Friday, October 12, 2007


* Look! Serge got glasses.

* I got home late yesterday and Sara greeted me in her "I'm fucking starving" way. So I immediately tended to her nutritional needs. Then I went to check my email and there was a note on my computer from spouse. "Dog is already fed." I immdiately thought, "That little manipulative bitch." Then I smiled.

* I've had turkey for lumch and dinner every day this week. Frankly I'm getting sick of it.

* Why is socialized medicine such a bad word? I mean that's what Medicare is.

* When I was in first grade, my teacher informed us that it was "love" that made the earth spin on its axis. Such malarkey. Still, I don't have any better explanation. Do you?

* I believe men should be excluded from the abortion debate. It shouldn't be theirs to decide.

* The horn does not work in our car. This doesn't stop me from banging on it though. Rather retarded really.

* Something I've never done but have always wanted to do is go white water rafting. Something to add to the goal list.

* There's a woman near me in this cafe having an argument with an imaginary person. She pauses to "hear" the other person, and then reads him the riot act. (what a strange expression that is, I wonder where it came from) No, she is not wearing one of those bluetooth ear things. Yes, she is crazy. Oh and now security is escorting her out of the building.


Petie said...

Look at those red eyes! Spouse is evil :PPP

Patricia said...

serge's glasses are a good look on him. sara is a genius, i love it! i don't know that i could ever get used to thanksgiving in october but i like the idea of it not being so close to christmas. no horn sounds a little dangerous, i hope you can yell loudly!

Ed said...

I agree that Abortion is a women only issue. Those who have one should not feel guilty. 6.5 Billion people on Earth is about 5.5 too many.
Horn not working may be a blown fuse. Shouldn't cost much to have fixed.
Serge looks so smart with his glasses on. Everyone will need glasses if they live long enough.
It is a mystery how the Earth spins and how it goes around the Sun at over 165 Thousand miles per hour. How does our solar System move around in the Milky Way Galaxy at 240 Thousand MPH?

Maurice said...

Oh my gawd, we're two peas in a pod, Torn, on the matter of men and the abortion issue. I often felt alone thinking the same thing you do. And now I see that Ed agrees, too.

Spouse looks as cute with the glasses as without. It's never easy to find the right frames.

The horn-not-working thing reminds me of my first blender of a car. Sometimes the horn worked; sometimes it didn't. But worse was when it would go off for nothing. I remember it going off once at a red light at a busy downtown Halifax intersection. I was the first in line waiting for the light when it went, and the pedestrians all looked at me as if I was some road-raged whack job. I don't think they believed the gestures I was making to say that (a) I was trying to stop it and (b) it just went off on its own.

David said...

* Sweet glasses!

* My cat yowls like she is famished regardless of the volume of dry food in her bowl. She wants that elusive canned treat.

* I don't get the people who look forward to T-Day leftovers. They get tiresome so quickly.

* The Far Right has demon-ized the word just like they have the term "liberal."

* I would say physics, but what do I know.

* If men are not required to raise or support children in anyway, then they should be excluded from the abortion debate. Otherwise, I believe they do have a say. You can't have it both ways.

* Ah, reflexes.

* Send me a postcard. No thanks.

* Oh dear.

bardelf said...

Serge's new glasses are tres cool.
(Nice colours in the kitchen, too.)

Why are you eating turkey everyday? Is it a new diet?
"Try the new Turkey Diet. You can gobble down all you want and still gain no extra weight."

Fix your car horn, torn. In Montreal traffic, I would think having one to be a necessity!

Laverne said...

My horn hasn't worked for three years, maybe four. And it wasn't just a fuse. I went to get it fixed, after it had gone off on its own for 45 minutes (of course at 1am in the morning. These things NEVER happen at one in the afternoon), and burned out.

$150 later, the horn is fixed, but still doesn't work because the sensor panel thingie is what was broken in the first place. That was going to cost $750 to fix so...

No horn.

I like the glasses on Serge.

Chunks said...

I wish security would escort ALL people wearing Blue Tooths (Blue teeth?!) out. People think they are so important now.

You need the bumper sticker that says "Horn broken Watch for Finger"

Funny Sara and her gobblng ways!

Cooper said...

Damn, I love a man in glasses! Serge looks hot!

Ha ha ...good for you, Sara.

As a man who has been white water river rafting several times, I highly recommend it. So much fun. There are lots of places to do it here. Have you thought about planning a BC holiday one day?

Polt said...

I LOVE Sara. I see she has her two pets trained very well. :)


lattégirl said...

Gosh, your SO is cute.

"Starving" dogs: yep. They are all that way.

In fact, I distinctly recall phoning a dog-owning friend about 1 month after getting my first dog: "Are they ALL that sucky? This one follows me around with her nose up my butt all the time!" The answer: "Yes, they're all that way."

I should start a new blog and call it "They are all that way."

Steven said...

I love the glasses. There's a sense of sophistication there. Unless Serge doesn't like to be called sophisticated. Then they're dapper.

I hope you didn't tell the waiter in the cafe, "I'll have what she had."

I can only imagine the amount of tryptophan in your body after eating all that turkey. Feeling sleepy lately? ;-)

GayProf said...

When I lived in Texas, I had to give up my beloved Daihatsu car (one of very few ever sold in the U.S.) because the horn stopped working. Texas requires yearly inspections of horns and lights. There was nobody in Texas who could repair the horn (unless I drove to Japan). It was the first of many things that turned me against the state.

Devo said...

I'm sorry, I guess I am a bleeding heart because I feel sad for the mentally ill woman who has nowhere to go and is obviously not getting the help she needs being escorted out. I get it, but it makes me sad. Our system has completely abandoned the mentally ill.
I never have a chance to get sick of the turkey cuz hubby eats it all so fast-haha!
Serge looks even more dashing than usual in those specs! Why is it that all you gays are so damn cute? It seems a ripoff to all the hetero women looking for a dude-haha!
Sara is so funny, what a little garbage gut! (That's another weird saying there);p

pacalaga said...

I disagree with the abortion thing. It's true that the woman has to carry said potential abortion for nine months, but suppose the man in question wants the baby and would raise the baby himself? The issue has been presented so many times as a woman's right to choose, but until a man can choose to carry his own, what options does he have? (Yes, there's always adoption, but c'mon, it's hard enough for a couple to adopt these days.)

pacalaga said...

PS - you've heard of the dog-and-sweet-potato thing, yes?

Doug said...

If your horn needs to be replaced, get one of those super-loud, window-shaking big-rig truck horns. People will move when you blow it. ;)

Paul said...

It's what Thanksgiving is all about: 101 ways to use left-over turkey. Next year, you and Serge need to buy a smaller turkey.

That lady in the cafe, I think I had a conversation with her at the center for the hungry and homeless a few weeks ago. But it took me about fifteen minutes before I realized that she really didn't work for the CIA. Maybe I'm the crazy one.

Abortion. I totally disagree with you. As long as a man plays a part in the conception, he plays a part in the debate. To me the real debate is figuring out how to make him responsible.

Truthspew said...

On most cars the horn has a separate 5A or so fuse. It probably failed and needs to be replaced.

I once was honking so furiously that I blew the fuse on the horn.

em said...

What if we only include the genetic relatives of the fetus in the abortion debate? You know who we would leave out then? Those busy body Christians! They could all get ready for the second coming instead. So much to do!

Frank said...

The Riot Act resulted from an act of Parliament (UK) and became law about 1715. It was removed in th 1970's. It stated that 12 or more people gathered could be dispersed. This was done by reading the act to the group. The punishment not to disperse was a felony charge (felony = death).

In the US, socialized medicine has a bad name. No one knows that better care for less money is available in countries with socialized medicine. In other words, when we continue the myth that socialized medicine is bad we have been suckered into keeping a system where we pay insurance companies for years and then get poor care or denied care all together.

Mike said...

* I believe men should be excluded from the abortion debate. It shouldn't be theirs to decide.

Almost agreed. Hate abortion, but have paid for one because my friend wanted/needed it. It wasn't my child and she is my friend.

I chose my friend.

Will said...

About white water rafting: what cooper said. It is thrilling and such fun. Fritz and I did it with an all-gay group on the Rio grande in taos, NM and had a superb time.

My cat is the champ at convincing people she has been neglected and starving for weeks not twenty minutes after I've given her dinner. Academy Award-winning performances.

Snooze said...

Sara is my new hero.

dirk.mancuso said...

* Serge looks great in the glasses.

* I could eat turkey every day and never get tired of it.

* I think it is money that makes the world go 'round...

* White water rafting? Yikes. I can't swimand have an aversion to my head being slammed against sharp, pointy rocks...

* Oh, I love the public crazies. They make me feel so much more normal.

TankMontreal said...

I agree with you on the abortion issue. It's the woman's body. The sperm is just a technicality.

CoffeeDog said...

I agree on the abortion thing too.

I *heart* Sara

Ed said...

The Republicans who claim to stand for less government interference, have their proverbial noses stuck in the woman's Vagina. This most personal decision should be decided between a woman and her doctor. If she is religious, she could consult her pastor. But Government has no business sticking their nose in there.
I wish my Mother had visited an abortion clinic and left me their.

Mark in DE said...

Serge's glasses look great. Good choice.

Our dog Jordan would do the exact same thing if we let her. We ALWAYS check with the other before feeding her.

I agree about men being excluded from the abortion issue.

White water rafting is fun, but exhausting. Be sure to stay overnight near your rafting destination, as you'll surely not want to have to drive home.

Patrick said...

When my family went driving through the Scottish Highlands (on the left side of the road, obviously), we were constantly coming across flocks of sheep blocking the road. Dad would hit what he thought was the horn to get them to move, and would turn on the windshield wipers instead. It was one of those things that got funnier the more times it happened. Maybe not for Dad so much. I don't remember if we ever did find the horn.

Brechi said...

He looks cute in his glasses ;)