Monday, June 11, 2007

This n that

We're both controlling s.o.b's. Both of us. I exert control over finances and vacations, while spouse controls how everything looks and is arranged in the house. Oh, and how and when things are cleaned and maintained. I do all the grocery shopping so I guess I control our sustenance, though spouse always complains, "It's always the same thing!" (This he'll say after I ask, "So do you want chicken, beef, pork, fish, pasta, pizza or soup tonight?") It was funny last night at dinner. Spouse accused me of being controlling and I LAUGHED OUT LOUD, incredulous. "No," as I'm giggling,"you control everything darling. I thought you knew that." He started in about money and how I control all of it. In truth, I only advise against expenditures. The most usual way I advise against them is by saying, "No!" But then he sneaks off and does the purchasing anyway. So who's really in control?

As planned, I made a visit to the botanical gardens. Oh how I adore that place. Every time you go, there is something different to see. While some specimens have flowered, others have yet to, and every day is a different mosaic of the cycle. I was charmed to see many women throughout the gardens sitting before flowers and sketching them into their books. Elderly women enjoyed books on the shaded benches. Children frolicked. A group of asian women practiced Tai Chi. Men with super-lens cameras (the size they wished their penis to be) zoomed in on getting the perfect flora shots. The whole time I felt like I was walking through a vast painting. God's tapestry if you will. Here's a few pics.
Off in a secluded alcove, I came across this sculpture. It's called "The Lover's Bench." It attempts to depict the joys of love along with the distress of solitude. I just kept wondering why they're all naked. (And shouldn't the guy be a little "more excited" what with kissing the one lady and the other rubbing his leg?)

This was like wedding meadow.

All of the different kinds of these flowers were in bloom. (Somebody will know what they are.) They don't even look real. They look like some tacky festoonage for a hoop skirt. Huge flowers. This pink was especially shocking. Pow! Right in the eye.


Lemuel said...

The flowers are still pretty - or your camera shots make them so.

Maybe the guy on the bench is Family. I can relate to the situation ;)

Ed said...

I enjoy seeing the Spring flowers again. Here they are already gone.
The sculpture may be an advertisement for Viagra.
A little bickering is good. It is when you hold everything inside that trouble erupts.

Snooze said...

What a lovely way to spend the day - wandering around gardens. All the beauty with none of the hassle of having to do the maintenance yourself.

kev said...

The sculpture is so playful and dynamic...I love the energy it gives off. You have such a great eye for beauty, torn!

I think flowers are great visual post-it-notes for the time of year; I try to memorize what blooms locally at annual special events ( birthday coincides here with orange tiger lillies and cream-white Magnolias).

Chunks said...

One could say that the flowers are "rooster dink pink", that is how pink they are!

You should let the money thing go, let him spend what he wants and stop worrying so much about it. You can't take it with you when you go.

bardelf said...

Montreal's botanical gardens are among the most spectacular in all of North America. Going there is a highlight of any trip to the city and living close to it must be delightful.

Bruno said...


Devo said...

POW, right in the eye. I like it. Nice pictures, and great word pictures. I need to go to a botanical garden and people watch, I think. Happy Monday!

GayProf said...

"Controlling" is a relative term. I often ask myself if something is really important or if I am just being stubborn.

Doug said...

He accused you of being controlling, or of controlling the things he wants to control himself?

I love the diversity of activities that can occur at the gardens. So much peace.

Steven said...

You have to invit over to your house to see how the both of you argue over who's more controlling.

It sounds too funny.

Jason said...

Don't they have a butterfly pen there too?

Dantallion said...

I love the Gardens. I haven't yet been this year. Your pictures are motive enough for me to change that.

Mark in DE said...


Lewis said...

Controllers? Both of you? OMG....Do two negatives equal a positive? Does one cancel out the other?

Daniel, the Guy in the Desert said...

They look like pink silk.

Anabel said...

As far as I can see, the woman in the sculpture that the man is kissing IS the one who is touching his leg. The other woman appears to be touching her own leg.

You were there. I could be wrong or maybe as a person in a three person relationship I'm picking up on the nuances.

dawn said...

God I love flowers.

And random naked statues.

Thanks for the pics of both...

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Patricia said...

wow. i gotta follow a spammer. it makes me feel kinda dirty.

but ah yes, the subject of "control". always a favorite of mine! i know i'm a control freak, especially about money. because my hubs would literally spend it all away before doing things like, you know, paying bills! i hate being the mean one, sometimes i just wanna be the carefree, fun one! but not in a cardboard box, thank you very much.