Monday, February 25, 2008

A walk in the park

It was a picture postcard day yesterday. Crystal clear and not too cold either, I dragged Serge over to the botanical gardens to go for a walk. The Olympic stadium is just across the street (the tallest inclined tower in the world). All the pics are clickable for screen filling versions.

In the warmer months, the gardens offer guided tours aboard the mini-train. Here you see the trains snowbound.

The place was crawling with squirrels. They kept popping their heads up to see if we were nut carriers. We weren't but I wish I had thought about it, I could have gotten to know them better like Elizabeth. I like to think of this shot as "squirrel spirit".

This little guy looked like he was posing for a winter calendar.

The forest without clothing.

I was happy as long as I was facing the sun.

After our walk, Serge said, "Okay, now we're going to Home Depot." Since he had purchased the wrong sized toilet seat, he wanted to return it for the right one. On our way there, we passed under the Jacques Cartier bridge. I always think it looks so flimsy, the scaffolding nature of the base of the bridge.

Across the street from Home Depot, there is a statue of Cyr. Cyr is some famous fighter up here. I cracked up when I saw the statue. It looks awfully phallic, don't you think?

When we got home, Serge went to work on the toilet. When he was finished, I came in to take a look. Here, you can have a look too. (Why do I look so haggard in the video and so fresh in the above picture? I mean the images are only a couple hours apart.) Serge is adorable, as usual.


Snooze said...

I love sunny winter days. I was going to congratulate you on not gloating to Serge about predicting he bought the wrong size of toilet seat, but then you did in the video.

Anonymous said...

See Richard, if you had went with Serge to Home Depot the first time he would have bought the right size seat. The new seat looks a lot better than the old one. Many happy years of Pooping on the new Toilet seat.
I love the pictures of Montreal in Winter. That does look like a flimsy bridge structure. Serge is such a handyman. Ed

CoffeeDog said...

I think the haggardness might be due to not shaving. In the picture you can't see your shaving shadow very well.

Serge is adorable. If we ever make it Montreal for sure I want to meet you guys.

That bridge does look very flimsy!

don said...

They are building a new Homo Depot here in Vancouver. It is part of a trend of building boutique sized big box stores (is that an oxymoron?) in the downtown core. We already have a Costco boutique.
I am still going to drive to these stores even though they are close by. There is no way I am going to walk through my 'hood carrying a new toilet seat or a case of TP.

GayProf said...

Given your obsession with all things excrement, I am surprised that you fought the toilet seat.

Cooper said...

I love the spirit-squirrel! What a great shot. Cyr kind of looks like Buddha might if he was standing up. The toilet video ... priceless.

ChickenStrip said...

I love the way Serge found a way to make your maid budget a bit smaller!

Now that it is estrogen-only in the coop, I have no need for a grace area. I could have used that when the roommate was here!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Great pics as always, TW. Nice action shot of those two darting left to right.

You and Serge ARE too damn cute. I hope that doesn't sound too gay.

Lewis said...

Thank god for grace areas. For splatter purposes. I supposed with the poo poo fetish, we'll be seeing you on the toilet next. I can hardly wait. The nice weather looks amazing!

Cameron said...

Lovely pictures -- nothing like a snowy scene with crystal-clear blue skies.

Serge seemed rather shy and reluctant in front of the video camera. But he was a good sport about it all.

Anonymous said...

No lid to lower means that each time you flush the aerosol hits the room:

David said...


Nice pics, but its still too damn cold looking.

I was watching the news tonight on WGN Superstation, and learning my old home town of Chicago was getting hit with another snow storm. Yep, it their snowest winter since 1978-1979 - the snow year that unseated a mayor.

While it rained here in SolCal and was a bit cool, it did not snow.

Yes, Serge is adorable, but so are you. Never forget that.

Java said...

Every time you post a video of Serge he looks like he's trying to humor you by allowing himself to be videographed. He's adorable.
I agree with Coffeedog about your haggard appearance. You look better in the bright sunshine. You felt better in the sunshine, too, right? Even haggard, though, you are incredibly handsome.
I laughed at the statue of Cyr, too, because it looks to me like he dropped his balls. That has to hurt.

TankMontreal said...

Your snowbound mini-train pic is absolutely perfect.

em said...

I finally got to watch this because my computer wasn't working before. It's so charming!

Kevin said...

If it's the same "storm" we're getting now, it's been a real dud. Maybe you'll luck out on that one.

That way! A good gust will topple that thing! There was a huge bridge on one of my old streets, built back in the 20's that was perpetually falling apart. They had to hang diapers on the underside to catch all the falling concrete chunks, there was exposed rebar everywhere. Going underneath it made you question your sanity in going over it (they never closed it to vehicles). Never did fall though, until they tore it down last year.

BentonQuest said...

That tower does not look like it should be able to stand!

Mark in DE said...

Yes, you DO need a toilet cover. Its not polite to leave your toilet "open".

Serge is so thrifty! He wants to deduct a few dollars from the maid's pay since there is now 3 inches less toilet seat to clean.

Mark :-)