Sunday, October 21, 2007

Chops of lamb

Serge came home Friday with dinner fixins in hand. He set to work in the kitchen and I grabbed the camera.

After the video, he placed the meat in the oven for 20 minutes. Then he dished up our plates. Here you can see the plates as we sat down to eat.

Have you ever seen such thick lamb chops? Yeah, well me neither, but that didn't really register until I was half way through the meal when I noticed it was raw in the middle. Raw lamb should be redder shouldn't it? I went and dug the wrapping out of the trash and then I discovered we were really eating pork. Pork! I'm pretty sure that eating raw pork is a no-no, so we laughed at how lame we are (though Serge is especially lame since he bought it) and the power of suggestion. I swore I tasted the gamey lamb taste as I tucked into the chops. But no, it was pig all along.


Timmy said...

like a wolf in sheeps clothing :)

still looks tasty!

Snoskred said...

It's surprising that you were confused by your meat. ;)

Oh come on, someone had to say it! lol


lattégirl said...


(said in best Bruce voice from Kids in the Hall : "My pen!")

RJ March said...

rare-ish pork is regularly served in restaurants. I remember the first time I had some myself, 12 years ago in Baltimore, and the server said, "Chef likes to serve pork at medium rare." I liked what Chef liked.

GayProf said...

I am not a meat expert, but that "gamey" taste might have been the rawness.

I am pretty sure that Serge has lost his option of getting his own show on the Food Network. It seems like knowing your meat would be a prerequisite.

Chunks said...

I love how the Serge videos are like a little game of "Let's see if he knows the English word for..."

bardelf said...

I hope you cooked it more after the discovery. Although not lamb, the pork still looks yummy.

Ed said...

So Ri..Torn is Serge entering the witness protection program? He threw a tiny fit when you almost showed his face. The weather must be nice with your door half open but as my dad would say, "You're letting the flies out!" I could never cook in a Kitchen that dark.
Okay, for Pork it must be cooked throughly. There is a list of diseases as long as your arm and some are very nasty. I love Pork Chops. I don't mess with frying first. Cut them into chops and get some Shake and Bake for pork then bake them to directions on the box. (much longer than 20
min. )
I thought the Turnips were Potatoes and Serge didn't know how to say Potato.
Love the Videos with Serge. His accent is hawt!

Laverne said...

I don't know if I've ever had turnips. What do they taste like?

Now the pork chops? You all sure like the meat in Montreal. Two chops? Wow.

Although, the best pork I ever had was when you made it with the map-o-spread.


Sunshine said...

The thought of eating raw pork - eww. Thanks for that. I don't need lunch anymore. :P

anabel said...

Did either of you get barfy?

Patricia said...

uhmm yeah i was wondering what kind of monster lamb those chops came from! pork makes more sense. and i love that he cooked turnips, a truly under appreciated and tasty root vegetable. :)