Sunday, March 12, 2006

Definitely skippable

I've sat here for a good 20 minutes wondering what to write about. While it may appear effortless, the constant issuing of posts, varied and (journalistic? diaretic?) in nature, the way I write here, let me assure you that there's a wee knot inside always tensing and narding itself up about it. Especially when it comes to days like this, with nothing all that scintillating to report.

Yesterday, I did the taxes.

And I filed electronically over the internet for both federal and provincial. Then I realized that I had probably made a mistake. I said to myself, there was no place to mark the sale of our home last year. Later, I remembered the question, Is there any other income received that you did not report above? Maybe that's where I should have put it. Oh well, as I understand it, it's tax free, the appreciation of your principal residence. I'll call or something.

I told you it wasn't scintillating.

The weather has changed (see, another exciting topic) and we hit 50F for the first time this year yesterday. I took Sara out again for a walk yesterday afternoon, and it was really slushy and muddy in the park. T'was beautiful and sunny though.

Okay, I'm boring myself. See ya tomorrow.


t said...

Ahhh...early Spring!!!
Nice, isn't it?
It's gotten warmer here, too.
It's supposed to be in the upper 60s today! And our pair of ducks is back to make a nest somewhere.
They always return around mid-March.

I, too, am having trouble with topics to post. Or else I have a topic and I can't put it into the words I want (writer's block?) Until today, I went a week without posting and normally it's 3 or 4 days!

My taxes were sent in in early February and I'm expecting a good refund. So I'm worried that it hasn't arrived yet. I'm in the states so I don't know how Canada handles home sales.

Snooze said...

Holy crap! You've already done your taxes? I am just beginning to gather up the various forms to send my accountant.

Chunks said...

I haven't even started our taxes yet. Blah!

You have a knot that is narding? Should you maybe get that checked out?

Em said...

Well, the weather isn't boring, and as a bonus I get to read about T's ducks.

Taxes though, you were just trying to be boring there, right?

Rebekah said...

Sometimes boring is comfortable.

And I still need to get my taxes done.

nongirlfriend said...

You never bore me! Have a great Sunday!

I won't tell you what the weather is like here!

The Wisdom of Wislon said...

You always interest me with your stories;-)

Dantallion said...

Unless the house you sold was NOT your primary residence, you don't have to declare it.