Saturday, January 13, 2007

Goal review and revision

As I do each year, I make a list of ten goals and tape them to the computer so that they are constant reminders. The first thing to do is to see how I did on the previous year's goals, and decide which ones to carry over. Last year's goals and the outcome:

1. Read two books in French: This is done. This is also something I want to continue.

2. Quit smoking: I quit March 17th and failed to stay quit on my birthday July 29th. This is also something that needs to go on 2007's list.

3. Learn a new skill: Both knitting and meditation. I think I'll carry this one over too.

4. Travel to a place I've never been before: Ottawa and New Brunswick. I love this one and even though it might be tricky this year, I'm gonna put it on this year's list.

5. Maintain workout regimen: Yep. I treat it like a workshift. The only way out of it is to be in bed sick. So I've maintained, yes.

6. Increase income by 10%: I'm not sure I reached this goal. I'm not sure if I care that I didn't reach it. This one is NOT going on the next year's list.

7. Finish 2nd bedroom remodeling: This is funny. We finished ALL the remodeling and in three short weeks in September before we moved to the new place.

8. Write every day: It was mostly every day.

9. Compose two new songs: Failed! I composed zero new songs. It's hard to explain, but the music writes itself. I just haven't gotten into the space where the music uses my hands to write it. I think I'll change this to "play the piano an hour a week."

10. Find and participate in a local sweatlodge ceremony: Again I failed. This is no longer a goal, if it happens , it happens. I would like to do more selfwork of some kind......

Goals 2007

1. Read two books in French

2. Quit smoking

3. Learn a new skill

4. Travel to a place I've never been before

5. Maintain workout regimen

6. Land my own teaching contracts (ie: eliminate middleman)

7. Refinance first triplex and pull out 20 grand to help me sleep at night.

8. Write every day.

9. Play the piano at least an hour a week.

10. 86 nude dancer and then write what I learned about Myself from the experience.


Doug said...

Awesome goals! Pat yourself on the back for the goals you achieved last year.

Jane said...

Great goals all.

And great work on last year's goals. In my mind, buying the new building was a FANTASTIC accomplishment. This year, as #7 and 10 indicate, you just need to work out the kinks.

Enemy of the Republic said...

86 nude dancer is a must. Writing every day is a must (I do that do). I don't play piano, but I sing. I also plan to learn how to knit. And boy, I know about the teaching contracts all too well. Good luck to you and thanks for visiting me. One day I will explain further what I mean about time healing all wounds as I wrote on my post.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to try that.

GayProf said...

Well, #10 seems like it is almost done.

I hope that you can do #2, which seems like the hardest of them all.

dirk.mancuso said...

Much luck with this year's list and I'll send a lot of positive energy your way for #2.

Anonymous said...

Hey bub...

You are far more dedicated than I am. I'm sticking to the one goal this time:

Stop comparing myself to others.

And like the others, you know how much I want you to acheive #2 this year for good!

Anonymous said...

I have very much enjoyed my stay here...I hope you will return the visit. I will be back for more...

Lewis said...

Oh my god, you're going to be swamped with things to do. Movers and gotta love 'em!

anabel said...

I like how you go back, re-evaluate, and continue the goals that are still important to you.

Not so much of the "I failed" model.

Snooze said...

Your lists and detailing of your life have inspired me. I worked out (stopped, but for a while I had a good schedule going) after reading about your commitment to working out, I read a french novel, and I bought needles and wool. I am inspired to try knitting. Good thing you don't have "try cocaine" on your list as I seem to be such a mimic.

Daniel, the Guy in the Desert said...

Excellent goals-
BTW, when I get DSL so I can realistically upload to youtube, I'll honor your request. That's going to be a goal for me.

Anonymous said...

Ever been to Orlando? Good times.

Jason said...

I like that idea of putting it up by your computer to stay reminded. Thanks for the idea.

David said...

Great idea. Now I just need to force myself to make some goals.