Friday, October 05, 2007


* Everything is going pretty well these days, but I still find myself getting angry at things. Little things. Like I know I'm capable of being charmed in a situation like this, but my head nearly exploded as the old woman in front of me in the market line counted out 17 pennies fished from the bottom of her purse, one at a time.

* Low expectations. One of the secrets of life. - Anne Lamott

* I'm just guessing, but I bet the first kind of paper that was invented was what we call toilet.

* Considering oneself lucky is healthier (and truer) than considering oneself deserving.

* Is it just me but isn't it a bit hypocritical to ban outdoor smoking at a sidewalk cafe when the exhaust of hundreds of cars surround you as you're eating that croissant?

* I discovered these at the Dollarama. (My favorite place to shop.)

* It's funny that when playing Yahoo's version of scrabble, "tit" is allowed. Tits, however, is not, as it's "vulgar".

* Is it natural to be jealous of other people's good fortune? Or simply petty and childish?

* More oxymorons: British Chef, Lithe Sumo Wrestler, Warmhearted Republican


Ed said...

Keeping with the overall theme of late let me expound on the history of toilet paper. The perforated roll paper we know today was invented around 1880. Before that the farmers Almanac, Corncobs and leaves were used. Later the Sears and Roebuck Catalog jokingly referred to as the Smears and Sorebutt Catalog.

Lemuel said...

I MUST ask - where/by whom were the marshmallow ghosts made? by "Just Born"? One of the largest manufacturers of those kinds of treats is local to us.

I guess I would have much less patience with the woman counting pennies than you. (deleted rant here.)

Jason said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, never pick the checkout line with women in it. I know this sounds awful, but they are notorious for exact change and all of it is at the bottom of their purse.

lattégirl said...

You are unfair to those women (such as me) who know exactly where their spare change is and how much we have. And are as fast as a sharpshooter at finding it and counting it out.

Then again, I am not elderly.

And yes, Dollarama is our friend.

Snooze said...

Be kind to the elderly. You'll be there to one day.

I'm with you about smoking on outdoor cafes. There was a pregnant woman who kept giving a friend of mine dirty looks for smoking and we were all sitting on a tiny patio next to a major street. We laughed at her. [also, it was a sushi restaurant. Didn't the pregnant bitch get the memo about that not being good?]

St. Dickeybird said...

It's the greediness of TWO tits that makes it vulgar. If you only want one, you're sharing. Sharing is good.

Cooper said...

I love our local Dollar Store. Is titty allowed in Yahoo scrabble?

Patricia said...

i am not a fan of peeps. but seeing them grow from the annual easter fare to every single holiday, i sure wish i had invented them.

while it may be less disappointing in the short run, i don't ascribe to having low expectations. argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they're yours. - donald shimoda

(somebody's gonna get that reference, i just know it.)

Paul said...

I praise the brand manager that helped extend Peeps beyond little yellow chicks. I imagine that we're likely to soon see body parts.

bardelf said...

Peeps make me smile!

I hear you about the cigarette smoking outdoors. I find auto exhaust a thousand times more disgusting, especially when eating.

Earl Cootie said...

A tit is a bird family which contains any of our North American chickadees. Tits, of course, are more than one of aforementioned birds. Puzzling.

GayProf said...

I am at the point where I am frustrated by people who still write checks in the grocery line. Just imagine what I think about people who count change.

Devo said...

Even though I am an ex smoker(which could make me really obnoxious about smoking) I am always ranting about the scapegoating of the smoker to the point of foolishness. Thinking that second hand smoke is the only thing of real danger to us is ridiculous. I think people should be able to smoke outside anywhere and anytime they like as long as they don't think that the entire world is their ashtray. Now that is not cool. :)

Daniel, the Guy in the Desert said...

One tit is charming, but two, especially if lopsided, is simply too much.
Dollar store shopping is addictive.

Daniel, the Guy in the Desert said...

Is it proper to say, a "brace" of tit?

David said...

The car drives away and is separated from you by a sidewalk and a curb. The smoker sits at the table next to you for the entire meal.

Sorry, but I'm on the other side of this one. While I won't argue about the differing levels of toxicity in car exhaust versus cigarette smoke, I've never had a meal disrupted by vehicle exhaust, but I've been sickened by cigarette smoke wafting into my face during a meal to the point where I've become nauseous.

Chunks said...

Smoking is gross you should just quit, but I've told you this ten times and yet you refuse to listen so there you have it folks.

As frustrating as little old ladies are with their penny counting, I still love a little old lady! I want to squish their wrinkly cheeks and smell their powdery smell. Have I romanticized little old ladies?

Don't buy the toothpaste at the Dollarama. It might be that tainted Chinese kind.

David said...

Thought I would add to David and Chuck's post about smoking, but foundd they said all that was needed.

As for old ladies at the checkout, I've never run too much into one that counts out change, but I always seem to find the one who argues the price -"The sign said 3 for $1, and I'll show you."

The over combination, of course, is they want to buy the one without the price tag, which then takes forever and aday to find a sku number (which then gets the cashier in bind to the point they make a mistake, and then a manager needs to be found).

I tell you, shopping is an adventure with me.

Ed said...

Not at the Dollarama, my complaint is at the drive-thru at McDonald's. Not little old ladies but just about everyone. It's happened twice in the past month. Ten cars lined up waiting to get to the spot where we can order. An older car usually filled with children. They reach the trash can. (why McDonald's put a trash can there I'll never know) They then proceed to clean out the car even emptying out the glove compartment. Those of us behind them sit and wait while the line in front disappears. Then after the car is neat and clean they proceed and of course every child wants something different is allergic to cheese or wants some special food not on the menu. Orders of more than 4 should have to go inside. Please, clean your car at home people! I feel a little better. Happy Thanksgiving in Canada next Monday.