Sunday, September 17, 2006

Working on the weekend

We have two more weekends after this one to finish prepping the apartment we're in for new renters. (Just so everyone is on the same page: We live in a triplex that we own and we are moving into the fiveplex that we just bought.) In about five hours yesterday, we completed quite a bit of patching which makes me shake my head at how we procrastinated for two full years on it.

Spouse: I hate renovating. (He is standing on the ladder placing a piece of molding for measuring)

Me: I know, me too. But we could choose to love it.

Spouse: No, I hate it. Hand me a pencil.

Me: (handing him pencil.) But we have three weekends of this, we have no choice but to do it. Don't you think if we can stay away from the attitude of hating it, that it might be a little easier.

Spouse: No, I hate it. (probably wishing he could slap me)

This morning we've got to go over to the new place and change a couple of locks, replace a broken window, and take inventory of the things that were stolen. Then more work here this afternoon sanding and placing moldings and baseboards. Scintillating, huh?


Spider said...

Actually, I love the glimpses into other people's lives... you two are just so cute together... LOVE the exposed brick in the kitchen - very nice - deck looks relaxing also!

JoeL said...

I like that we could see your handy work in the hallway. lol

You guys seem to be moving along pretty nicely.

Did porn start move already?

BTW are you renovating AND moving for the first? Who'll pack? And when?


PS it would go nicer if you accepted to like renovating for the next few weeks.

GayProf said...

I am with Spouse -- The discrepancy on the door trim would bug me too.

If I ever pick up another tub of spackle, however, it will be too soon.

Gumby said...

Just an FYI - the "middle baseboard thing" is called a "chair rail" - LOL

So if we move to Montreal, sounds like you'll be our first stop for a place to live.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Well, next time we go to Montreal, I see if we can help you out. I enjoyed the view of the city street. Montreal is such a beautiful city.

Chunks said...

I've been in renovation hell for four years with little projects in need of finishing all over the house.

Procrastination is a home owners' nightmare.

Good luck with the renos! I also have to agree with Serge, the wide trim would look better. Are you guys painting the trim? It would be easier to paint it THEN put it on the wall. Seriously. I've done it both ways and pop it off, paint it, then pop it back on.

dirk.mancuso said...

At the risk of repeating myself (again!), how cute are you two together?

Have to say though, I'm with hubby on the door trim issue. It would bug me too. But, like you, if I don't have to live with it, who cares.

Good luck with the rest of the fix-it-up stuff.

Freak Magnet said...

Count me in as one of the "FIX THAT DAMN TRIM!!" people.

Seriously. Just fix it. It'll cost you $10. Woo hoo. $10 and 10 minutes and you'll make all of your readers happy.

Em said...

I can't believe he let you put that trim up like that. I'm stunned. None of us can believe it. S is losing his grouchy edge.

Paint it while you have it down because Rox sounds like she knows what she is doing. Oh and your baseboard in the middle of the wall made me laugh. I couldn't see any boobs. That's false advertising.

_Psycho said...

Very boring to do renovation. Suck for the steal, lots of problems to resolve, buy,etc. Waste of time :/

farmboyz said...

What kind of queen are you, referring to a chair rail as a "middle baseboard thing"?!!! I had to laugh because C also does not much enjoy renovating anything and would perfer that we lived in a tent.

PS: your chair rail appears to have been placed too high. You'll not find wainscoting (usually salvaged from another old house) in pieces that long.

Regarding your door framing, it looks like all you'd have to do is double up on the molding you installed to make it the width of the corner square, then put the white paint on really thick to disguise the seam between the two pieces.

Ed said...

The narrow trim is fine. Wide trim is very expensive and hard to find around here. I might remove the top board and put a new piece up of the narrow stuff then everything would match. don't care about seeing the Boobs. Enjoyed seeing the Spouse and House. My house has Paneling on the wall halfway up and then a chair rail then wallpaper the rest of the way.

Lemuel said...

Me (playiing the role of non-directive counselor): "So, Spouse what I hear you saying is that you might be disinclined to appreciate the essence of home renewal. Do you wish to go with that?"
(Can you get from that what my opinion of non-directive counseling is?)

Well, I dislike it (remodeling) too and especially the detail work. In fact I still have to finish the doors on my powder room project. I should be doing it now, but I'm having more fun reading you blog.

If we're voting, I'm with Spouse on the door molding. Sorry. That would drive me nuts. I don't know if it is caused by my anal nature or my gay sense of interior decoration. (I like to "design"; I do not like to "do".)

Always(!) love the vids of you and Spouse!

Best wishes on the remodel and the new place! (and thanks for setting the record straight on the renter/landlord thing. we'll see how long I can remember it this time.)


Kalvin said...

I hate to say it, but I completely agree with spouse across the board here, and I would hate it too. I also agree with him about the molding. Good luck.

JR said...

I love home rennovation projects and the like, however with that said. I hate doing drywall. I dont like it and thus I suck at it. My older borher is a wiz at it and he alsways excalims to me" measue twice, cut once. Ugh... I hate even remembering him say that, but not as much as actually hearing it over and over again.

You two are very looking adorable boys.

Doug said...

Wow, lots of work being a landlord! I had no idea.

I'm with you on the choosing to love it thing. The way you approach something always affects how well it goes. Having said that, I understand how spouse feels. I hate when I can't find my pencil.

Re-reading Spouse's responses, is he perhaps related to Grouchy Smurf?

Sunshine said...

I'm so with Serge on this one. :P Renovations stink - not that I've ever done it. But all the dust and grime ... and I'd hate to break a nail.

Conclusion - Spouse is quite entitled to his attitude. :P

dawn said...

Are you guys for hire? I could use some renovations. I'll play cool music in the background and buy you cigarettes, promise.

Be sure to show us "after" pics, i'm sure it's gonna look great. Not as good as the vandalized porn star house...but still quite lovely.

David said...

Not sure I'm so fond of spouse's adamant negativity. As long as your are, that's all that matters, though.

Patricia said...

i love watching the video and recognizing the kitchen, the patio, the overly fancy shed.

i suppose that makes me sound scary like a stalker but i like it anyway.

gav25 said...

hey there dude. i saw your blog months ago and somehow stumbled on it again.

nice work there dude. hope the renovations work out well for you guys!


Anonymous said...

I, too, am with spouse on the door moulding!!