Saturday, June 03, 2006

Couple of questions

Are you getting excited about Bush's big dog and pony show planned for Monday? How he's going to "push" for the gay marriage ban constitutional amendment? It's so transparent, it's ridiculous, wouldn't you agree? Gee, isn't there a congressional election looming? Didn't we try this tactic before? Is it possible to compose an entire post soley of questions?

Have you seen that even the "base" the GOP is trying to mobilize is skeptical? Can you believe that they are pouting because Bush hasn't done enough on the issue and don't want to just play his puppet again? Doesn't this seem like a (tried and true) desperate attempt to keep the GOP in power? Isn't it telling that adding an amendment to the constitution is extremely arduous and must eventually be ratified by 3/4 of states? Everybody realizes it's a ploy this time around, don't they? Are you tired of the format now?


Snooze said...

It's just so utterly depressing. I still can't believe that having watched Bush for so long that Canadians went and voted in Harper.

Polt said...

Am I tired of all the questions? :)

Everyone KNOWS nothing will come of it, cause a Constitutional Amendment has to pass both the House AND Senate, but a two thirds majority, and they're having trouble finding even 50 votes for it, much less 67.

It IS a ploy to the far right. And it might make them happy. But come November i think (and hope and pray) that voters will think of the Katrina response debacle, the quagmire in Iraq, the high gas prices, the soaring budget deficit and NOT what two people down the street may or may not do. And I think we'll get a Democratic Congress for the first time in 12 years. Hopsefully.

But the American public is stupid and apathetic, so who knows.

ED said...

The founding fathers wrote the constitution to guarantee freedoms not to deny freedoms to any person. The sanctity of marriage won't be hurt by two guys getting married, the sanctity of marriage is hurt by over 50 percent of those who marry getting divorced. The republicans want to show that the democrats are queer loving baby killers, that is how they got in last time. Women need to stand up and say we will decide what's best for us and or unborn children and not the government. Freedom of choice and freedom to let consenting adults have the same rights as all other adults is the logical thing to do. so of course it won't happen any time soon.

GayProf said...

Wow -- This post is quite heavy on the Socratic Method.

Beyond the blatant homophobia and queer bashing, I am also frustrated that the GOP and religious right have removed from the table any discussion about the current manifestation of marriage in the U.S. Outside of queer folk, there are many reasons why institutional marriage is no longer working in the U.S. Yet, instead of interrogating the existing power imbalance (due mostly to presumptions about gender) in marriage, we are told that it is a perfect ideal.

Em said...

They did try it last time and it worked perfectly. A bunch of people who are blinded into stupidity by their ideology came out in droves and voted in a guy who while paying lip service to the sanctitiy of life is out raining death and destruction on the people (soldiers and civilians) in Iraq.

It is transparent, and I'm glad to ridicule it, but dang it, it works. Which means, of course, that it is frighteningly easy to stampede the American people into unethical discrimination.

Jason said...

It will be even more sad if the ploy works. I still stand by, "Don't like gay marriage? Don't have one."

David said...

What do you mean? Was there something different about this post? Were you being clever in some subtle way? Was I supposed to pick up on it? Don't you want to slap me for being so snarky?

Patricia said...

he's a fucking idiot.

the end.