Saturday, March 11, 2006

Comment responded

Comments are such a fun part of blogging. I enjoy leaving them and receiving them. I'm reaching in the bag to respond to 4 comments this week:

On yesterday's post, Em asks:

So when we are grateful for the suffering we are more deeply aligned with our original intent? (In your scenario I mean.)

No the grateful part comes from analyzing why you chose this life, that's when you'll think about all the incredible wonderful things you've experienced that you wouldn't trade for the world. The suffering part, I mean during it, if you think you're SUPPOSED to be living it, and already KNEW that you would live it, then it wouldn't be so hard. That's all. It wasn't clear, I just expect (foolishly) everybody's brain to make the same leaps as mine.

On HNT, Coffeedog asks:

Lesseem you are pressing about 70 lbs there in that pic?

Well actually, I think it's more like 100. That's an olympic bar (40/45lbs?) plus 55 on it. So around 100 pounds, assuming the bar is 45.

If you're curious, other common exercise/weights currently being performed
At 3 sets of 6 - 8 reps:
Incline bench/140

For my 6 things (remember the dog) that help me get through the day, a rare commenter Jack Hamster commented:

I'd have to say that most of us have it pretty damn easy actually... Real suffering is something that most of us have not experienced.

I agree completely and think that we should remind ourselves daily how lucky we are. On the other hand, I think humans are meant to suffer, whether it's for lack of resources, or some terrible emotional trauma. We all experience disappointment based on our expectations whether we live in a poor village or a rich suburb. I don't agree that the suffering of losing one's mother or laying down with the flu is any different for anyone. That suffering is universal.

Finally, from the post last Saturday on Scrabble, Colleen (a friend of Chunks) writes of her sister's similar fixation with the game and asks:

Aa - did you know aa was a word? And xi? I didn't!

Why yes Colleen, I did know. In fact, (I swear I'm not proud of this) I know every two and three letter word in the English language. The twos are easy, there's only 96 of them, including other gems like OE, HM, and AI. There are hundreds of threes, and some of my favorites include CWM, PHT, EAU, and EDH. Let's not get into the fours, I've already exposed enough geekiness for the day.

Thanks again for all the comments, I think there was a record number this week which is pretty darn cool. Good weekend all.


nongirlfriend said...

I never knew aa was a word. I always learn something interesting here!

Happy weekend!

Snooze said...

Can you play Scrabble in French now too?

Chunks said...

Comments are the second best thing about blogging. Second only to the actual catharsis of blogging.

I love how your blog is so unpredictable! One day we get a picture of your bare bum in the shower, the next we get a deep, philosophical post about human suffering. Keep it up!