Friday, August 17, 2007


* Sara would like to know which plate is hers. If I weren't in the room, she'd go ahead and choose. (Last night's dinner was Artichoke, bbq chicken thighs and cheese quesadilla.)

* I have a compass on my keyring. It delights me to no end that I can always find North.

* The price of gas increased 11% overnight. Why didn't I fill it up yesterday? Why?

* I bought the plane tickets for Europe next June. Now, I receive a new mile distribution policy for Aeroplan effective September. It turns out we will receive ZERO miles for those flights to Europe. This might be the last straw with Air Canada. (Basically if you buy an economy ticket now, you get between zero and 25% of miles flown. Up until now, we got 100% of miles flown.)

* In other related outrageous moves by money grabbing corporations that we do business with, the cable company has sent us a new policy for bandwidth usage. We signed up for the fastest internet with no limits. Now poof! Limits. Do we get any kind of discount for the reduction in service? No, no we don't. According to their letter, they feel that the alotted bandwidth will be sufficient to suit our needs. (Okay it's 100 gigs, but still.)

* It seems to me like careless and carefree should be synonyms. In a way they are. I mean, sometimes lucky and stupid go hand in hand.

* Only once have I paid for a lap dance alone. It was here some years ago. Imagine my surprise as he (to die for!) accidentally put things in my basket at the market yesterday. He had put an identical sack of avocados in my cart by mistake. It was up to me to decide which was mine. I was too flustered to pick mine so I just chose randomly.

* The most awesome storm (the third in the awesome category this season) swept through yesterday. Hail, funnel clouds, the works. Here's a geeky video as I gawked.


Ed said...

Nice video Torn, You enjoy a T-Storm as much as I do. There was one here yesterday too. It was mostly wind and little rain. After it passed the sun came back out and an hour later it looked like it had never rained.

bardelf said...

I love weather and have often thought that I'd make a good meterologist. Cool video you took.

I must have sex on the brain this morning because when I first read your comment about a compass on your keyring, I somehow read a compass on your cockring. Well, that conjures up all sorts of images, 'eh?

Lemuel said...

I was amused by your "attention" to the price of gas now that you have a car full time. Welcome to the club!

Having lived my life in the northeast, I have trouble imagining life in a rainless world. Even so, like you, I loves me a good storm (as long as all are safe).

Chunks said...

LOL at your thunderstorm vid!

The corporations are driving us all mad. Time to revolt!

You will notice gas prices will increase before the long weekends and before the end of summer. It's their way of sticking it to the people who leave their homes.

Snooze said...

I love your assessment of carefree and careless.

David said...

Your video narration was too funny, "Wow!" "Cool!" Probably not so much fun for the people in the cars, though. I'd be shitting a brick if I were driving in that.

mare said...

"Only once have I paid for a lap dance alone. It was here some years ago. Imagine my surprise as he (to die for!) accidentally put things in my basket at the market yesterday. "

I had to reread that scentence.

Anonymous said...

Expand upon the lap dance, please. For those of us who are inexperienced in that matter, please provide etiquette tips, best place, cost, and what to do with one's wet undies.

Polt said...

See, when you said put things in your basket, I thought you meant DURNING the lap dance years ago, and I kept wondering, WHY do they have avocados where they have lap dances???


Cooper said...

Snippet responses to your snippets:

That's a really cool table holding your dinner plates.

We were at 109.9 yesterday. Down from the day before.

I thought I was the only one who loved my compass (which isn't on my keyring, but still).

Europe ... wow! Where are you going?

I loathe that kind of money-grabbing corporate behavior. Also, it seems excellent customer service is such a rare thing these days.

And sometimes they don't. I am the result of careless that didn't mean carefree. On the other hand ... I consider that lucky. For me, that is.

I'd have been flustered, too .. and probably have squeezed my bag of advocados a little too suggestively.

We had a thunderstorm here last evening, too. The narration in my head was very similar to yours.

Steven said...

Do you know when your YouTube video ends, it shows a list of other videos that include "It's Raining Men" by the Weather Girls?

Let me say I'm going to leave it at that.

Craig said...

I meant to tell you how much I enjoyed yesterday's post was--I loved the "squeezed sponge" and "cluck" references. My 14 year old Maggie is going through the same travails but she is the light of my life.

GayProf said...

I wish MFT would get a serious rain storm.

The question isn't why the stripper put avocados in your basket, but what you put in the stripper's basket all those years ago?

Rebekah said...

I was smiling at your love of all things weather.

Add me to the a bit confused about Avocados and baskets and lap dances.

em said...

Aw, that was like being in your house watching the storm with you. I loved that.

Dantallion said...

That storm was pretty cool. Except for the part where I had to run from one end of a parking lot to the other in my suit in torrential rain without a raincoat or umbrella. That part kinda sucked. (although it DID make my secretary giggle - but just a little bit.)

Normlr said...

At least your cable company took the time to let you know. I had Rogers for years and had just discovered the joys of Bitorrent when it suddenly stopped working. Had to do some digging to discover not only had they capped the monthly data, but had also put filters on to stop file sharing traffic. A lot of Rogers customers were complaining, but Rogers never (to my knowledge) officially acknowledged these new restrictions.

I switched to Bell. I hate Bell. It's slower but I can download all the crap I want.

dr. mo said...

Never, ever fuel up on Thursday or Friday and keepin mind it's always cheapest on Tuesdays..

BYG said...

My guess regarding the gas price rise is because Shell Oil took 188 people off of an oil platform in the gulf so that sounds like as good a reason as any for ALL the oil companies to raise their prices! Do we have any choice? Do they really care?

David said...

Never see any of this stuff in Los Angeles is right. Today was another 100 plus day in the Valley's. Sun was out, beaming its hot laser rays.

I sometimes wonder why I moved from Chicago. Oh, wait, the cold winters, snow and all that.

Still, there are times when these many sunny days get annoying.

savante said...

Make sure you remember the compass keyring for that trip to Europe!

Snoskred said...

Wow, I want to have dinner at your place! ;)

I am going to look for a keyring with a compass on it, that would be amazingly handy. :)