Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rambly snippets

* It's too busy this time of year for me. My lists are long and I'm unable to keep on top of everything. You know what that means - all the fun stuff gets cut out, like blogging.

* Finnish spas are all the rage up here these days. This is an outdoor experience where you jump between hot and cold environments. I want to try this one, $35 for the day.

* Serge almost ran into pornstar (whom we bought this building from) and nude dancer the other day. He crossed the street to avoid them and doesn't know if they saw him. I don't blame him, there's nothing to say to those lowlifes. (Except maybe, you owe us money scumbag!)

* I miss my doggie.

* At the end of today, I'll have been quit for five whole months. That makes this quit the second longest in my life. I'll have to surpass one year off cigarettes to make it the longest quit. I'm not worried though, because this one is forever.

* Did you know that sound travels four times as fast in water than it does in air?

* I read that the maximum number of times you could fold a piece of paper (no matter the size) was 7. It turns out it's true, as I even tried it with a flip chart sized sheet. However, tissue paper seems to be a possible exception.

* It looks like we'll be in California for spring break this year attending a family reunion for grandma's 85th. I was shocked that I was able to use my airmiles for the tickets. We're looking for a place on the Mendocino coast now that will accommodate 25 in two houses.

* Tomorrow is the first of December. Ack, I'm not ready yet! I've only got one Christmas card done, and I've already received two in the mail. I need a helper.


Anonymous said...

It is a busy time of year and the days fly by. To quote Byron: "if Winter's here can Spring be far behind?"
I had an Ancestor who drove a four horse stage from Ukiah to Mendecino. His stage was robbed and as his partner reached under the seat to get the money box he was shot by the robbers who thought he was reaching for a gun. ed

Doug said...

$35 for the day sounds pretty inexpensive. It looks like a big facility, so I'm guessing it gets crowded. Strike one of your chores from your list and add "Finnish Bath" in its place. Make it a holiday gift to yourself.

Roxrocks said...

I need a helper too! People are putting up their trees and all and I'm not there yet.

Is it wise to book flights for spring? What if the airlines go under and you lose your airmiles?! It's this type of thinking that prevents me from seeing the world!

A Lewis said...

So, the maximum of 7 folds on the paper may not be 100% related to the size of the paper as the thickness/texture of it??? Could be. And, I'll just bet you miss that cute doggie....even I miss her! I'm no huge fan of December (which you'll concur from reading my post a few days back). It's okay, nothing really fantastic.

Rick said...

I can't believe how fast this year has gone by. Ugh, tomorrow is December.

Christmas cards! I haven't gotten any.

Snooze said...

Growing up in Sudbury half my friends had camps (cottages) with saunas. Some who were finnish used to cut holes in the ice and jump in the lake after a sauna.

I am so behind about Christmas too.

Java said...

Re: the paper folds- Mythbusters did a show on folding paper. They taped together a bunch of rolls of paper to make a sheet that was absolutely huge. They had to do the experiment in an airplane hanger. They were able to fold it 8 times. They used a road roller (modern steam roller thing) to flatten and crease it when they got down to the final folds.

Congrats on the smokelessness!!

em said...

In a perfect world you could call up and rent the kids for the afternoon and they would run over and help.

When I was a kid we relocated to Minnesota and we stayed in a hotel that had a sauna. I used to sit in it until I was limp and then go jump in the pool. I loved it. It has always seemed a lot like lodge to me.

I miss my doggie too. Yay on your five months. No. I mean YAY!

David said...

I buy my cards the first week after T-day so I'm on schedule. I'll probably do them, at the latest, the weekend of the 13th when I do my baking.

I think I'd hate the Finnish baths. I don't like cold plunges at all. And I wish the site did the close up on the cute boy, not the girl in the bikini. Darn straight world.

don said...

We had Finnish neighbours when I was growing up in the back country. In the winter we would go into the sauna and then run out and roll around in the snow naked. I loved it!

Anonymous said...

I ready the last snippet about the cards and your need for a helper...i had just told Scott this morning we need to hire someone to help out around here regularly. He asked if I needed a houseboy... not certain where that came from.

Jess said...

Good job on the quitting. I'm glad it's forever.

Regarding your doggie... *hug*

Mark in DE said...

Try not to stress over being too busy. Just be honest when prioritizing and tell yourself its okay if the least important things on the list are done late or not at all. This is your life, not a dress rehearsal.

Mark :-)