Friday, September 22, 2006


* Trees are individuals too. Here's one who has donned a yellow coat before his brethren.

* I believe in the three M's: Modesty, moderation and manners.

* When I was young, my father had one of those label makers that were all the rage then. He used it to affix a message on my bathroom mirror. "Don't do it the easy way. Do it the best way." (This was to spur better brushing of teeth.) I still struggle to follow this sound advice.

* Hexagons are big in nature. Snowflake and honeycomb for example.

* If I'm pollyanna, spouse is mr. pissy. Together we are balance.

* Sometimes I open gifts and think, "Crap, another thing to dust."

* I'm an INTJ on the Meyers-Briggs personality scale.

* It's probably true that none of us has had an original thought. Surely someone has thought the same thing before you. There are exceptions. Einstein, for one.

* "Back ordered" means "We don't have it and we don't know if we can get it but we'll take your money anyway."


JoeL said...

That tree is cute isn't it?!

Lemuel said...

Sometimes when I read your snippets, I think I'm reading Ben Franklin (as in Poor Richard's Almanac). Think about it.

Your comments are always pithy and witty. I love 'em.

Ed said...

Trees aren't changing here yet but they soon will. My mantra was "If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?" The hexagon made by honeybees is truly amazing since they are all perfect and all made in total darkness inside the hive. Of course there are no two snowflakes alike. I'm sure someone thought of that before me.

The Lone Rangers said...

Yeah Fall!!! I think the same thing when I open presents actually, so much for original

toobusyliving said...

I'm gonna look out for some brave individual trees today, just for fun. It can be part of my new "mindfulness." :)

The Wisdom of Wislon said...

Love the tree :>)

may your troubles be over
have a good weekend

GayProf said...

I love the crisp feeling of fall that has come into Boston the past couple of days. I have also noticed a few rebel trees expressing their individuality. They are the James Deans of the maple crowd.

Doug said...

I frackin' love your snippets.

Your father sounds like a wise man, though he may not have always followed your 2nd M with the label maker.

I think pollyanna vs. prissy was evident in your recent post about enjoying renovating.

For your next holiday gift, you should ask for a glass-front shelf or cabinet so the dust can't get in as easily.

The last time I checked, I was an ISFJ, though several scores were close.

Kevin said...

My ex-wife was an INTJ. We got along for 17+ years.

An ex-co-worker was an INTJ (she announced it daily). I hated her with every fiber of my being.

Where do you fit in? :)

nongirlfriend said...

I'm an extrovert, cannot remember the rest. I would never have guessed you were an introvert. Well, I guess so. It's easy to share on blogs, isn't it?

I love your "back-ordered" definition.

mitz said...

I want to move to alaska so i can meet lots of men in trees. lol.

Normlr said...

That tree is such a drama queen. Wanting all the attention before anyone else.

Jason said...

You are totally right about back ordered.

Timmy said...

I'll take your money too!

Nice tree!

Steven said...

Whenever I open a present, I immediately look for a gift receipt.

The Persian said...

I love your posts so much..

My mother taught me at young age to brush very briskly until my mouth was frothy and then rinse and repeat twice.

So when I brush, even today (which is at least a half dozen times) I repeat this.

Funny how (thankfully) this has stayed with me. I know people that are lucky if they brush once a day, let's not even get into flossing.

Have a great weekend!

madamerouge said...

You're not telling us about the other labels placed on your bathroom mirror by your dad:





Spider said...

Your snippets are always so wonderful... I LOVE the three "M's" - and really need to work towards those - also you Dad was a wise man, and I think he knew MY Dad... I heard the same thing growing up all the time - and it sure stuck with me...

Anonymous said...

Today I called our distributor to enquire about a printer that's been back ordered since the middle of August. I was informed that it had, indeed, been discontinued.

They didn't feel it necessary to call and inform me of that fact, or of the replacement model.

David said...

*My best friend at sleep-away camp when I was six was a tree.

*I also believe in the three M's: Midler, Minelli and Madonna.

*My Dad gave me an essay about a leader in Ancient Athens who was told to oversee in city's sewage problem in the hopes that he would become discouraged and leave politics. He instead completely revamped it and became a hero. "Anything worth doing is worth doing well."

*They are also the interior of the Jewish Star of David.

*No news here.

*I don't dust.

*I have no idea. Maybe I'll take it.

*I was just thinking that yesterday!

*You can count on that as much as on death and taxes.

Patricia said...

i love the message on the mirror. i hate dusting. and i'm an infp.

have a wonderful weekend amid all the chores :)

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Love the snippets. Love them.

This is great: "Don't do it the easy way. Do it the best way."

Your dad sounds like a decent fellow. I wish I could take that advice. Or your 3-M advice, for that matter!

Kalvin said...

Aw, but the best way is a bit of a problem. There may not be a best way. Or does best mean efficient? Or what value judgments?

toobusyliving said...

Here is a good end to a night of too much stoli - this cover of my favourite song.

farmboyz said...

Mon Dieu, I once had sex at 5 AM next to that tree. I'm glad it's still there. If the trees of Montreal could talk..