debt.

And you don't look old, you look good.

CoffeeDog said...

I think the same things when I see pics of myself. I look old AND I look like my mom. are very cute :-)

GayProf said...

You look great!

If human beings are borne of nature,

I don't believe in "nature."

As for the shooter’s blog, I am not sure that we should be looking to shut things down (Yes, once again, I do worship too much at the altar of free speech). Rather, though, his blog sounds more like he needed help. In many ways, society failed him and he became lost and alone.

Finally, what about that creepy “Christian” based game where the player goes around shooting the unconverted (including GLBT folk)? Not that I think that they should be prevented from putting it out there (free-speech/altar), but I am fearful that a market for such a game exists.

Timmy said...

I dont think you are looking old, I think you look distinguished and handsome. Happy Friday to you!!!


Kevin said...

I hope I look that good when I'm your age (which is NOT old -- only a few years away). Hell, I wish I looked that good NOW.

But I'm not coveting what I don't have (it just sounds like I am)! :)

Pablo said...

It's disturbing that those types of games exist.

Oh...and, like everyone else says, you don't look old. Cute boys become handsome men.

Pete said...

You still look cute as ever ^^ I am so envy of your spouse :P

As an avid game player, I can tell you that games are easy target to be blame for anything. After all, it was His choice to play such game. There are many other good games in the market that did not promote violent nor destruction.

In the end, perhaps he only have himself to blame for what happen. He think his life is so hard that he would rather do this?? In india there are a lot more people who are a lot worst off then he is. Some kids these days should be left in poverty to get some prespective.

Normlr said...

The word is "handsom" not "old".

Dantallion said...

Actually, you don't look old at all - you look great. As for the 500K, I never considered the debt when I took it on. I just figured that the bank is my new landlord, and it's a bonus that in the end, most of those funds will come back to me. It took the 'bigness' of the transaction away.

PS: Word verification for this one is: ztoot. What a great sounding word!

Normlr said...

It be even better if I could spell gooder.

Anonymous said...

You look great.

Old is when someone offers you their seat on the bus. That's when I'll freak out.

dirk.mancuso said...

If that's "looking old," where do I sign up? You're a handsome fella...RECOGNIZE! **wink**

Oy, The Little River Band. Good times.

Have a great weekend.

Doug said...

"...what kind of a person develops and markets such a game?

People who know those games make money. Money is always the reason.

Your pic: wowowowowowWOW! I thought you said you don't dress up!?!?! You look.....mmm.....*drool*

I agree that it's better to want what you have rather than have what you want.

Regarding the issue of freedom of expression, I defer to one of the US founding fathers:

"They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security."

-Ben Franklin

Kalvin said...

I think you look good. In some ways it reminds me of--gasp--Marlon Brando, but MUCH thinner...not that being large is bad. And as to the vegan comment...I have to agree. Why is that?

John said...

Lest you think no one gets your oblique references, I stumbled upon your blog yesterday and read all the posts about the Road to Montreal, simply because I love Pink Martini and thought anyone who uses a reference like this is worth a second look! And your picture reminded me of a much better looking, younger version of myself. I'm 44 and still get occassional looks (even though I'm happily parntered), so you have nothing to worry about.

I enjoy your blog - thanks for sharing your life's stories and insights.

The Persian said...

I think you look adorable (as always).
Such a horrific tragedy, and a sad twisted man. I agree with you on the Vegans, they never look healthy.

Have a great weekend!


Chunks said...

Embrace your wrinkles, you've earned every one. You look better than those damn pasty Vegans! hahah!

I don't want to think about money. This week I spent 1500 dollars and all I got was two whiny kids. Do you think they'll thank me later? God, I could have gotten a few shots of Botox for us instead! Damn!

Ed said...

God your looking ...Hot, Sexy, Suave, Young and well adjusted. Believe me I know because I am the exact opposite of these things.

Rebekah said...

Define "looking old."

Patricia said...

i've been winking at myself lately, too, via my post titles, certain that no one gets it.

first was my nod to eminem with "will the real slim katie please stand up" and then my equally punchy "lookin all ova for an egg."

see? ha! i had to flaunt.
pardon me.

and as everyone already knows. you look hot.

Em said...

Yeah, yeah. We both look old. But we look great too.

Eduardo says that spitting image comes from spirit and image. You are the spirit and image of so and so. I like thinking of it that way.

I aagree with you about vegans.

My first concert was Cheap Trick.

I know it is all about the money, but I disapprove of it being all about the money. Personally, I think that this false system we use to value things has sent us off balance and we aren't the natural man any more and we don't know how to be what is now expected of us. Of course, I'm massively out of step with most people.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Man, you've got a way with the snippets. I always find a couple of gems.

Great points, all.

And no, I don't think you're looking old.

dawn said...

I think you look very handsome. I would have paid attention a lot more if any of my classes had teachers who looked like you.

I read a headline yesterday about the shooter: "Canada shooter hated people, loved guns." Really? Wow. That's shocking.

teh l4m3 said...

I'd hit it.

David said...

You look dapper and distinguished.

My first concert ever was Genesis.

Curtis said...

I'll add my 2 cents. I don't think you look old at all. I think you look adorable.

Mark in DC said...

You don't look old... you look HOT!

(Ooops, I think I may have let the cat out of the bag regarding my secret cyber-crush on Torn.)

Lubridan said...

You might be calling your mug "old", but I call it pure sex.

Somewhere there must be a picture that is really going to hell!

Daniel, the Guy in the Desert said...

not old, love, just a bit care worn. Your energy should going into that epic that's boiling inside you. That,or you urgently want to be running naked through the woods at Big Sur. It's a toss up either way.

Spider said...

You don't look old - you just look HOT! The spouse is SUCH a lucky man!

My first concert - Seals and Croft

JoeL said...

You know you're right, you do look old. Thank god we can't see the walker on that pic!?

You know how to bring yourself up don't you?!

Look Torn, everything is and will be fine!?

Have fun!?


PS We'll all be dead in 75 years. Now who said that?! I'm almost sure he's a wise man!?

Derek said...

look handsome as ever to me!

The Yellow Dog Speaks said...

Not old, but sexy.

S. said...

When i see pictures of myself I always thing the same thing...we are MOST critical of ourselves than anyone else...

For the record...I think you look damned hot and cute as hell!