Friday, September 01, 2006


* We closed escrow yesterday. The porn star house is ours. Yippee!

* In extreme cheap mode, I will cut the toothpaste tube in half when it's "done" and then I can scrape out two more brushings worth.

* I need to put "worrying" in the same category as "guilt", both useless emotional exercises.

* Uh oh. The trees are yellowing.

* Wednesday's discussion was fascinating. I especially liked Marc's comment about "critical thinking". Faith is the opposite of critical thinking. (In saying that, I may be inviting diatribes, but whatever.)

* Sara is getting old. She's 12 now. We're mixing in wet with her dry food to enhance her enjoyment of her twilight years.

* Productivity gives a person a sense of value. Overproductivity gives a person an ulcer. Slothlike behaviour induces ennui. Do you see why balance is so important?

* I still haven't opened the box.

* Working on labor day is like being born on Christmas.

* There's a fine line between glib and pithy. This snippet would qualify as glib.


Jane said...

Thanks for a few chuckles this morning!

Congrats on the house.

I'm an accountant, and I don't even think of scraping that much out of the toothpaste tube. You ARE cheap!

Have a great weekend.

The Lone Rangers said...

Yea!! Fall is here!

Sunshine said...

Congratulations on the house purchase! :)

St. Dickeybird said...

The trees are yellowing, and there's already a chill in the morning.
And you're working Monday? Me too.

Both suck.

But the PSHouse is good!

Patricia said...

sara has such a sweetness about her. those eyes just lead straight into her soul. beautiful!

working on labor day is what you get for abandoning us to go off and live a happy life with spouse :P

Doug said...

Uh oh. The trees are yellowing.

I live in Florida, and an accepted part of life in Florida is dealing with "snowbirds," people who come from northern climes and live here during the winter months and then go back north during the summer.

Is there also a population of part-time residents in Montreal (or Canada in general) who are from southern areas and live in Montreal only during the summer?

I haven't seen the seasons change in 29 years. I just realized that I miss it.

Dantallion said...

I still haven't opened the box.

Ow, ow, ow, ow.


Lemuel said...

You just knew you'd poke me with the one snippet, din'tcha. (***grin***) No diatribe. Just a proposed "corrective": faith is the companion of critical thinking. Critical thinking needs to be applied to faith and faith (in some absolute, whether "theological" or not) is central to critical thinking. :)

...and btw, Sara looks like a real lover and a sweetie.

teh l4m3 said...

"We're mixing in wet with her dry food to enhance her enjoyment of her twilight years."

This is a very good idea. Esp. as her teeth start to go.

FWIW, my golden retriever died recently, but she lived to be in her mid-teens.

Chunks said...

I mix wet with the kibble now and my dogs are one and five. I figure you only get one life, and if you have to eat dog food, it should be something you like.

If you're not going to open that box, send it to me. All my slothlike behaviour this summer has me in need of some relief.

GayProf said...

Wow -- That toothpaste thing is, um, frugal.

Spider said...

Why are your snippets so much better than mine... I need to work on that...

The Persian said...

I always manage to run out of toothpaste, not so much because I'm cheap, it just always seems to happen. And yea, I've cut/split the tube to get that last bit.

Congrats on the house!!


Ed said...

I like the cool mornings we've had of late, but I know what is down the road and it is not only ugly but ice covered and snow blown. To not see the Winter come would be so great. I wish I could be a snowbird instead of a Turkey Vulture.

Timmy said...

sara is still beautiful! have a great weekend!

David said...

What a pithy.

dawn said...

I'll send you 25 cents every two months.

You don't have to do the scraping.

You dog looks like she is enjoying her twilight years. Or she looks like she is enjoying being pampered by her humans who are sentimental.

Daniel, the Guy in the Desert said...

How sweet to do that for Sara. My cat is 14 now, and it's a little difficult for her to eat all dry cat food, so I do the same thing.

Summer said...

Awww, poor Sara. She's cute tho.

Anonymous said...

Sara is pretty and gentle looking. I am a sucker for yellow labs. Open the box, man, it's not that bad, and it does provide relief! BTW, lube it with the product itself, no spit!!!! And use a glove if you must, just do it. You will be glad you did. Poor little bumhole....Devo PS don't worry be happy

nongirlfriend said...

Sara is beautiful!

CoffeeDog said...

The one thing I regret most about when I put my dog to rest was that I didn't think to allow her one last yummy meal. She was in so much distress, I was upset, I just plain forgot. Sara is a cutie.

JoeL said...

Hey Torn!?

Sorry about being late!?

I worked yesterday and need to fix a blog reading schedule.

Congrats on the house!?
Are you enjoying it now?!

Sara looks great!?

You're working on Monday?!
I'll go bug ya!? lol

And thanks for the laughs!?

Kalvin said...

OMG, that whole toothpaste thing is too much. If you ever do that, I would hope you would take pictures...I'm very curious you know.